Golf Betting

The game of golf is played across the world and like many other sports in the last 20 years, big-name stars have helped to propel their sport into new realms of popularity. What Jordan did for basketball; Tiger Woods has done the same for golf. Woods brought the game swiftly into the modern era with his athletic build and overriding passion for winning. The game has never been the same since with younger generations trying to emulate Woods and his impressive record of success. The popularity of the sport is therefore very clear, but the betting surrounding the game is hugely profitable too, if you know what you are doing. Betting on golf can offer up favourable odds even for the top players and the four-day tournaments allow for some rewarding in-play betting moments, too. 

Golf & Betting in Canada

Golf in Canada is home to some of the most beautiful courses in the world and with the annual Canadian Open tournament being a part of the official PGA Tour, there is a chance for locals to watch some of the best players in the world, right in their own back yard. 

Top courses like Cabot Cliffs, The National Golf Club of Canada, and Fairmont Jasper Park Lodge Golf Club are just some of the top courses in the country, and with over 2,000 courses in total, there are plenty of chances for punters to get to know the game. 

This is the key to golf betting, you need to understand the game, the difficulties, the advantages, and what it takes to score well on a golf course. Mike Weir is the undisputed golf champion of Canada but with the right knowledge, you too could be a golf champion by winning some bets and making a profit of your own. Read on to find out more.

Golf Betting Types

Understanding the different bet types available in the game of golf is paramount to building up a betting profit over the long term. Assessing the tournament and the players involved, as well as the course they are playing on will help you pick out the right bet. 

Below we have you given you a useful list of bets that you should be definitely thinking about adding to your overall golf betting strategy.

The Betting Line

Online bookmakers will set out a betting line between two golf players and all you need to do is pick the one player that you think will win. The betting line may be linked to one round, the whole tournament, or sometimes even over just one hole. It’s a useful way to take the whole field of golfers out, which can often be in the hundreds, and narrow your choices down to just Golfer A vs Golfer B. If you are betting with a bookmaker outside of Canada and the US, then you may see this type of bet described as a Match Bet.

Each-Way Bets

Due to the number of golfers participating in a tournament, the each-way bet becomes one of your best betting tools to make a profit. In summary, an each-way bet means that you are backing a player to finish in a placed position. Depending on the tournament, this could be top four, top five, or even top eight and top ten for the major tournaments. 

The each-way bet comes in two parts with one part being your golfer finishing in a placed position, and the other part is for the golfer to win the tournament outright. Your total stake is almost twice as much due to the two-part layout of the bet. So, for a €20 each-way bet on Tiger Woods, this would create $10 for Woods to Win and then $10 on the placed position. 

If either of those bets are a success then you win money, although the placed part will be at reduced odds, usually a 1/4 or 1/5 of the original odds. However, this is where the advantage of having so many players to choose from comes in. The odds start off relatively high for even the favourites and so picking a mid-level player coming into a tournament in good form is still going to give you great value even with each-way reduced odds.

First Round Leader Bet

It’s about as easy as it gets with the explanation and this bet does exactly what you would expect. You pick out the golf player that you think will be leading everyone else at the end of the first day of the tournament. A lot of profit can be made here by picking out lower ranked players who start off well early on. They might not be around at the top of leaderboard come the fourth and final day, but you would have already made your money if they got off to a flier on the first day.

Golfer vs The Field Bets

A popular betting option as the tournaments gets closer to the final day or two is the golfer vs the field market. It only really works well when a player has already developed a substantial lead and then you only need to back the option of whether someone else behind the leader will come through and win. As we mentioned, this is a popular option for the final day within the in-play markets, as the pressure of leading can often get to some players who don’t have the experience to grind out the win.

Golfer to Win

The simplest type of bet in most sports is the ‘To Win’ market and here you are picking out the golfer who you think will win the tournament. You may find the top players being displayed a week or so before, and then the full line up of odds will be given around 48 hours before the first tee-off. Once again, due to there being so many players competing, the odds can be favourable a day or two before the tournament starts. Even the top players will be in and around the 7.00 decimal odds mark. But remember your pick must win for your bet to return any winnings at all. Some of the major tournaments will be offering odds all year round, but you should be careful due to players picking up injuries or those who do not even qualify for the tournament full stop.

Popular Golf Tournaments to Bet on

The world of golf is full of tournaments being played most weekends from the PGA and European Tours, to the smaller tours where the stars of the future are looking to sharpen their skills. Men’s and women’s golf are now both followed by millions of fans and there is constant live coverage on TV to watch all those top golfers in action. It all makes for a wonderful sporting spectacle as well as the chance to bet and watch the golfing action most weeks of the year. 

Below are some the top events in the golfing calendar including the famous four majors:

Our Expert Golf Betting Tips

  1. Statistics – Golf, betting, and statistics should always be thought of as a trio in helping you find the right winning bets. Golf is unique in a sense that it offers a wealth of statistical data and historic information that can help you identify potential profits. The idea behind using these stats is that all players have a unique style of playing and this style is going to be better suited to some courses over others. Tight courses could prove tricky for big hitters while it could prove useful for steady players who stick to fairways with shorter drives. Other useful stats to keep an eye out for include greens in regulation, accuracy, number of putts, driving distance, and scrambling.
  1. Weather – The wind and rain can play havoc with players and extreme conditions like this can level the playing field in an instant. You should also look out for players playing in certain conditions or on certain courses that they grew up playing on. For example, the ‘links’ courses on coastal venues are notoriously difficult. But for those who grew up playing them, it can be a huge chance to go out and thrive in the conditions they know against players who are new to it all. Calmer conditions are going to suit the top players, as this is the time that they can work the ball and use their skill to pinpoint the flags and greens. Take note of the weather and judge your bets accordingly.
  1. Overall Form – If you can combine the statistics and weather data mentioned in points 1 and 2 along with the current form of each player, you should be able to build a full picture of how the tournament will pan out. Certain players will start to appear who offer good value for your bet or bets. It is going to take some time but you will start to understand the various factors that affect golfers, which should then start to filter down into your betting strategy that will hopefully, bring you more winners in the long run.

Top Online Bookmakers for Golf Betting

Below you will find some of our recommended choices for Canadians betting on golf. Each site offers a full range of golf betting markets with both outright and in-play options, as well as all the safety and security feature that you would rightly expect from an online betting company, so here are our top three choices:

888 Sport

888 Sports comes with the full collection of golf betting markets on all the major and up-and-coming events throughout the year. New and existing customers can enjoy their promotional offers as they provide bonuses and incentives to ensure you stick with them and stay loyal to the 888 brand. A brand like 888 also comes fully stocked with all the top payment methods which makes funding and withdrawing winnings from your account a breeze.


Betsson provide the typical range of golf bets including a useful selection of in-play options. The offer quick banking transactions which means you can retrieve your winnings swiftly. Easy deposits with Canadian dollars is also allowed, as well as using the ever-useful PayPal, Neteller, Skrill e-wallet options, and there are many other options, too. Betsson continually offer promotional offers that will help boost your betting bankroll and so here you have a great all-round betting service that openly accept Canadian punters.


10Bet offers deposit match bonuses on new player deposits which is perfect for those looking for a new site to bet with. They also give you the full range of golf betting markets on all the top golfing events throughout the year, and they frequently provide additional offers that run alongside the events as well. So, you can see that here we have another useful bookie to add to your list. To top it all off, the customer support is also highly rated which makes 10Bet a site that you can put your full trust in.

Golf Betting FAQ

Where can I bet on golf?

All the top bookmakers will be closely following the golf tournaments throughout the year and so you will never be without a golf event to bet. The bigger sites will be offering tournament outright bets early on and so here you can jump on to some great value odds.

Can I use the cash out option when I bet on golf?

Yes, the cash out option is often available for golfing bets but due to the length of the tournaments and the fact that the leaderboard can change so quickly, you might not be able to find the right cash out price that you want. The option is almost always available though.

What are the best golf bets?

Both the outright and ‘to win’ betting markets offer great value for golf events and so you do have a few choices. If we had to pick one, then the each-way bet offers the best of both worlds with a ‘to win’ and a back up ‘placed position’ paying out as well.