Overwatch Betting

The popularity of eSports betting is soaring, and Overwatch is one of the games at the forefront of that boom. This guide is designed to help you with your Overwatch betting strategy, assisting you in minimizing your losses and maximizing your profits. We’ll provide a comprehensive range of betting tips, the bet types available, the most popular tournaments to keep an eye out for, and the best bookmakers you should sign up to. So, let’s learn a bit more about Overwatch.

About Overwatch

Overwatch is a hero shooter game that sees teams of six players go head-to-head with one another as they look to beat the opposition in their path. Each team gets to choose a selection of characters who all boast their own strengths and special abilities. With the ability to change character mid-game it can be hard to know exactly what is going to happen in an Overwatch match, but luckily for bettors, there are key things to look out for that can help you predict a victory for a specific team and we will explain these later on.

Top Canadian Overwatch Players

Overwatch is one of the few eSports that boasts a World Cup where players from each nation come together to compete against other nations. There are plenty of elite level Overwatch players in Canada with past squad players including XQC, Note, SureFour, Agilities, Bani, Crimzo, and Mangachu. As an Overwatch professional there is plenty of money to be won competing at the highest level, so the calibre of players coming through continues to be top quality. It’s always worth paying attention to the up and coming Overwatch stars to use this information in your betting strategy.

Overwatch Bet Types

So now you know a little bit about Overwatch and some of the biggest players in the Canadian game, it’s time to take a look at some of the bet types you can choose from when betting on Overwatch. Different sportsbooks will provide varied markets so we will cover the most popular markets available.

Match/Tournament Winner

A staple of any sports betting, match winner, or moneyline betting, will be available at every online sportsbook offering Overwatch markets. In simple terms, match winner bets require you to call a winner of a specific match and should you be successful, the bet pays out. Tournament winners, or futures, work in much the same way except you are trying to correctly predict the outcome of an entire competition rather than just one match.

Match-Up Handicap

Sometimes referred to as ‘spread betting’, handicap betting allows you to choose how many games a team will beat their opponent by. It is an extremely popular bet choice when it comes to betting on a mismatched game involving a team that is heavily favoured to beat their opponent. For example, you can place a -2.5 handicap on the favoured team, so they have to win by three or more games for your bet to be successful. Handicaps are a great choice of bet if you have a good understanding of the skill levels of the two teams who are competing.

Maps Total

Map total markets allow you to bet on the total amount of maps that will be played in a series of Overwatch. The nature of map totals is similar to handicap betting as you are essentially betting on how many maps will be played, and as Overwatch is played in a ‘best of’ format, you are betting on how much one team will beat their opponents by. For example, if you were to bet on less than 3.5 maps, you are betting that one team will whitewash their opponents 3-0. If games are too close to call, it may be wise to bet on +4.5 maps.

Correct Score

Predicting the correct score is another market that is popular with Overwatch bettors. Not only do you have to predict the overall winner, but you also have to predict the winning margin. Successful correct score bets can prove to be really profitable, so they are a good market to utilize as well.

Overwatch Tournaments

There are several major Overwatch events that you can bet on, with the game continuing to evolve and new competitions starting all over the world. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest current events.

Overwatch League (OWL)

The Overwatch League is a professional Overwatch league that was formed in 2018 and sees 20 teams from the United States and Canada compete within four different regions: North, South, East and West. Teams play through 28 matches in the regular season which then leads into a 12-team knockout style playoff format to crown the overall league winner.

Overwatch World Cup

We have already mentioned the Overwatch World Cup, but it is an annual tournament that sees the best Overwatch players team up with their compatriots to compete against other top nations. The format sees a range of preliminary rounds that result in a ten-nation group stage, which is split into two pots of five. Teams then play everyone in their pot in a round robin style format with the group leader progressing into the semi-finals with the teams in second and third competing in the quarter finals. The overall winner, and therefore, World Champion is the team that ends up victorious in the final.

Overwatch Contenders

The Contenders league was launched in 2017 and acts as a developmental league that feeds aspiring players into the OWL. Teams compete online from across the world for their chance to stake a claim to play for one of the big teams in the OWL.

Tips for Betting on Overwatch

Every eSport has a range of variables which you need to be aware to help you correctly decipher the outcome of a game. Overwatch is no different and we are going to look into some of the key aspects you need to pay close attention to.

Research is Key

Research is key when placing bets on Overwatch games. Knowledge is crucial. Whether that knowledge is on the game itself or the teams involved in a specific match, the more data and information you can absorb to make calculated decisions the better. Looking at team rankings and player form is a great starting point for your analysis, but also bear in mind that head-to-head results can be as informative due to psychological advantages or certain playing styles.

Don’t just rely on rankings

When placing stakes on Overwatch, it can seem extremely tempting to bet solely based on players ratings. This isn’t the strategy you should employ. You should try and play Overwatch yourself to fully understand the rules of the game and get to grips with how the matches can play out. This will give you an insight into how other players may react in specific scenarios.

Try to Livestream Overwatch Matches

Live streaming a match via sites like Twitch or YouTube or even the site you are betting with can give you a great insight into how a game is playing out and also open up the opportunity of betting in-play. 

Watch Professionals

If there is one way of understanding how a specific player or team plays, it is by studying and analysing their gameplay by watching them online. Try and watch the teams or players that you plan on betting on, so you can understand their strengths and weaknesses which could prove crucial when making your bets.

Three Best Bookmakers for Overwatch Betting in Canada

Selecting the correct online sportsbook for you to place your Overwatch bets with cannot be underestimated. Finding a reliable and reputable company that provides great value odds and a wide range of markets is crucial to optimizing your Overwatch strategy. So, let’s take a look at some of the leading Canadian sites that offer Overwatch betting markets.

Mr Green

Mr Green specializes in eSports betting with a huge range of markets and bet types available with Overwatch central to everything. They offer eSports betting guides and great value odds on all the leading events. There are also great value promotions running alongside key events such as the Overwatch World Cup or the OWL playoffs. 


Unibet is one of the world’s leading sportsbooks and they offer a comprehensive list of markets on all the major Overwatch tournaments including the World Cup and Overwatch League. They also provide in-play betting options as well as live streaming, both of which are available on either your desktop or mobile device. They also provide key facts and statistics including player form and recent results, so you can use these to your benefit when placing your bets.

888 Sport

888 Sport is another bookmaker that takes their eSports betting markets seriously, especially Overwatch. Their extremely user-friendly sportsbook provides the perfect platform for your eSports betting strategy. You can quickly navigate through the matches and markets available before placing your stakes. There is also a range of innovative bet types available and all at great value prices, too.

Overwatch Betting FAQ

Do I need to be able to play Overwatch to bet on it? 

Playing Overwatch will give you an increased knowledge of where to put your bets but playing is not vital. You can still carry out the research, understand how the game plays out, and then put your bets down without ever playing the game. 

Can betting on eSports ever be profitable?

As with all forms of sports betting, making a profit comes down to the right strategy and sticking with it for the long term. Research and study the form, understand the games inside out, and with a bit of luck your eSports betting can end up being profitable.

Can I use bonuses to bet on Overwatch?

Overwatch is one of the top eSports markets and so if there are bonuses out there based around eSports then Overwatch will be more than likely be included. If you stick to the bookies mentioned up above, then you should find more than enough bonuses and promotions to fuel your eSports and Overwatch betting strategy.