Field Hockey Betting

Betting on sports is one of the most popular online gambling activities in Canada, and field hockey is one of the many sports that you can stake wagers on. Although it isn’t as popular as its icy relative, or baseball, football or soccer, there are still plenty of markets and exciting bets for you to indulge in. Read on to learn more about field hockey betting and how you could benefit from it with our top tips and strategy.

Field Hockey Popularity in Canada

Although ice hockey might be the number one sport in Canada, field hockey still has a place in the hearts of many Canadians across the country. It is widely played at schools and by thousands of adults through spring, summer and autumn before a pause for the harsh winter weather. Annually, Field Hockey Canada hosts national championships for the under 15s, u18s and u23s which sees the best young talent in the country compete for the title.   

Many Canadians prefer betting on field hockey as opposed to their beloved ice hockey due to the fact that there is much less coverage and so the sportsbooks odds are quite often extremely generous. Sportsbooks tend to put more resource into the most popular sports and as the reporting on field hockey is quite subdued it means they are not as ‘in the know’ as they should be, leaving gaps to make substantial profits.

Popular Field Hockey Bets

Field hockey is growing in popularity with bettors, and as its prominence grows as will the number of markets available to bet on. There is already a broad selection of bet types that you can choose between, but we are going to focus on the most popular markets and those that provide a great introduction into betting on field hockey.

Outright Winner

Outright winner bets are the best option when betting on a sport you are not too familiar with. It is simple to understand and it also gets you into the habit of watching the sport which can help to improve your overall betting strategy. In a one-off match you just have to choose who you think will be the winner of the game and if you choose right, your bet is a winner. Unlike some other sports, field hockey games can end in a tie so you have three options for outright match bets. These options are: Team A wins, a draw or Team B wins. You can also get outright bets on tournaments such as the Olympics or the FIH World Cup where you can select who you think will win the overall tournament. Tournament outright bets tend to have higher odds due to the number of teams who could potentially be victorious and this is what can make them more profitable.  


Over/Under markets are some of the most popular bet types across almost any sport and field hockey is certainly no different.  A sportsbook will provide punters with a number of goals that may be scored in a game and it’s up to you to bet a stake on whether you think there will be more or less goals than the specified number. These markets will almost always be displayed as “.5” of a goal to ensure there is no ambiguity. For example, Over/Under 2.5 goals is very clear with three goals required for an over bet and two goals for an under. If Over/Under 2 goals was offered then there would be confusion over what would happen if exactly two goals were scored.

Handicap Betting

Occasionally you will come across a field hockey game that appears incredibly one sided. Thankfully, you can use the handicap markets to make these games both more exciting and more profitable. Handicap betting works by applying handicaps to teams at the start of the match that they then have to overcome in order for your bet to be a winning bet. If you are confident that one team will beat their opponent by multiple goals then you could choose to place a handicap on them of -2.5. Under your bet’s conditions, the team will now have to win by three goals or more for your bet to come in as a winner. You can also put positive handicaps on a team, so you could place a +2.5 handicap on a side who you think might lose heavily. They can lose and your bet still be successful as long as they finish the game with a deficit of two or less goals.

What are the biggest Field Hockey Events?

Field hockey is a sport that is played in every corner of the globe with many countries having regional and national leagues. As it is played on every continent, there are tournaments being played throughout the year and at all times of the day that sportsbooks will provide betting markets for. In this article we are going to focus on the biggest field hockey events that you should add to your betting calendar.

Olympic Games

As with countless other sports, the Olympic Games is the pinnacle of field hockey. Every young hockey player grows up with the dream and ambition of winning an Olympic gold medal. It has been a near ever-present at the Olympic Games since 1908 but it has had several different formats over the years. The most recent Games saw two groups of six compete in a round robin style format with the top four nations progressing to the quarter finals. The final decides the gold and silver medallists while a third place play-off is also contested for the bronze medal.

Canada are yet to win an Olympic medal in either the men’s or women’s tournaments. The Indian team is the dominant nation on the men’s side of things while Australia and the Netherlands lead the way in the women’s Olympics.

FIH World Cup

The second biggest tournament in the hockey calendar is the FIH World Cup. The World Cup is held every four years and is organised and run by the International Hockey Federation (FIH). The tournament runs in the years between the Olympics and so this means that there is a major hockey tournament every two years. Canada have qualified for both the men’s and women’s tournaments on six occasions with the women’s team having much more success having won silver in 1983 and bronze in 1986.

Commonwealth Games

The next biggest tournament on the international field hockey calendar is the Commonwealth games which is also held every four years. The inaugural Commonwealth field hockey tournament took place in 1998 and it has been a mainstay at the games ever since. The competition features the ten best hockey sides from the Commonwealth who are split into two groups of five. They then play one another once before the top two sides in each group advance to the semi-finals to see who claims the medals while the remaining teams compete to decide who finishes 5th to 10th. Canada has featured in every Commonwealth Games hockey tournament in both the men’s and women’s competition.

Tips for Betting on Field Hockey

As we briefly touched on earlier, betting on field hockey can be profitable. Most sports with reduced coverage don’t tend to get the attention they deserve from sportsbooks which leaves great opportunities for significant winnings if you know what you are doing. So, let’s take a look at some of the key variables in field hockey that you should be keeping your eyes out for when placing your bets.

Get to grips with the rules

It may sound very obvious and a little bit simple, but getting to grips with the rules is the best place to start for your field hockey betting strategy. By watching some live games and understanding the rules you will be better educated to understand how games may play out and also start learning the patterns of play and grasping the natural flow of a game.

Who are the best players and teams?

If you are not overly familiar with hockey, before placing your hard earned cash on bets uninformed, it is worth taking the time to read up on some of the big players and best teams so you can understand what you might expect to happen. Knowing more about teams and their key players can help you make better decisions on when to bet on specific results, especially when teams are missing key players through injury or suspension. Bookmakers will regularly have the team higher in the league as the favourite, but there could be a multitude of reasons why they shouldn’t be favourites, and these are the holes that you are looking to exploit.

Bet In-Play

It isn’t uncommon for games to see a flurry of goals in the closing minutes so making the most of in-play markets can be a great strategy. Whether you are using next goal scorer, outright winner or over/under markets, betting in-play can provide a great opportunity to make some money while the game is going on.

Data and Statistics

Use the betting tools available to you. Many sportsbooks will provide you with all the latest data and statistics around the top leagues and tournaments, so you can analyse this data to make informed decisions. If the betting sites don’t have this information, there are plenty of websites and publications that can provide you with all of this information. It pays to take the time to look into the data as this can often be the difference between winning and losing.

Best Bookmakers for Field Hockey Betting in Canada

Finding a suitable bookmaker for your sports betting isn’t always straightforward. Thankfully, we have some trusted sportsbooks that offer great value and friendly user experiences so you can place your field hockey bets safely, securely and easily. So, let’s take a look at some of the best Canadian betting sites for field hockey.

William Hill

William Hill have been one of the biggest names in sports betting for decades. A trusted and secure sportsbook that delivers great value and first class customer service. There are always generous welcome offers for Canadian players and they back this up with regular promotions on all major sporting events. There is also a wide range of support options that include live chat, email and phone lines, as well as a handy FAQ section.

888 Sport

888 Sport is an extremely well-respected name in the sports betting industry and having been founded back in 2008, they have continued to operate with great success. There is a great range of payment methods which makes banking extremely flexible and versatile, and this is a huge bonus for potential players. It is also licensed by some of the most highly-regarded gambling authorities so you can rest assured that your funds are safe and secure.


Betway is one of the most popular sites for Canadian players. Established in 2006 they have a wealth of experience in sports betting and provide a great range of exciting and innovative hockey markets. They deliver great value odds and generous welcome bonuses that will entice new customers. There is also outstanding 24/7 customer support available so should you encounter any issues, there is someone available to assist you at all times.

Field Hockey Betting FAQs

Can you bet on field hockey live and in-play?

Yes. Many sportsbooks will offer you the opportunity to be able to bet on field hockey games live and in-play with a range of markets available from standard to niche betting options.

What are the major field hockey tournaments?

The two biggest tournaments in the field hockey calendar are the Olympic games and the World Hockey Championships, both of which occur every four years. You will always find plenty of betting options around these tournaments.

Can I use my welcome bonus on field hockey markets?

Almost certainly you can. It is always recommended to check the terms and conditions to avoid disappointment but most bookmakers will allow you to use your welcome bonus and other offers on the field hockey betting markets.