Baseball Betting

As every new season starts, there are more newcomers to both watching and betting on baseball. We see and hear from countless people who want to start betting on this game, but either lack the confidence in their ability to judge an outcome or don’t have complete trust that they know the rules well enough to bet. For punters who aren’t necessarily familiar with the sport or the types of bets you can place, it can be an intimidating experience. However, with the right guidance it can be picked up quickly and soon it will all seem fairly simple. In this guide, we aim to provide you with all the information and insight you might need to begin your baseball betting journey.

Baseball Betting in Canada

Baseball is one of the most popular sports to bet on in Canada. As the winter sports seasons draw to a close, punters turn to this sport as their primary betting option for the summer months. Baseball has always been hugely popular in Canada and both its participation and viewers levels continue to grow. Back in 1969, the Montreal Expos became the nation's first major league team, however, their relocation to Washington D.C. in 2005 left the Toronto Blue Jays as the sole Canadian representative in Major League Baseball. They’ve had some success at it too, winning the World Series back-to-back in 1992 and 1993.

Baseball Betting Types

Moneyline Betting

Moneyline betting is based off a $100 bet. Like in every sport, in each game there will be a favourite and an underdog. The favourite odds will be displayed with a minus sign next to it e.g. Blue Jays -125, while the underdog will be shown with a positive sign next to it e.g. Yankees +115. Using the figures above, you would need to bet $125 to return $100 on a Blue Jays win, whilst a $100 bet on the Yankees would see a $115 return should they win.

Run line Betting

In many other sports you may have heard the term ‘point spread’. Run line betting is the term used for this type of bet in baseball. Before the game has begun, one team will be given an advantage of 1.5 runs to even out the betting field. In other sports you may see significantly higher numbers than 1.5 in point spreads, however, baseball is a low scoring sport, so this figure represents that. As an example, you might see the following:

Toronto Blue Jays -1.5

New York Yankees +1.5

In this specific outcome, the Blue Jays would need to win by two or more runs for the bet to be successful. For the Yankees, they would need to either win the game or at least not lose by more than one run.


Over/Under betting or total betting is a hugely popular market in many sports.  A bookmaker will provide you with a score total and then provide odds on whether the actual score will be over or under that amount. For example, a Blue Jays v Yankees game has a total of 9.5, you have to decide if there will be more or less. If either side win 10-0, the over bet cashes in. If it finished 9-0, the under bet cashes in. It doesn’t matter who wins, as long as the combined scores of both teams is over/under the specific amount that you bet on.

Prop Betting

Prop bets, or proposition bets, are fairly straightforward bets that are more specific to detailed events that happen within the game, rather than the overall outcome. For example, you can bet on a starting pitcher's number of strikeouts, a key player’s number of bases or even a term’s over/under for the total number of hits, runs or errors. These markets are more milestones that can be achieved, rather than anything that will directly influence the outcome of the game.


Parlays, sometimes referred to as accumulators, are a series of bets all wrapped into one bet, and you have to win each one for your return to come in. For example, on a round of Major League games you may pick out the winner in six of the games. All six winners must come in for your bet to be successful, any slip ups and you have lost your bet. The appeal with parlay betting is the substantial multipliers available. For each additional fixture you add to your parlay, the odds are multiplied further, so although they are unpredictable, there is a lot of money to be won on parlays.

In-Play Betting

All leading bookmakers will provide you with in-play betting options for you to maximize both your enjoyment and profits. The in-play markets available will vary depending on who you are betting with, but generally speaking the markets supplied will be similar to those available to you before the game, with tailored odds depending on how the match has unfolded so far.

Major League Baseball

When it comes to baseball leagues, Major League Baseball (MLB) is by far the biggest across the globe. With the biggest teams, players and salaries, no other league matches the excitement and entertainment delivered. MLB consists of 30 franchises, 29 from the United States and the Toronto Blue Jays which are all split into two divisions – the American League and the National League. Each of these two leagues consist of three divisions: East, West, Central - with five teams in each division. 

The teams are then scheduled to play a 162-game regular season, with the franchise finishing top in each league receiving an automatic route into the playoffs. An additional two teams from each division qualify for the playoffs via a wildcard decided by teams with the highest winning percentages that did not win their league. At the end of the season, five teams from each division (American and National) compete in the playoffs. The first playoff game is known as the Wild Card game as the two wildcards from each division play each other in a one-game playoff. 

The winners then progress into the Division Series. The team that finished with the highest points total overall plays the wildcard winner, whilst the other two teams compete in the other playoff. These playoffs are in a ‘best of 5’ format, so the first to three wins will progress to the next round. The two American League winners then compete in the AL Championship Series while the National League teams compete in the NL Championship Series, both of which are ‘best of 7’. The two winners then progress to compete in the ‘Best of 7 World Series’, with the winner eventually being declared the overall champion of the league!

Baseball Betting Tips

Now you have got to grips with the fundamentals of the sport and the types of baseball bets that can be placed. Next up is to look at how you can expand your betting strategy to encompass some of the key baseball aspects to look out for. In doing this, you can try to maximize your potential winnings and not fall foul of some of the classic rookie mistakes.

Do your homework

Doing your research into teams and specific players can be the difference between a winning weekend and a losing one. Some of the key things to consider are:

Starting Pitchers

Starting pitcher is the most important position in baseball. Their individual performance can dictate the overall team’s display. Look at the recent form and stats of starting pitchers in a game before placing your bets.  This is just a start however, your entire bet should not be based on this alone.

The Park

Baseball is unique to most other sports in that each playing surface, dimensions and wall height are all different in each city a team travels to. Some will benefit the pitcher, and some will benefit the hitter. Doing your research into how these variables may affect the performances in your game can be key.


Looking into a team's schedule can give you foresight of their future performances. Have they had to travel from west coast to east coast for an early morning game? Although modern travel has made life more comfortable for top sports stars, time zone changes and too much time spent sat travelling is not good for any athlete.

Form & Injuries

Confidence is key when it comes to sport. Checking to see if a team is on a hot-streak or can’t get out of a losing slump can help you plan for your future bets. Of course, these streaks will inevitably end, it’s all about correct timing. It’s also always worth keeping an eye out for star player injuries as this can have a hugely damaging impact on a team’s success.

Bet Against General Public

The general public tend to bet on their team, the home team, the favorites or the team with the superstar players without any real logic. They are swayed by media portrayal and marketing as opposed to analysis and statistics. The public betting on one side will ‘load’ the bet, shortening that team's odds and increase the odds of the deemed underdog. With careful planning and right decision making, these can often be the teams to back to make maximum profit as their odds are unnaturally high.

Pay Attention to Divisional Underdogs

Across the 162-game regular season, teams end up playing teams from within their division much more regularly than those from outside it. When two teams within a division play one another and there is an underdog, they are always worth considering as they would have become familiar with their opponents and learned from mistakes made against them earlier in the season. This familiarity levels the playing field somewhat.

Top Bookmakers for Baseball Betting

Choosing the right bookmaker to place your bets with can be pivotal to your overall strategy. You need to ensure your funds are safe and secure, you are getting the optimum return to maximize your profits as well as good customer service should you need to seek assistance. Below we’ve provided you with a list of some of the best Canadian betting sites for baseball betting.

888 Sport

There are very few bookmakers, if any, who offer such a diverse betting experience in terms of numbers of sports and markets as 888. The website is easy to use with odds presented in both fractions and decimals, and they also offer a user-friendly app for you to bet from on your phone. 888 Sport offer fantastic value odds as well as unbeatable bonuses and promotions for both new and current customers. Unlike other bookmakers 888 are also extremely flexible when it comes to deposit and withdrawal limits allowing you to manage your budget with ease.

Betway Sports

Betway Sports is the number one site for Canadian players offering outstanding customer support and exclusive first-time bonuses of up to CAD 200. The deposit options are vast for Betway, so whether you want to deposit using PayPal, Neteller, ecoPayz or many other payment types, you should be able to do so hassle-free. Betway provide an extensive range of live betting markets for you to utilize mid-game, making sure the action never stops.

Mr Green

Mr Green offers a slick and user-friendly betting interface which makes it extremely easy for the user to navigate to their desired market. It also offers extremely competitive odds, so they are always worth checking out when placing your next baseball bets. There are flexible payment methods, 24/7 customer support via phone, email, and live chat and despite being a fairly new player in the betting industry, they provide a safe and secure betting experience so you can rest assured that your money is safe.

Baseball Betting FAQs

Where can I bet on Baseball?

As well as the list of top sites for betting on baseball listed within this article, most major bookmakers will provide extensive coverage of Major League Baseball and other leagues around the globe.

Can I Cash Out on my Baseball bets?

In short, it depends on the bookmaker. Many bookmakers now offer Cash Out options on a range of bets. If Cash Out is available, it is usually advertised on the bookmaker’s website. If in any doubt, always check the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.

Is it worth betting on in-play baseball markets?

Baseball provides punters with some great in-play betting potential and all the top bookmakers will supply you with a mix of basic and advanced in-play bets. The game offers many up and down swings which can provide some good betting value if you time it right.