Lacrosse Betting

Lacrosse is played all across Canada with various versions and multiple teams and competitive leagues being played out every year. Introduced halfway through the 1800s, lacrosse is based on games played by Native Americans that date way back to 1100 AD. So, the game’s history is deep and thanks to the Canadian government now declaring Lacrosse a national summer sport, the game is cemented into the hearts of Canadians.

As we know from a betting perspective, wherever there is passion for a sport, there are always betting opportunities. The following guide has been created to show you all about lacrosse betting, what to expect, and how you can try to make more profit with your bets.

How do you play Lacrosse?

First, before we step into the betting side of things, we want to explain the game of lacrosse a little more, which will help you with your betting decisions further down the line. Predominantly played in Canada, the US, and Australia, the game has picked up throughout Europe and across Asia as well. In Canada, you could put lacrosse up there in popularity only behind Ice Hockey as the nation’s most loved sport. Both college and professional lacrosse generate a lot of attention and these are the leagues which will offer you the most betting action.

The game itself is played with a lacrosse ball and special lacrosse sticks. The heads of these sticks are designed to catch the ball, carry the ball, pass, and shoot the ball into the lacrosse goal. It is a Team A vs Team B type of match with 12 players on a women’s team and 10 players on a men’s team.

For the historians out there, the name lacrosse comes from the term ‘la crosse’ used back in the time of the French missionaries and refers to their bishop’s staff that they carried – these look a lot like the modern day lacrosse sticks. The game itself goes way back and it used to consist of hundreds of men on each side, which we would imagine not to be great for betting. But, we digress, back to the betting side of things now.

Why Is Lacrosse Betting So Popular in Canada?

Betting on lacrosse can provide some decent betting value and this comes down to two factors. The first is that it is quite a unique sport on the global betting scene and so there are chances to bet with bookmakers who may not spend much of their time analyzing the teams and the matches. This basically means that there is betting value to be found by those of you who follow the sport and know your lacrosse inside out. 

The second factor is that there is a big enough schedule across both the college and professional leagues to allow for constant betting opportunities. A sport that offers constant action week in week out allows punters to build up a good idea of which players and teams are in form, and those who are not. All of which helps when it comes to finding those bets with value. 

Popular sports always generate a lot of betting action and with lacrosse being a much-loved sport in Canada, you will find a good selection of betting markets at all the top online bookmaker sites.

Types of Lacrosse being played today

You can find four different types of lacrosse being played at the moment and these are Field, Box, Women’s, and Intercrosse. Each type offers slightly differing rules and we will explain each of them below.

Field Lacrosse

The outdoor version of the game played by men with ten players on each team, consisting of three attackers, midfielders, defenders, and one goalie. Every player handles a stick of varying size which is dependent on their position. Attackers and midfielders use a shorter stick to help them pass and short, defenders use longer sticks to help them steal the ball, and goalies use a wide stick to help them stop shots. Each game is divided into four 15-minute quarters and a face-off occurs after every goal.

Box Lacrosse

The indoor version of lacrosse in a special hockey arena with one goalie and five players running out field. The box phrase is from the area which the game is played on, instead of the open ground in field lacrosse, this game is played under a roof on ‘a box’. Box lacrosse was introduced to make use of the ice hockey rinks during the off-season and usually a surface was laid out over the ice, or the ice removed, to make way for the box lacrosse players. This version is fast-paced and any players who are penalized get sent to the penalty ‘box’ while the rest of the team carries on.

Women’s Lacrosse

The women’s version of the game is completely different when it comes to the game rules. The equipment and the level of aggression is adjusted to suit, and Canadian rules are even different to those in other countries including the US. First and foremost, there is no physical contact allowed during the game and there are fundamental differences to the lacrosse sticks being used. The sticks are not permitted to have loose pockets or nets which makes the whole gameplay a lot different than the men’s version, but the excitement levels are still sky high with a lot of skill required for players and teams to come out on top.


A version of the game that is popular in Quebec and one which offers a slower and softer style of gameplay. The sticks are a lot softer and made of plastic over leather and nylon, so the aggression levels are reduced somewhat. The lacrosse ball being used during Intercrosse games are also softer and larger, affecting the overall speed and style of the game even more. While you might not see many betting markets available for Intercrosse, at least you can take into consideration the style of game if you do come across any in the future.

What are the Common Lacrosse Beting Markets?

The basics of Lacrosse betting is up first, and it is wise for beginners to be looking at these types of bets and markets to begin with. Build up your strategy piece by piece and once you get an understanding of the following bets, you can start to get more advanced with your betting once you increase your knowledge of the game.

Moneyline Betting Market

The best bet for beginners is always going to be the Moneyline option as this is where you get to choose a winner between two lacrosse teams. The Moneyline Win betting market is as simple as it comes and you either pick the favourite or the underdog, which is determined by the plus and minus signs. The favourite team is indicated by the minus sign and the underdog has the plus sign. 

An example of this would be as follows:

This would mean you need to stake $150 to win $100 on Toronto Rock winning, and then a $75 stake would be required to win $100 on Vancouver Warriors winning. The Moneyline Win betting market is a useful way to allow punters to easily bet on either of the teams.

Spread Bet

You will find that some Moneyline markets are so one sided that it often seems like betting is not even worth the potential return. The favourites are backed with really short odds and the probability that the underdogs will somehow beat the team is not worth backing either, this ends up with a fixture that is simply not worth betting on.

The bookmaker’s solution to this problem is to bring in the spread market, otherwise known as handicapping a team before the game starts. Handicapping an underdog by starting the game with a couple of goals on the scoreboard, hypothetically, makes the event a lot more worthwhile in a betting sense.

Here is how a typical lacrosse spread market might look:

If you decide to back Canada to win from this example, the margin of the Canadian win must be by at least three goals. If Canada only win by one or two goals then the USA is declared the winner, and you will lose the bet.

The spread handicap can be smaller, or it can higher, and it all depends on the two teams in the match and how one-sided the game is considered to be.

Over/Under Total Goals

One of the other extremely popular betting markets for lacrosse is the over/under total goals, and this can be said for most other sports as well, whether it is goals or points. Betting on how many goals you think there will be during a full game of lacrosse can not only be an effective way of making a profit, but it also adds a lot more excitement if you end up watching the game as well. 

Below is a typical over/under total goals betting market for a lacrosse game:

The betting rules for this is very simple. If you go for the over 20.5 goals, then you need the total goals scored by both teams to be more then 20 to win the bet. If you bet on the under 20.5 goals tally, then you will be hoping that the teams score under 20 goals throughout the game for your bet to be a winner.

Advanced Bets

The betting options above will provide you with more than enough entertainment across many lacrosse games, but there is always a way to advance your betting strategy. We will not go into too much detail here, as we want you get to a good base for your betting first. 

But some examples of advanced lacrosse betting would be to bet on individual total goals for a specific team in match. If you think a team are looking to be on form and scoring freely, you can back them to score over X number of goals. Likewise, if you think a team is going to struggle then you could back them to score under a small amount of goals, which should bring you some impressive odds.

Some of the bigger bookmakers might even offer you individual player goal tallies and even total goals in specific quarters of the game. Lacrosse is not the most popular sport for online bookmakers in general, and so you might need to shop around a bit to find the right betting markets.

Lacrosse Tournaments

As we have already noted, Lacrosse is not a global phenomenon by any means, but it is played and followed passionately throughout North America and in other areas of the world.

For your reference, we have listed the most popular events and major leagues in the world of lacrosse:

Lacrosse - Betting Tips

Applying a Lacrosse betting strategy is essential if you want your betting to become profitable, and the same goes for any sports betting. We suggest that you use the tips underneath to help build up a solid base for your own Lacrosse betting strategy. 

Here are the top tips from our experts:

Know The Game

Betting on humans always comes with a level of risk and as they are not machines that can go on forever, you need to factor in injuries, underperformance, physical tiredness from overplaying, and emotional factors also come into play during the bigger matches. The top levels of lacrosse tend to offer more consistency though and the top teams are likely to win a lot of their games. Get yourself familiar with the players and their teams, and their overall performance levels to get a good understanding of the sport.

Stats & Key Details

An advanced knowledge of lacrosse teams and players is going to be a fundamental part of your betting plan. A quick glance at the odds will give you a good idea on who the favourite and underdogs are. These low and high odds give punters the chance to bet on both sides and it gives the bookmaker a chance to balance out their books. However, your own research is important, and you should not blindly follow odds posted by the bookmaker.

You can find mistakes out there where the odds do not reflect the current performance of teams, and this is where you can find that all-important betting value. If you know a star player is going to be back in the lineup, or there has been a last-minute issue at the club, these types of things can affect a team’s performance going into a game.

Bet On The Top Leagues

If you are new to betting on lacrosse then we would always advise on betting on the major leagues and tournaments only. You can rely more on the top players and teams to play as you would expect without many of the mistakes and issues that can come with younger teams and in the lower levels of the sport.

Three Best Bookmakers for Lacrosse in Canada


Bet365 offers it all when it comes to online sports betting and that is why they are considered the biggest in the world. You can find the latest lacrosse events in the betting markets here, and along with their regular bonus offers you can get stuck in with a boosted bankroll. Along with a simple site navigation and in-depth betting options, you will always find something to bet on if you sign up to Bet365. It is number one for a very good reason!


Betsson has a long history of betting and so they are in a great position to offer you the sports that matter, and the betting experience that you want. The beauty of the Betsson sportsbook is that it is open to so many players from multiple countries in many different languages. It is a global betting option and with that brings a multitude of betting markets that includes all the popular sports and the growing areas of sports like lacrosse, too.


Unibet is home to a huge sportsbook that not only allows you to play in Canadian dollars, but you can also freely switch between Moneyline/American, fractional, and decimal odds at the click of a button. Many punters head to Unibet due to their in-depth betting markets that follow practically every sport played across the globe. If its variety that you want, then Unibet delivers that within a player-friendly website that offers plenty of bonuses to help you along as well.

Lacrosse Betting Canada FAQ

Why should I bet on Lacrosse? 

Lacrosse is a hugely popular sport across North America and so there is a lot of betting markets open to the sport, as well as plenty of information and statistics on the game to help you make the right betting decision.

Can I bet on in-play lacrosse markets?

The in-play markets will not be as detailed as your NHL and NFL in-play markets, but there will be opportunities for you at the right bookmaker. This is why it is so important to sign up to the right betting site that offers the sports that you want to bet on.

Can I use bonuses to bet on lacrosse?

Yes, it is likely that you will be able to use your bonus money to make lacrosse bets. But we do suggest that you always check the terms and conditions of the bonus offer to make sure that you can bet on sports like lacrosse. The bonus rules are usually linked to the odds and bets must have odds of over 1.20 or 1.50, for example.