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Mobile Betting Apps Canada

Given the huge popularity of sport in Canada and the modern day use of the mobile phone, it should come as no surprise that Canadians enjoy a bet on their favourite sports team while they are on the move. As time passes, technology improves, and the increased development of intuitive mobile apps has delivered a much more fluid and enjoyable experience for mobile users. Read on to discover more about the emergence and perks of mobile betting apps in Canada.

Betting Apps in Canada

In Canada there is a huge range of betting sites that provide mobile apps for their customers to use while they are out and about. These apps are entirely legal and follow the same legislation that betting websites follow. They promote responsible gambling just like their main website and look to provide bettors with an improved user-experience. We are going to take a look at some of the leading betting apps currently available and discuss the key features that you should look out for when looking to make use of a mobile betting app.


Unibet deliver extensive betting markets for all sports and also make live streams available for nearly 140,000 events every week which are all watchable through the app. Not only can you place your bets and deposit funds but you can also watch basketball, baseball, football, golf, soccer or whatever you like unfold before your eyes for free on your phone using the app. Withdrawing cash from the Unibet app is also really straight forward thanks to the intuitive design and excellent usability of the platform.


888Sport have developed their app to make use of QR codes which helps to work seamlessly with their marketing and promotions. Simply scan the QR code from the advertisement and you will be taken to the relevant section of the app. The 888Sport app has a fluid design that is both visually impressive and extremely user-friendly. A clever search feature allows you to navigate to markets featuring specific teams, leagues or sports which all ensures that you can place your bets in a fast and effective manner.

William Hill

Just like their mobile website, the William Hill betting app is efficiently laid out, allowing you to navigate from market to market with ease. They have also focussed heavily on in-play betting so users who are looking to place a stake on the move while an event is underway will benefit hugely from their efficient platform. The app not only allows you to bet on all major sports but you can also discover all the latest results and fixtures from all the major leagues, which allows you to work on your overall betting strategy all in one place.


The Betway mobile app delivers the same comprehensive range of markets and sports available from their desktop website. Live streaming is as user-friendly and functional as it is on a bigger screen with many events including soccer and horse racing available for viewing. The compact nature of the design allows for easily manoeuvrability from one part of the site to the next, while cash out options and in-play betting are both clearly indicated for users.

Are betting apps available in the iOS and Android App Stores in Canada?

So, with all this talk of how leading sportsbooks are providing high quality mobile apps to their customers, it begs the questions: how do we gain access to these apps? Where do we find them?

Well, a significant number of sportsbooks’ apps have been made available to the majority of phone users thanks to them being available to both iOS and Android users. To find sportsbooks apps you simply search for the relevant betting company in your preferred App Store. Locate the official app and hit download. Some betting sites will also provide you with the option to download the app if you were to visit their website. It is always worth ensuring that you have enough memory on your mobile phone or tablet before downloading to ensure it is a) downloadable and b) runs at the optimal performance.

Are betting apps better than playing in browser?

If you place bets on sports regularly, you are probably already well aware that there are two primary types of mobile betting. You can either bet using the official app or visit the mobile version of the website. Well, are apps better to use than the mobile website?

Mobile sports betting apps are the latest introduction to the industry. Bookmakers have spent tens of thousands of pounds developing cutting-edge apps that offer the optimal user-experience. They are continually looking to develop new technologies and create new innovative features with one end goal in mind – to improve the overall user experience for the punter.

One of the great features of mobile apps that you don’t experience when on a mobile betting website is the use of push notifications. Push notifications will provide an alert to your phone with the latest offers, big events, or action points from an event you are betting on or following. You can tailor which alerts are pushed through to your phone to optimize your experience.

Apps also provide you with a fast and fluid experience. A well-built application will provide fast loading times and ultimate control for the end user. It won’t rely on third parties or browsers that may not be running at optimum levels.

When deciding to use either a mobile website or the app you should take into account which one suits your requirements. In this next section we take a look at the pros and cons of each so you can use this information to your advantage and make an informed decision.

App Pros

App Cons

Mobile Site Pros

Mobile Site Cons

Special Bonuses for Betting Apps

Due to the transition of some bookmakers focusing more on their optimization on apps rather than mobile websites, some sportsbooks will look to provide offers and promotions for users of the app. Exclusive mobile rewards offer specific bonuses that can only be redeemed by using the app. You can earn anything from free bets to loyalty rewards and market-specific bonuses. Bookmakers want to be able to streamline their services and if they can host the vast majority of their users on their app, it means they don’t have to focus quite so much of their resources on the upkeep of their mobile site.

By offering an incentive to use a mobile app it may persuade many users to make the switch and free up some server space and resource for the bookmaker. These incentives and offers can come in the form of a free bet, enhanced odds or even money back if your bet loses. With the great overall user experience of most betting apps, these are offers that we would highly recommend you take. Not only will you benefit from the promotional offer but you will also benefit from the improved experience of the app.

Key Features for mobile sports betting apps

In such a competitive industry, each and every bookmaker will be looking to fend off their competitors by delivering a quicker and slicker app. It’s a technology race as sportsbooks battle with one another to deliver the ‘perfect’ experience for their customers. There are many features that make an app stand out, so let’s look at some of the things to look out for:

  1. Most worthwhile apps will offer clean one-touch menus that deliver simple and intuitive navigation.
  2. They fit every screen size and so whether you are browsing on a tablet or a small mobile phone you will be presented with the same user friendly interface.
  3. A sleek, streamlined, appealing design that draws attention to your favourite features and is easy to navigate.
  4. Make sure the app you are using is compatible with your favoured payment methods. Apps should allow all popular payment methods, but it is worthwhile checking to ensure you aren’t disappointed.
  5. Suitable for Android, iOS and Windows platforms. Popular apps should be accessible across all platforms, so whether you have an Android phone and an iOS tablet or vice versa, you should be able to log in on any device.
  6. They should offer the same, or near enough, the same services that the desktop website provides. Make sure all your favourite sports and markets are available when using the mobile app.


Mobile apps are a fantastic way for betting fans to stay involved in the action while on the move. They are growing increasingly popular in Canada and follow the same legislation as any other betting platform. They also boast cutting edge safety technology so you need not worry of any security breaches in your account. Whether you are looking to stream your team's game, place some stakes in-play or check your banking situation, mobile apps provide a fast and efficient way of you keeping on top of things. All the leading bookmakers provide a user-friendly platform that delivers the same functionality that you would expect on a desktop, and this allows you to manage your betting strategy straight from your phone. They are also largely available from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

The seamless experience as well as the easy-access to your account make apps a much more efficient way of betting on the go. They benefit from all the latest technology that bookmakers use to improve user-experience and they constantly receive updated features that all helps to add to the betting process. Many betting apps also provide live streaming services so you can watch all the action unfold through a platform that has been optimized for that exact function, ensuring a smooth and seamless streaming experience. We would encourage that you at least try using betting apps if you haven’t already. Not only will you enjoy the experience but you may also save some time which is an important factor in our ever increasingly busy lives!

Mobile Betting Apps - FAQ

Is mobile betting legal in Canada?

Much like betting online at a bookmaker’s website, mobile betting is entirely legal in Canada. The laws governing betting apps are exactly the same as those that preside over betting websites. It is worth bearing in mind, however, that the laws and stipulations vary from province to province, so to avoid any confusion make sure you check the state’s law before your start playing.

Do all sportsbooks have mobile apps?

No, not all sportsbooks offer their users a betting app. However, many do, and those that don’t will be looking to develop one in the near future, and in the meantime they will offer a fully functioning responsive website that is extremely user friendly on a tablet or mobile device anyway.

Are betting apps safe?

All leading betting applications will be as safe as the desktop version. Betting sites are putting primary focus on their apps and they are backed by the latest cutting-edge technology to ensure that your data, banking information, and betting balance remain free from any fraudulent activity.