American Football Betting

American football is one of the most popular sports in North America with millions of youngsters and adults playing football in Canada and America. It should come as no surprise then that American Football is also hugely popular with bettors. There’s a huge range of exciting markets and with unrivalled coverage you can keep up with every kick. So, let’s take a deeper look into American Football betting and everything you should know before starting.

American Football in Canada

Despite Canada having their own version of the sport ‘football’, American Football is still hugely popular north of the border. American Football games, both preseason and regular season, have regularly been played in Toronto at the Rogers Centre, with the city still very much open to the idea of obtaining a franchise in the near future. Music to American Football fans' ears no doubt. With no current Canadian based teams, Canadians have to find their favourite team from below the border to follow. Sometimes the team runs in the family, sometimes people have visited and enjoyed the city, while others just pick the team with their favourite players on it, but however it happens, Canadians end up with their own American Football team.

Popular American Football Bets

American Football has come on leaps and bounds in recent years gaining a more global audience and successfully converting Europeans to a different type of ‘football’. With this ever-increasing popularity, it has meant an influx of new bettors to the sport. With this increase in demand, Sportsbooks have been competing head-to-head to deliver the ultimate American Football betting experience, with new and innovative markets, detailed stats and analysis as well as tailored promotions and offers. These new markets have delivered exciting new options to bet on with new markets continually being developed to keep bettors coming back for more. In this article we are going to be looking at the most popular betting markets that you should be aware of before starting your American Football strategy, so let’s get started.

Match Bet

Match betting is hugely popular with seasoned bettors but it is especially popular with newcomers due to its simplicity. You don’t have to be either a betting or American Football expert to get to grips with match betting and it provides the perfect platform for inexperienced fans to start their football bets. With match betting you will be provided with the odds of victory for both teams and you simply have to stake a wager against one of the teams, and if your team is victorious then your bet pays out. Match bets will include overtime, so should the match end in a draw in regular time, your bet carries through until a winner is declared.

Handicap Bets

Handicap betting is another particularly popular bet type that enables bettors to even out the most one sided of contests to make it enjoyable to bet on. American Football sees a lot of points being scored throughout the game which means that it isn’t uncommon for a team to win by 30 or 40 points. Adding a handicap to a team effectively balances the odds out so that an uneven tie becomes much more closely matched. As an example, you may see the Packers are 1.25 to win while the Steelers are 5.50. You can place a -10.5 point handicap on Packers to enhance those odds and make them much more profitable. The Packers will have to win by 11 or more points for your bet to come in.

Over/Under Betting

Like many other sports, over/under betting is also incredibly popular in American Football. Aided by the fact that so many points are scored it means these markets get plenty of attention. The sportsbook will provide you with a number of points, let’s say 27.5, and you have to decide if there will be more or less than 27.5 points in that particular game. It doesn’t matter which side scores the points, as long as your predicted outcome comes in.

Player Bets

As technology and sports data advances, the focus on individual players and performances has also accelerated too. This means that sportsbooks have reacted by providing markets on individual players across a wide range of events. The most popular market being ‘the first touchdown’, but you can also bet on ‘last touchdown’, how many turnovers there are in a game, which player will score the most points and much, much more. The player bets are both exciting and profitable so be sure to check them out next time you visit your favourite betting site.

Outright Betting (Futures)

So, we have touched on match betting but a similar style bet which is also a fan favourite is the outright betting markets, or futures. Here, rather than predicting the outcome of a particular game, you are predicting the outcome of a future event such as who will win the NFL Championship, or this season's Super Bowl or who the MVP will be. Depending on your Future market, and who you opt for, there is plenty of money to be made. Making your predictions early is most likely to reap the highest profit as the odds will always start to fluctuate depending on how the season plays out.

Parlays or Accumulators 

Parlays or accumulators are an extremely profitable way of betting on American Football. Put most simply, you choose the results of a series of games, and if all those results come in, your parlay pays out. The more games you choose, the higher the multiplier will be as it is less likely to come in, so it then becomes more profitable. Parlays are difficult to win, but should you be successful with one you will be more than happy with the returns.

Popular American Football Tournaments

As the name suggests, American Football is played in the United States and although there are minor local leagues in other countries, the likelihood is that the leagues and events you can bet on will be based in America and they will consist of the following:

College Football

College football is huge in the United States and it is where some of the stars of tomorrow make their names. Games can be held in front of 80,000 spectators as some of the biggest talents look to make their name in the game. Colleges compete to play in the College Football Playoff National Championship which essentially is the ‘final’ of college football and is held every January. There are games throughout the year in a league system as well as one-off games staged with the best 12 teams in the country. The college football system paves the way for players to feature in the NFL with around 250 making the step up every year. 


The National Football League (or more simply the NFL) is the professional American Football league that sees 32 teams split equally into the National Football Conference (NFC) and the American Football Conference (AFC), which are then both further split into four regional divisions. The regular season is 17 weeks long and runs from September to late December with each team playing sixteen games and all receiving one week off. Upon the conclusion of the regular season, the four league winners and three wild cards from each of the NFC and AFC qualify for the playoffs. 

The top seeded teams from each conference are given a bye from the first round of playoffs while the remaining twelve teams compete in the Wild Card round. The divisions are kept separate and seed 2 plays seed 7, seed 3 plays seed 6, and seed 4 plays seed 5. The winners progress to the Divisional Round which sees the top seed facing the lowest seeded team and the two remaining teams facing one another. The winner of these rounds then meet in the Conference Championships. Once the winner of the AFC and the NFC are declared, they then meet in the Super Bowl.

Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is the pinnacle of American Football and has been held every year since 1966 and is played on the first Sunday in February. We’ve just touched on who qualifies for the Super Bowl but essentially it is the winner of the AFC playoffs against the winner of the NFC playoffs. The Super Bowl winner is handed the Vince Lombardi Trophy with each of the winning team getting the famous Super Bowl ring.

Tips for betting on American Football

So we have covered off American Football in Canada, the types of bets seen in American Football and some of the biggest tournaments, but now it is time to look at some of the top tips and things to look out for in your American Football strategy.

Only bet when there is value

One of the key things that many bettors tend to forget is that you should only bet when there is value. Sometimes it can be enjoyable enough that you just place a bet for the sake of it, but if you want to maximize your chances of profitability then you should save your stakes for when there is true value.


As we touched on earlier, there is a huge number of exciting markets available in American Football. We recommend that you find the markets you most enjoy and have the most success with and stick to them. Focusing on one market allows you to fully understand the dangers and opportunities so you can maximize your profits. Flicking from one market to another means you will never become truly knowledgeable with any one market.

Find the best odds

Hunt around and look for the best odds. Don’t be afraid of having betting accounts with more than one sportsbook. Utilize your different offers and promotions and ensure that you choose the bookmaker offering the best odds for your chosen outcome to maximize your potential profits.

Record your betting

Keeping track of your betting means you can have visibility of every bet you have made. You can then see potential flaws and weaknesses to your strategy that you can work to iron out and eliminate from your betting to hopefully, improve your overall profits.

Research, research, research

Saving possibly the most important tip until last. The more you know about American Football and the particular team you are betting on, the more likely you are to be a successful bettor. Pay attention to all the American Football news. Look at preseason results. Study who signed who in the draft. There will usually be a bit of a frenzy around particular teams in preseason and this is your chance to work out who to place bets on for some early success. 

When betting on individual games, always do your research. Check out the team head-to-head records, what their home/away records are like and which key players are in or out of form. It can give you a huge advantage to correctly calling results.

Best Bookmakers for American Football Betting in Canada


You can enjoy a comprehensive range of American Football markets at Svenbet with generous welcome bonuses and competitive odds. The site is well designed and extremely user friendly which will ensure you can navigate from market to market with ease. There is a versatile range of banking options which will appeal to all bettors while live betting will also keep you occupied when the games are in play.

Mr Green

Mr Green delivers an extensive range of American Football markets for its customers. They also provide a comprehensive selection of data and information for you to analyse before placing your bets including form, player stats and head to head records. You can bet live and in-play at Mr Green and also make use of their cash out feature when you want to grab an early profit. 


Betsafe provide a wealth of American Football markets to its customers. Odds are always priced extremely competitively and there are stacks of great value promotions and offers for new and existing customers to utilize. Customer service is exceptional with representatives available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Betsafe boasts licenses from some of the most reputable authorities in the industry so you can rest assured that you are betting safe.

American Football Betting FAQs

Can I use my welcome bonus betting on American Football?

Yes, of course. Many online sportsbooks will offer a welcome bonus to entice new customers and what better place to use it than on American Football markets. Many one-off football offers can be found around the big events as well.

Where can I bet on American Football?

There is a great range of reliable sportsbooks that you can use to bet on American Football. These include Betsafe, Svenbet and Mr Green, but always check for our recommended bookmakers to ensure you are betting with a reliable company.

When is the Super Bowl held?

The Super Bowl is held on the first Sunday of February every year and sees the winners of the NFC and AFC face off for the sports biggest prize. You can be sure that the betting markets will be stocked full of opportunities for you to scroll through.