NBA Betting

The NBA is the most watched basketball league in the world with an average attendance of over 17,000 courtside every game. The NBA sees the world’s best basketball players compete for the ultimate prize – the NBA Championship. It’s not just in the arenas where spectators watch their favorite players though. Millions across the globe tune in every week to watch via the sport TV channels or through online coverage. This huge audience means that NBA betting is hugely popular and one of the highest revenue sports betting industries around. Let’s take a deeper look into NBA betting.

NBA in Canada

Basketball is a big deal in Canada and features among the top 10 sports in the country, with collegiate leagues and the NBL Canada providing a platform for elite Canadian basketball players to showcase their skills. On top of this, Canada also have a team in the NBA with the Toronto Raptors. The Raptors have been competing in the NBA since 1995 and dramatically won the NBA Championship in 2019 and, in doing so, became the first non-American side to win the NBA Championship. They also became the first non-American team to win any of the four major North American sports leagues since the Toronto Blue Jays won the World Series in 1993.

Popular NBA Bets

So, which of the betting markets are popular within the NBA? Let’s take a look:


Moneyline betting is extremely popular across almost all sports as its basic format makes it really easy to follow and it is therefore the simplest route into sports betting. You are given odds for each opposition to be victorious and you just have to select the right outcome and your bet will pay out.


Futures work like moneyline bets but instead of betting on one individual match, you are betting on an event that can happen much further into the future, for example, who will win next season's Championship. Other popular future markets include Rookie of the Year and Most Valuable Player.

Spread Betting

Spread or Handicap betting makes even the most one sided of NBA games exciting to bet on. You can apply a handicap of varying amounts to a team's score to even out the tie. For example, you may back the Golden State Warriors at -6.5 which means they have to win by 7 or more points for your bet to come in. If they win the match, but by less than 6.5 points, your bet will not be a winner.


A parlay is any bet that involves several outcomes. They are often used across a game week where you select several teams that you expect to win, and if all of these outcomes are correct then your bet is a winner. They can be extremely profitable as the more teams you add to your parlay, the higher the multiplier but of course, more teams comes with more risk.


Totals betting, often referred to as over/under betting is also a straight forward bet type. The bookmaker will provide you with a total number of points in a game and it’s your job to decide if there will be more or less points scored. For example, they may offer over/under 210.5 points. If you bet on ‘Over’, it doesn’t matter which teams score the points but as long as both teams' cumulative score is 211 or more your bet will pay out.

Popular NBA Events

We have looked at the popular bets, but which events do Canadian NBA bettors need to put in their diaries. Let’s take a look and top tournaments and competitions in the calendar:

Raptors Rivalries

The Toronto Raptors main rivals are the New Jersey/Brooklyn Nets and the New York Knicks. These ties always produce drama and atmosphere and are certainly worth tuning into. The Nets-Raptors rivalry began in 2004, due to the sale of Vince Carter, with the rivalry really spicing up in the 2007 NBA Playoffs.

The Knicks and Raptors rivalry dates back to 2000 where the Knicks swept the Raptors aside 3-0 in the playoffs before the Raptors avenged that whitewashing with a 3-2 victory the following season, which saw an end to the Knick’s run as perennial NBA Championship contenders.

NBA Play-offs

At the conclusion of the regular season, the NBA Playoffs take place. The playoffs are a best-of-seven format that features the top eight teams from each conference regardless of divisional alignment. The teams are seeded and the higher seeded teams get to play games 1, 2, 5 and 7 at home while the lower seeds get games 3, 4 and 6. The conferences are split all the way to the conference finals which then declares the winner of each conference. The two conference winners then compete in the NBA Championships.

NBA Championships

The NBA Championships are the pinnacle of the NBA, and domestic basketball as a whole, and are held in late May or June each year. It sees the Eastern Conference winners go head-to-head with the Western Conference winners for their chance to lift the Larry O’Brien Championship Trophy. The team with the better record during the regular season gets home court advantage and gets to play the same four games at home as in the play-offs. Again, a best-of-seven format is utilized with the team who gets to four victories first being declared NBA Champions.

Tips for betting on NBA

Stay Informed

There is nothing worse than placing a bet with appealing odds to then learn that a star player is missing through injury, illness or suspension. Keeping up to date with all the latest happenings in the NBA both on and off the court is hugely important to ensuring an optimized NBA betting strategy.

Countless bets and painful amounts of cash are lost every season from basketball fans betting blindly or by being ill-informed. Stay in control of the aspects that matter the most and keep right up to date with all the NBA news.

Pay attention to the schedule

As it transpires, professional athletes are actually humans and not robots (I know, it surprised us too!) and this means that they feel fatigue just like the rest of us. It can be physical fatigue or mental fatigue. Playing under immense pressure at all times can take its toll. Study the schedule and take it into account when placing your bets. At certain parts of the season, a team will be required to travel high mileage against top opposition, and it will almost definitely be too big an ask for them to maintain their fantastic run of form.

Head-to-head Records

Knowledge is key in any type of sports betting and this certainly rings true in the NBA. There are many sites, including sportsbooks, that will provide you with extensive data on both teams before a match for you to analyse and use to your advantage in your betting strategy. Looking into two teams head-to-head record or even looking at the two coaches head-to-head record can give you an insight into how a game may play out. Having the mental edge or psychological advantage can be crucial in tight games. 

It’s also worth paying attention to individual players' records against certain teams. It may be that your star shooter has the better of the opposition's defence and boasts an imperious record against them. Or it could be that historically the offence have struggled against this defence and they will find life tough out on the court. You can use this data in making your betting decisions.

Best Bookmakers for NBA Betting in Canada


Campobet provide a great selection of markets on all NBA games and offer extremely competitive odds. Campobet not only offer enticing odds to new customers but they also value the importance of existing bettors with a constant flow of engaging and exciting promotions for you to utilize in your NBA betting strategy.

Mr Green

Mr Green delivers a wide choice of exciting NBA markets for you to enjoy. You can bet in-play and there is also the option of using their cash out feature which is an alluring option. The Mr Green site delivers a seamless experience whether you are betting on your desktop, tablet or mobile and the 24/7 customer services ensures that you are never too far from assistance should you ever need it.


BetSafe boasts licenses from some of the most renowned authorities in the industry, so you can rest assured that your hard earned cash is safe and secure. There’s a great selection of NBA markets to take advantage of with great value odds and bonuses awaiting you. They provide superb customer service and a wide range of deposit options to suit all bettors, too.

PGA Tour Betting FAQs

Where can I bet on the NBA?

All respectable bookmakers will offer NBA odds in Canada which will allow you a wide choice of options. Always check our recommended sportsbooks to ensure you are betting with a safe and respected site.

Can I use my welcome bonus on NBA betting?

Yes, almost definitely! It’s always recommended to check your betting sites' particular terms and conditions, but in almost all cases you will be able to use a welcome promotion on NBA markets.

Can I bet in-play on the NBA?

The fast and frenetic pace of the NBA makes it the perfect league to bet in-play and thankfully, all leading sportsbooks offer a comprehensive range of markets for you to bet on in-play with plenty of niche options to enjoy as well.