PGA Tour Betting

The PGA Tour is the official organisation behind the men’s professional golf game in the United States and North America. It features many of the best players from across the world as they compete in prestigious events at the world’s toughest and well-renowned golf courses. Betting on PGA Tour events is hugely popular with events being held through most of the year and each one lasting four days per event. In this guide we will uncover all you need to know about PGA Tour betting.

PGA Tour in Canada

The PGA Tour has its very own Canadian dedicated Tour, aptly named the PGA Tour Canada, or sometimes simply referred to as the Canadian Tour. The Tour is one of three international PGA Tour-sanctioned tours that provide a route into the Korn Ferry Tour, which can then see you progress into the main PGA Tour.

The Canadian Open, which is the most lucrative golf event in Canada, is actually a part of the main PGA Tour and plays host to some of the biggest names in golf.

Canada has some homegrown golf stars of its own. Mackenzie Hughes won the RSM Classic, Adam Hadwin was victorious at the Valspar Championship and Corey Conners lifted the trophy at the Valero Texas Open in recent years and all three have enjoyed time in the top 100 in the overall PGA Rankings.

Popular PGA Tour Bets

Golf is full of intriguing betting markets that vary from other popular sports. This gives it a unique feel which is one of the reasons it is so popular with betting fans across the globe. Let’s take a look at some of the markets that you can place wagers on.

Outright to win

Starting off with one market you will certainly be familiar with from other sports. Outright bets are the simplest to understand and the easiest way for newcomers to get involved in golf betting. At the start of a tournament players will be given odds on their likelihood of winning outright. You just have to choose the correct player to win for your bet to pay out. Golf is notoriously difficult to predict and as there are often 100s of competitors, the odds can be extremely appealing and a winning bet can be very profitable.

Top 5/10/20

For those bettors who are slightly more risk averse, the top 5/10/20 markets may be more suited to you. Here you just have to select a golfer who you believe will place in the top 5/10/20. The odds will reflect the likelihood, so you will get shorter odds betting on top 20 than top 5, but in such an unpredictable sport, there is still significant money to be made in these markets.


Matchup markets will take two similarly skilled players and pair them off against one another. You will then have to correctly predict who will come out on top in this head-to-head battle. Matchup bets can be for the duration of a tournament or just a single round, so be sure to check and understand exactly what you are betting on before placing your bets.

In-Play Bets

Golf tournaments tend to last for up to four days so there is plenty of opportunity for you to analyse an event before betting in-play. Odds will begin to fluctuate mid tournament as golfers begin to post their scores. It’s advisable to wait until the end of each round to place your bets as it can be difficult to fully evaluate with players at different parts of the course.

Golf Props

Prop betting isn’t as popular in golf as it is in other sports like football or basketball, however, it still certainly has its place and there are fun prop markets that you should look out for. You will find markets such as ‘Will a player hit a hole in one?’, ‘Will there be a playoff?’, ‘Who will be the top golfer from X Country?’ and much, much more.

Popular PGA Tour Events

The biggest events in golf are the four majors which aren’t actually a part of the PGA Tour: The Masters, the US Open, PGA Championship and the Open Championship. However, a packed schedule of around 50 tournaments are held every year on the PGA Tour that feature some highly prestigious courses and lucrative prize pools. Let’s take a look at some of the events that you should be adding to your calendar.

Players Championship

The Players Championship is the biggest tournament outside the majors for golfers on the Tour. Played at TPC Sawgrass, Ponte Verde Beach, Florida every March, it sees all the world’s top golfers descend on this famous course for their chance of taking home the $2.25 million winnings and more importantly, a place in the history books.

Tour Championship

The Tour Championship decides the FedEx Cup Champion and is played at the end of the season in September each year at the East Lake Golf Club, Atlanta, Georgia. The event sees the top 30 players in the FedEx Cup standings get their chance at lifting this coveted trophy. The overall purse available to players can be upwards of $60 million and the winner can often collect around $15 million of that.

BMW Championship

The BMW Championship is the penultimate FedEx Cup playoff event on the PGA Tour schedule and has been running since 1916. The host venue varies from year to year and it is held every September. The total purse available is a whopping $9.25 million with the winner taking more than $1.6 million alone.

AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am

Established in 1937, the Pebble Beach Pro-Am is always earmarked as one of the annual tournaments to look out for. With an overall purse of more than $7.6 million and the winner taking over $1.3 million, it isn’t just the Californian sunshine to be enjoyed at this tournament.

Tips for betting on PGA Tour

One of the best tips anyone can give a newcomer to golf betting is to watch and read as much about golf as possible. This will accelerate your knowledge and understanding of how tournaments play out, and key things to look out for while play is under way. In this section we are going to give you some key tips to keep in mind before placing your golf bets.

Recent form

Perhaps the most important factor for your golf strategy should be looking into player form. Form obviously plays a big part in many sports, but none more so than in golf. A streaky sport that relies a lot on confidence and positive mental attitude, golfers can go on runs of great form for a few weeks before disappearing into the field. Use websites such as the PGA Tour's own site to look at the data and big movers in terms of good and bad form, and use this to your advantage when betting on the next event.

Course fit

Another hugely important factor to bear in mind before placing any bets is how the course plays. Certain golfers will have favored courses due to the nature of their play. Longer courses will usually favor the bigger hitters of the ball, while tighter more intricate courses will favour those with higher accuracy and precise approach play. On top of this, the type of grass used (Bermuda, bentgrass and ryegrass) can have a significant impact on how a player performs. It can favor those players who spent their youth and early years playing on a similar surface.

Player and Course history

Some players develop reputations for strong performances at specific events. It could be deemed that the cream rises to the top in the big events or it could be a highly skilled player always underperforms at the major events. Using historical data of individual players at specific courses can give you a great insight as to how they may perform in an upcoming tournament.

Best Bookmakers for PGA Tour Betting in Canada

Choosing the right sportsbook for your golf betting strategy can seem like a daunting prospect. Luckily, we are on hand to give you expert advice and recommendations on some of the top bookmakers that you should be considering to use. 


One of the world’s leading sportsbooks. They offer a huge range of golf bets on all PGA Tour events through their optimised betting platform. Betway accept a wide range of payment methods and also accept Canadian dollars which makes them a huge potential betting option for yourself. 


Unibet provide a comprehensive range of PGA Tour betting markets. There are generous welcome offers and ongoing promotions for players to utilize while their standard odds are extremely competitively priced. Unibet offers a fluid experience whether you are using mobile, tablet or desktop and the in-play markets are not to be ignored.

William Hill

William Hill provide a seamless platform for your PGA Tour betting strategy. There is a ton of beering data and analysis for you to draw inspiration from, as well as greatly priced odds and enticing welcome promotions for new players. They have been in business for many years and they know what it takes to run enticing golf markets. 

PGA Tour Betting FAQ

Where can I bet on the PGA Tour?

Most leading sportsbooks will provide comprehensive coverage of the PGA Tour with a list of exciting and innovative markets for each event. You will never be short of PGA markets.

Is betting on the PGA Tour legal?

Yes, betting on the PGA Tour is entirely legal. Always double check the betting laws in your jurisdiction, but as a general rule, golf betting is completely legal.

What are each way bets in golf?

Each way bets are two bets. One half of the bet is for the golfer to win, the other half is for them to place above a specific position (usually top 5). If they place, you will receive around a quarter of the odds.