Free Bets

Free bets are everywhere you look nowadays, and it comes as no surprise really, because who would not like a free bet to win real money with? It is the best kind of bet out there right now as it gives you the potential to win something from nothing. However, not every free bet is the same and not every free bet is worth claiming. Plus, sometimes you need to give something to receive a free bet like the popular deposit match bonuses. 

Do not worry if you are new to all this bonus talk though, as we will explain exactly what we mean below in the following article. Come and read all about the free bet bonus and why you need to be aware of some of the important bonus rules if you are to become a free bet expert yourself.

What are free bets and how do they work?

Free bets are typically used to attract new players into a bookmaker’s site with ‘free money on the house’ for them to use. Much like the free bonus money that is offered to casino players, this free sports bet can be interpreted as a ‘try before you buy’ type of offer. The competitive nature of the online sports betting world has resulted in bigger and better bonuses for punters.  All the sites continuously compete for your email, phone number, and overall membership and so what this ultimately means is that you get a more rewarding betting experience.

If you are looking for a new bookmaker to bet with and you spot a free bet deal then all it takes is a quick evaluation of the terms and conditions, which we will explain later on, and for you to sign up with your basic registration details if the offer looks respectable. More often than not, you will not need to hand over your banking details until you make a deposit but be aware that you will have to verify your account and ID with the required documents. 

The free bet is a widely used tool designed to tempt you into a new betting site. The bookmakers think of the free bet deal as a marketing tool, but with the right knowledge you can think of this type of deal as a free way to test out the bookmaker’s site. Use it to your advantage and claim the free money to see if the site and the betting markets are right for you. It is worth pointing out that the free bets do not stop once you sign up because many of the bookmakers know the worth of the free bet offer, and they continue to promote them to their existing members through their own loyalty schemes and one-off promotions.

Popular types of new player free bet deals

Show your loyalty and claim free bets

Free bets are quickly snapped up by punters whenever they get promoted at bookmaker sites. You may find them randomly awarded with a free bet sitting in your account one day, you may get one for your birthday, or you may even be offered a ‘Bet on X and win a free bet’ type of deal. The free bet can be used in many ways and you may or may not need to deposit or bet to receive it. The one promotion that stands out when it comes to sports betting is the highly popular free bet club.

The free bet club is an ongoing promotion in which you can receive free bets every week or month for meeting a target. For example, if you bet a total of €25 each week and meet all the requirements then a free $5 bet will be waiting for you on Monday. You can expect to receive this free bet every Monday as long as you continue to meet the club requirements. It is a great way for regular punters to get a little something back from their betting and it keeps punters loyal to the bookmaker, so it is win-win for everyone.

Popular types of loyalty based free bet deals

Understanding the terms and conditions behind the free bet

The thought of claiming a free bet of any kind is an exciting prospect and using it wisely can result in even more money in your betting account. Before you jump in and claim that tempting free bet though, you need to understand what makes a free bet worth claiming. The idea of reading through terms and conditions may sound boring, but this small print holds the details that help you determine whether you should spend your time claiming and betting with the free bonus money or not. 

As with all bonuses, the true value can be found in the small print and there are several factors to look out for, which we will explain now for you.

Wagering requirements

Keep an eye out for any wagering requirements attached to the winnings of your free bet. On the whole, your winnings will be yours to keep but some of the less friendly bets will be tied to wagering requirements that are usually in the 5x-10x area. A 10x wagering amount means a total of $50 in bets would be required to withdraw any winnings from a $10 free bet. It pays to make a quick check in the terms and conditions just to see if the winnings are tied to any wagering rules or not.

Minimum odds

One of the common rules that come with free bets is that they must be placed at a minimum level of odds. So, for example, a $5 free bet awaits but you must use it on a bet with minimum 1.75 odds. It gives the bookmaker a bit of a safety net and stops punters from abusing the bonus offer by betting on selections with extremely low odds.

Time expiration

A classic mistake made by some of the newcomers to the world of online betting is that they claim a free bet and end up losing it because of the hidden bonus expiration date. Many free bets need to be used within 24-48 hours, but some may even have 7-day periods attached to them. Whatever the time limit may be, you should always be aware of when the bonus is due to expire so that you can make the most of the free money offer.

Specific betting markets only

Make sure that you are not completely restricted when it comes to choosing which bet selections you can use the free bet on. Many bookmakers only allow singles and so bets like accumulators and multiples are out of the window. It all depends on your own betting style and which bets you prefer to place, but it makes sense to check which bets are allowed before you get too excited about using your free bonus money.

Should you always say yes to a free bet?

A new sports betting fan with little to no experience of betting online would say ‘yes’ to this question all day long. However, now that you understand that the terms and conditions can make or break a bonus, you will know that you should not always say ‘yes’ to every free bet that comes your way. 

If the free bet is simply to test out a new betting site and you do not expect to make any money from the bonus, then there is no harm in claiming it. If you are aiming to make some winnings from the free bet, then taking the terms and conditions into consideration will go a long way in helping you to make a profit. 

Below we have listed some of the main pros and cons of the free bet bonus: 

Pros of Free Bets

Cons of Free Bets


Free bets are an excellent way to boost your betting entertainment and the fact that they are often completely risk-free means that you have nothing to worry about. If you lose, you lose nothing. If you win, you gain all the winnings, albeit sometimes without the original bet stake, but that is just a small price to pay for a completely free bet. By understanding the terms and conditions and the limits of each bonus offer, you will be able to judge for yourself whether the free bet is worth claiming or not. The free bet is useful to new players when testing out new sites and it is also a great feeling when you suddenly find one sitting in your betting account. Yes, there are some bad free bets out there and so you need to be able to identify them if it is your intention to make money from them, but hopefully now you know exactly what to look out for after reading our Cabets.com free bet guide.

Free Bets - FAQ

Can I withdraw my winnings when using a free bet?

Yes, more often than not you will be able to withdraw your winnings, but this may be without the initial bet stake amount. Check for any wagering requirements first because this will be the number one cause for bookmakers denying withdrawals connected to free bets.

Where are the best free bets online?

You can find great free bet deals all over the internet and the terms and conditions of the offer will always help you make that final decision on whether to claim it or not. The top betting sites will have more of these offers, but the smaller sites will also have their fair share, especially within their welcome packages.

How do I claim a free bet?

Claiming a free bet is simple. You will often see the free bet amount sitting in the betslip waiting for you, you can then apply it to whatever betting selection you have chosen. You may also need to opt-in to activate the bonus, but again the terms and conditions should provide you with all the necessary steps to use the bet.