No Deposit Betting Bonuses

Every betting fan is looking for the maximum possible value in their betting strategy and it is no wonder that bonuses will play a key part in this. Knowing what makes the best bonus is not as straightforward as you might think, though. Betting is all about increased value and reducing any potential risks, so it should come as no surprise that no deposit sportsbook bonuses are immensely popular with bettors.

There aren’t many things more appealing than ‘free money’ and with no real risk on your part it appears to be the perfect bonus. However, there are certain things that are worth knowing about these no deposit bonuses in order to help you maximise your use of them. In this article we will present all the information you need to make better decisions around no deposit sportsbook bonuses online.

What are No Deposit Bonuses?

Simply put, a no deposit bonus is a completely free bonus which you are able to use to play and win real money on sports events. Not only this, but it also doesn’t require the player to hand over much, if any, information over to the online sportsbook. Typically deposit bonuses require the bettor to sign up with an account and deposit an amount which the sportsbook will then match. By signing up, you have handed over information about yourself, such as your name, address, and bank account information. With a no deposit bonus, none of this is required.

This definitely paints the picture that the no deposit sportsbook bonus is the holy grail of online sports betting promotions. You wouldn’t be far wrong but as with everything in life, you usually don’t get something for nothing. Online sportsbooks will usually ask for some very basic information such as perhaps your name and your email address. The sportsbook can then look to target your email address with extra bonuses and offers to try and entice you into playing more. 

The perk for the player is that you get to gain experience of using the sportsbook for free allowing you to make a risk-free decision on whether you want to continue. Different sportsbooks provide completely different user-experiences, and no deposit bonuses provide a fantastic opportunity for players to check out and test a new site with the chance to win free money. It works for the sportsbook, too. If they provide a positive experience with a clear layout and deliver odds with value, the player may well choose to set up an account and make a real money deposit regardless of if they won the no deposit bonus or not. 

The no deposit bonus, if done correctly, can be a key strategy for players and sportsbooks alike. From the players point of view, no deposit bonuses are immensely popular due to the lack of any real risk and plenty of the bonuses allow you to claim your winnings in cash as well.

There are a few different types of no deposit bonuses and in the next section we will look into how they differ and which you are more likely to see at online sportsbooks.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

No Deposit Bonuses are available in several forms especially, and you may have seen several of these if you frequently use online casino sites. You probably have already seen a free spin no deposit or a free play no deposit before. When it comes to sportsbooks then you have what is known as a free sport bet no deposit bonus. So, how do these work?

Free Sport Bet No Deposit: No deposit sports bets are quite rare and can be hard to find. Sportsbooks will offer players the chance to play with a specific amount of cash for a very limited time.

For example, a sportsbook may offer a C$10 no deposit sports free bet for players to use. You simply have to place your C$10 on a specific sporting event and be successful to win.

It is fairly common for no deposit sports bets that your winnings will be supplied as betting credit rather than cash, and you will have to wager that credit several times before you are able to withdraw it as cash. There may also be limitations on what markets you can use these on but we will discuss this in more depth later.

Why Should I Claim No Deposit Bonuses?

So, we have already looked into what a no deposit bonus consists of and briefly touched on the advantages of them. They give a player the opportunity to check out an online sportsbook with absolutely no risk or commitment. No deposit bonuses are usually saved for enticing new players to sign up with a sportsbook, however, they can also be used to attract dormant players back into the action. If an account has not seen any activity for a sustained period, a sportsbook may offer them a no deposit bonus to encourage them back into playing. We know that we have already stated that this is a no-risk bonus and free, but why should you claim your no deposit bonus in this instance?

The online sportsbook market is more competitive than it has ever been with hundreds of different sportsbooks available for players. The need for these companies to stand out from the crowd and grab your attention has never been greater, so the extremely competitive nature of the industry is the exact reason why sportsbooks are looking to offer great value offers to prospective customers, and what better way of doing this than with risk-free no deposit bets?

As we have previously mentioned, the risk-free nature of no deposit bonuses really is their biggest selling point. There are very few downsides, if any, in attempting to win more cash from a free bet. Simply claim your no deposit bonus, try your luck and if you win, fantastic, if you don’t, you have gained experience of a potential new website. It really is that simple.

Pros of No Deposit Bonuses

Cons of No Deposit Bonuses

Important No Deposit Bonus Terms and Conditions

Regardless of the bonus type you take at a bookmaker, whether it’s a no deposit bonus or a deposit match or any other promotion, it is essential that you check the terms and conditions that relate to the bonus. The real risk and value can be realised in the small print. Once you have got to grips with the terms and conditions, only then can you make an informed decision as to whether the bonus is actually worth claiming or not. 

But what should you be looking out for?

Wagering Requirements

The primary detail concerning many bonuses but especially when it comes to the no deposit bonus is the wagering requirements. The wagering requirement dictates how easy you can convert your bonus into actual cash winnings if your bet is successful. These can vary greatly from sportsbook to sportsbook, but as a general rule across the industry, anything that is in excess of 50x should be considered unreasonable. Of course, the lower the number, the easier it is to convert to real cash, so keep your eyes peeled for the shorter wager requirements and you can find many that are as low as 10x.

Minimum Odds

There will often also be stipulations on the minimum odds that you can place your bet on. Sportsbooks will want to protect themselves from people using their free bets to bet on almost guaranteed outcomes to then withdraw the cash and leave, after all, there has to be something in it for the sportsbook. As with all terms and conditions, the minimum odds will vary from sportsbook to sportsbook with the average being set to around the 2.00 mark.

Bet Types

Most promotions will also have a limit on what markets you can use your bonus bet on too. It might be that you are an expert soccer bettor and want to combine your free bet with your knowledge and make maximum returns, however, it may be that the free bet is only applicable to baseball. Some bonuses are more flexible than others and will allow you to use the entire sportsbook, while some will be very selective and it will require you to place your bet on a specific event. Without meaning to repeat ourselves, it is essential that you grasp what markets your bet applies to from the terms of your bet.

Extra Factors

Other details you should be wary of when looking at the t’s and c’s are the maximum bet limit and the maximum winnings limit. These conditions will indicate how much you can bet with and the maximum amount you can withdraw as winnings. Essentially these terms will define how valuable the bet can actually be for you. It is worth bearing in mind that, generally speaking, a no deposit bonus is usually used to entice you into trying out a new sportsbook for free rather than it being a bet that is particularly profitable, although you may get lucky and find a good sportsbook that converts your free bet into cash along the way.


The sportsbook industry is extremely competitive with a large number of big players and many startups joining each year. Due to the competitive nature of the market, these sites are continually looking for ways in which they can win over new customers so there is no shortage of sign-up promotions for you to utilize. Some of these will come in the form of no deposit bonuses, and as you can see there are huge advantages to using this type of promotion. The risk-free nature allows you to explore potential new sites you may not have discovered before. Although there is a potential to win cash, it is worth stating that this isn’t the primary focus of a no deposit bet.

Finding a new betting partner that provides a better user experience can reap huge rewards to your overall betting strategy, and this should not be overlooked. As with any promotion, to avoid disappointment it is essential you get to grips with the key terms and conditions of your bonus. Ensure you know which markets you can use, the bet limit, and the wagering conditions before you place your stake. 

No Deposit Betting Bonuses - FAQ

Can you keep your winnings in cash with no deposit free bet offers?

It depends on the specific offer you take up. Many sportsbooks will pay out in cash so you can withdraw your money with no wagering requirements. However, some sportsbooks will only pay out in bonus money which will require you to wager the amount a specific number of times before you can withdraw the winnings in cash.

What is the catch for no deposit free bet offers?

There is no catch. For you, it is the opportunity to win free cash through a risk-free bet. For the sportsbook, it is offering you the chance to ‘try before you buy’. It entices potential new customers to try out their website and if they like the feel of the platform, it may convert them into a long-term customer. You are essentially being given a free, no-risk bet, to try out a new sportsbook.

What are wagering requirements?

Wagering requirements refer to how much money you have to play through in order to withdraw your winnings as cash. For example, a C$10 no deposit bonus with a 20x playthrough will mean you have to wager a total of C$200 before you can withdraw your winnings as cash. The specific amount required will be dependent on the sportsbook, so be sure to check the terms and conditions before playing.