Cricket Betting

Behind soccer, cricket is considered to be the second most popular sport in the world. With more than 2.5 billion fans across the globe, it continues to go from strength to strength. Whether it is traditional test cricket, the one-day game or the explosive T20, there is excitement and entertainment with every bowl. What’s more, cricket is truly a global sport. Hugely popular in Oceania, Asia, Europe, North and Central America, there is the potential for betting on cricket matches 24 hours per day, 365 days a year.

Cricket in Canada

Although not a test nation, Canada has found itself on the World stage of cricket many times before, having qualified for four men’s ICC World Cups. Over 40,000 people across Canada play cricket with the nation producing players such as Ashish Bagai, Rizwan Cheema and John Davison. The Global T20 Canada is a new 20-over cricket tournament for the country that was founded in 2018 and it looks set to grow the sport even further.

Popular Cricket Bets

Cricket is one of those sports that has an abundance of markets and bet types for you to choose from. Different bookmakers offer varying innovative markets, so we have decided to concentrate on the most popular markets to get you up to speed.

Match Result

As with any sport, you can bet on the match winner in cricket. However, unlike other sports, cricket is completely at the mercy of the weather and a game can surrender to the rain and end in a draw. This can add serious excitement if a team is on top when the heavens open.

Tournament/Series Winner

Like the match result bet, a tournament or series winner allows you to select who you think will be crowned champions at the end of a competition. Tournaments can provide great odds for winners as cricket tends to be tightly contested among several of the top teams. With tournament winners, there will always be a winner declared, however, a test series can end in a draw if the scores are tied after the final test.

Highest Scorer/Most Wickets

All sportsbooks will provide odds on which batsman will score the most runs and which bowler will take the most wickets in a match. It can be an extremely profitable market with alluring odds available across several players. You can use available data to see if specific players score particularly well against certain opponents which can give you some guidance in your bets.

Next Batsman Out

In-play betting means that you can bet during the match. One of the most popular in-play cricket markets is predicting the next batsman out. The odds will vary depending on previous form, time at the crease, how they are currently playing, and who is currently bowling. It can be an exciting market that will keep you on the edge of your seat through a player's innings.

Over/Under Score

Over/Under scoring is also immensely popular in cricket betting. A sportsbook will provide a specific total that they predict a team will score and then offer odds on the likelihood of them scoring over or under that total.

Coin Toss

You can even bet on the coin toss in cricket. Whilst it is essentially a 50/50 chance and pure luck, it can be a fun way of starting a cricket match and get you off to a winning start.

Popular Tournaments

As we have previously alluded to, cricket really is a global sport and as such, there are a huge range of tournaments and competitions in which you can bet on. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest events in the cricket calendar.

ICC Cricket World Cup

Seen as the pinnacle in international cricket, the World Cup was formed in 1975 and sees all the top One-Day international teams compete for the biggest prize. The format is constantly evolving with the most recent tournament seeing ten teams compete in a round robin format before the top four placed teams qualify for the semi-final stage, with the Champions being crowned upon the conclusion of the final.


The IPL is the biggest domestic cricket tournament in the world. Founded in 2008, the T20 competition has grown from strength to strength, attracting sell-out crowds across India and huge global television audiences. T20 is explosive and exciting cricket and the glamour of the IPL attracts the biggest names in World cricket. There are eight teams that all play each other twice in a round-robin format. 

Once each team has played one another home and away, the top four teams qualify for the play-offs. First plays second in the first playoff with the winner automatically qualifying for the final, whilst the loser gets a second chance as they play the winner of third v fourth for their chance to compete in the final. The IPL season often starts in March or April and runs through until May.

Ashes/Test Series

If you ask a cricket purist for their favourite format of the game, it will nearly always be test cricket. Every year, international sides will travel to other countries to participate in a test series with the most famous being the Ashes, contested between England and Australia, the oldest rivalry in the sport. It takes place every other year and dates back to 1882 with each country rotating who hosts each event. Typically, test matches are either four or five days of cricket and a series can be any number of tests, with the Ashes consisting of five.

Tips for Betting on Cricket

There are few sports that have as many variables that can influence a result as cricket. Let’s review some of the key features you should pay close attention to when betting on cricket.

Weather Conditions

The biggest variable in cricket is the weather. From five-day tests to T20 matches, the weather forecast plays a pivotal role in the outcome of the game. Checking the forecast before placing bets is a must. It can affect it in so many ways. Whether it’s the rain causing the game to be a draw or the overcast cloud creating extra ball movement resulting in harder batting conditions. 

Countries like the UK play hosts to many cricket matches, and their temperamental climate can cause entire tests to be washed out. With all this being said, it doesn’t mean bad weather should deter you from betting, it can add an extra dimension into the game that can throw out surprising results.

The Toss

Unlike in many other sports, the coin toss is pivotal in cricket. It dictates who will get to bat or bowl first. The captains meet at the wicket and the umpire conducts the toss, with the successful captain choosing whether they want to bat or bowl first. In cricket this can be a massive advantage or disadvantage depending on the pitch and weather conditions.

Ground History

Pitch conditions and certain venues can have a profound impact on the end result of a cricket match. Teams get used to playing on their ‘own’ terrain so whether it’s the type of soil, grass, or firmness of the pitch, it can have a big influence on the end result. Checking a team's past results at specific venues will give you an insight into how they tend to handle the change in conditions. 

Team & Player Form

It goes without saying, both team and individual form are a massive thing to look out for when betting on cricket. Nothing can beat the high of confidence and a recent good run in the team, whilst equally being in a rut can feel like it lasts an eternity for a player. Doing your research into how individuals and teams have performed lately can be crucial to the success of your bets.

Three Best Sportsbooks for Cricket Betting in Canada

Choosing the right sportsbook for your bets is one of the most important decisions you can make in your cricket betting strategy. Let’s take a look at some of the sportsbooks you should consider for your strategy.


Betsson provide a wide range of markets on both men’s and women’s cricket from across the world. Their sportsbook delivers great value odds as well as the opportunity to bet live and in-play. The betting markets are simple to navigate and you can easily build an accumulator bet in the user-friendly interface.

Mr Green

Offering odds on all international and big domestic competitions, Mr Green are certainly worth considering for your cricket bets. There are live markets as well as comprehensive data you can use towards your strategy. The odds are extremely competitive and there are regular cricket focused offers to take advantage of as well.


10Bet deliver odds from competitions all across the World. Whether it’s Australia, the West Indies or Asia, they provide extensive coverage of all the biggest events with innovative markets and the ability to bet in-play, which you can do on the move thanks to their intuitive app.

Cricket Betting FAQs

When I can collect my winnings?

If your cricket bet is successful, then you should be able to gather your winnings soon after the final result of your bet has come in. Many bookies will then approve the withdrawal request and get your winnings back into your bank within a 72-hour time period.

Can I use bonus offers when betting on Cricket?

Yes, you can at many of the top bookmakers. It is always useful to read the bonus rules of your specific offer to avoid any possible disappointment, but most bonuses at the top sites and the bookies that we recommend here will be applicable to the cricket betting markets.

Can I bet in-play during a Cricket match?

Yes. Many of the leading sportsbooks will provide an all-encompassing range of in-play cricket markets throughout the duration of the top games, with even smaller games offering a useful selection, too. In-play cricket is extremely popular thanks to the long duration of each match and the many variables connected to the game.