New Betting Sites

New betting sites are being introduced regularly throughout the year and many of these are targeting the Canadian market, so there are always options for you. The betting industry is one of the most competitive markets out there and all these new sites are looking to bring you the best possible experience. However, there are also some who are not quite so trustworthy. In this article we will bring you up to date with all you need to know about new betting sites, so read on to find out how you can pick out the best bookmakers.

Taking Advantage Of New Bonuses

The most enticing aspect of finding a new betting site is the fantastic range of offers available to new customers. As we already touched on at the start, this industry is extremely competitive and each sportsbook is looking for a way to catch your attention so that you will then become a frequent user of their site. The most effective way of doing this is with great value offers, so you try it out and enjoy it enough to stay long term. These offers can come in many forms such as in the way of a free bet, deposit matches or enhanced odds.

The sheer number of welcome offers around these days means it is probably wise to steer clear of any sites not offering you some level of bonus upon signing up. Keep any eye on the type of bonus offered. If you like to place small wagers on long odds then a risk-free bonus may be perfectly suited to you, but a substantial deposit match may prove to be a waste of time and money. It’s always worth spending the time to read the terms of welcome bonuses so your expectations meet reality.

Betting With Enhanced Odds

In such a competitive market, any bookmaker who is offering poor value odds simply isn’t going to survive. As well as through their promotions, start-up sportsbooks can offer great long-term value with enhanced odds which can allow you to maximize your profit. Have a browse through their site and compare market prices with your old sportsbook, or any other new sites that you have your eye on, and see if there are extra earnings that can be made by switching.  Welcome bonuses can be great, but if they don’t provide consistently better odds than you are currently receiving, they can be an unnecessary distraction which may cost you overall profit.

Betting Variety & Global Sports Markets

Another way that sportsbooks push for entry into the online betting landscape is by offering a more comprehensive range of sports markets. Betting fans are constantly on the lookout for new and exciting markets to utilize. Everyone loves a fresh, innovative market to explore and new sports betting sites are capitalizing on this by providing a wealth of new markets across a range of interesting sports. 

New sports and events can mean more betting opportunities but it also worth bearing in mind that the opposite can occur, and a sportsbook launches without a full selection of sports. This has happened several times in the past as they look to hit the market as quickly as possible and introduce sections once they have them ready. Before signing up to a new site, always make sure that you have checked they offer a good selection of markets on your favorite sports. You want relevant sports and markets that suit your style of betting.

Added Functionality To Improve Your Betting

The importance of increased and improved functionality in the sports betting industry cannot be underestimated. Features that we consider staples of betting life today haven’t always been readily available. The likes of mobile betting, in-play betting, live streaming and cashouts are just some of the features that are now commonplace and these took years of hard work to develop.

Occasionally sports betting sites will hit the market with a completely unique feature that will transcend the industry as competitors all rush to release an equivalent piece of functionality. Before signing up to any new sports betting site, it is worth having a quick browse at what features and functionality they provide. If you are a keen user of in-play betting or you see yourself as a risk-averse punter and like the option to cash out every now and then, it is certainly worth ensuring that the new site offers the right features that allow you to do so.

New Betting Sites With Better Usability & Experiences

Gone are the days of pixelated graphics, slow loading speeds and inefficient design. Modern day sports betting sites have to be sleek and economic, offering a fluid and dynamic user experience regardless of the size of a user’s screen. Bettors have been blessed with some incredibly efficient betting sites from market leaders so expectation is high, and inefficiencies won’t be tolerated.

Bettors want to make optimal use of their time, and after all, time is money. Being able to navigate from sport to sport and market to market with ease and speed is what is expected from punters, and all respectable betting sites will have put significant resources into user experience to ensure optimum betting performance.

If a new betting site has caught your eye through its great selection of sports or an unrivalled welcome offer, it is also worth taking the time to check out the site for yourself. Have a test run, and play around with some of the markets and navigational features you are likely to use. Be sure to check it on different devices as well to make sure that it mimics your future usage.

Enhanced Mobile Betting

Over recent years we have seen online technology advance incredibly. With mobile phones and tablets becoming staples of everyday life, apps and virtual assistants are on hand to deal with pretty much every request. This rapid advancement has found its way into almost every aspect of our lives and the betting industry is no different.

Betting sites quickly learned that to be at the forefront of the industry they had to ensure that they were offering a high-quality experience to mobile users, as well as those on a laptop or desktop. This of course has since extended further to tablets, TVs and devices of near enough every size.

Some sports betting sites have done this via a polished, responsive website that offers complete functionality on every size screen. Others have developed dedicated apps that allow you the same experience but only optimized for a smaller screen. Some bettors have a preference, others are more than happy as long as the usability remains top level, only you can decide what your desired platform is. Whichever it is, make sure that you check out any potential new sites to ensure that they deliver exactly what you are looking for, and that they offer a seamless experience because this is an important factor in the long run.

Extra Mobile Features

It is not just design that has improved for mobile bettors in recent years though. New functionality like in-play betting and live-streaming to your mobile are also key features that bettors will be on the lookout for when signing up to a new betting site.

With the increase of betting fans in this growing market, these aspects are only likely to advance ever further. Start-ups are looking for a unique selling point to gain them a larger market share, so increased mobile functionality and experience will be high on top of their list. Sports betting sites are all in a constant race to deliver the best possible experience and this competition accelerates the overall development of sportsbook platforms even further. 

So, before opting for or against a potential new sportsbook, be sure to check out what their mobile betting performance is like. They may offer more functionality than you are currently getting which means you can then bet more efficiently while out on the move.

Finding The Right Payment Methods

Whether you are completely new to betting or you have been placing wagers for years, every bettor will have a desired method of payment. This could be a method that you have come across while you have gained experience or it could simply be that you are familiar with using a debit or credit card with other online transactions and so you want to continue doing so when betting.

The world of online betting deposits and withdrawals can be fairly complicated with various different methods available:

Some betting sites will offer different banking methods to different countries. This can be for legal reasons, company policy or simply just demand. For example, despite its high popularity for other online transactions, PayPal is not available to bettors in Canada, but it is in Europe and other areas of the world.

Online sports betting sites will offer a different selection of payments for both deposits and withdrawals. Newcomers to the market may offer less payment methods than the more established sportsbooks. This is due to either less established business relationships or they have simply prioritized other methods to ensure they can initially provide a service to the majority of bettors.

It is absolutely well worth your time to assess the payment options available from any potential new sports betting sites you are thinking of using. You don’t want to go through the hassle of signing up, being excited by the welcome bonus available to you, to then learn that your desired banking method is not accepted or available.

Up-To-Date Licensing For Increased Security & Safety

Last, but by no means least, ensuring that any new sports betting site has the right licensing and regulation is absolutely critical. Sadly, the betting industry has been known to attract some of the worst types of people who are looking to rip would-be customers off with fraudulent behaviour. Thankfully, it is relatively simple to separate the genuine sportsbooks from the crooks. All legitimate betting sites will possess licensing and regulation from authorities who are responsible for overseeing the industry.

Any betting site mentioned on this site will own a license from a respectable gambling commission such as the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC), the Malta Gaming Authority, the Gibraltar Gaming Commission, and the Kahnawake Gaming Commission among many others. 

If any site that you come across doesn’t clearly state their license number or where it has been obtained from then they should be avoided at all costs. All legitimate betting sites will showcase their license clearly and this can usually be found in the footer at the bottom of the website, or it will be clearly indicated in the main navigation. 

The team at Cabets.ca only ever recommend 100% trustworthy betting sites, whether new or old, follow our advice and you will always enjoy positive betting experiences where security is a top priority.

New Betting Site Summary

So, to review, there is a lot to take in when you are thinking about moving to or finding a new betting site, and if you do decide to sign up somewhere, knowing which one is best for you is going to be decided by a variety of factors. Let’s take a quick minute to reflect on the key questions you should be asking yourself before committing to a new online sportsbook. 

New Betting Sites - FAQ

Will I always get a welcome bonus when signing up to new site?

You will find new customer welcome bonuses at most new betting sites but the overall value of these offers may vary. This is why you should check the terms and conditions to ensure the offer is worth claiming and that it relates to your betting style.

Can I trust new betting sites?

If the new betting site is fully licensed and it displays the official certifications then yes, you can trust the site. We only ever recommend the most trustworthy sites so follow our advice and take the stress out of finding a new, safe betting site.

Do new betting sites offer better deals?

Many of the new betting sites try and promote unique betting offers to try and standout from the crowd. Yes, some of these may be worthwhile but remember to check the ongoing promotions because the unique deals are only usually available once when you sign up.