Formula 1 Betting

Formula 1 (or F1 for short) is the most popular racing motor series in the world. It sees the best drivers on the planet travel across the globe racing at breakneck speeds for the opportunity to be crowned World Champion. As an action-packed sport full of glitz and glamour, it is extremely popular with sports betting fans with a whole range of intriguing markets to bet on. So, read on to discover more about F1 betting with our expert guide.

Popular Formula 1 Markets

When it comes to betting on Formula 1 there are primarily three different markets that are most popular with bettors. We are going to touch on these but also look at other options that you should consider in your F1 betting strategy.

Outright Betting

As is the case in many sports, outright betting is incredibly popular with Formula 1 betting fans. In outright betting you are placing a bet on who you think will win a specific race, or Grand Prix as it is commonly known.  Each driver will be given their own individual odds which represent their likelihood of winning the race. These odds will take into account a wide range of variables that can impact the result of a race. For example, does the driver represent one of the fastest teams?

In F1 there is usually a group of two or three teams that are considerably faster than their counterparts. These teams can change over time. Ferrari has a huge pedigree in Formula 1 and has enjoyed countless successes over the years, but it has also suffered periods away from the podium. The same can be said for McLaren. In more recent times, teams like Mercedes and Red Bull have broken through and made a huge impact in the sport. Take a look at current driver standings and constructor standings to get some insight into who the leading drivers and cars are.

Once you have decided who you want to place your bet on. You simply choose the market, enter how much stake you want to place on that result, and you will be presented with your possible winnings. If your driver wins the race, the winnings are yours.

In F1 betting you don’t just have to place your outright bet on who will win the race. You can also bet on finishing places for drivers. So, you can place a bet on who will finish on the podium (the top 3). Just like an outright winning bet, you select the driver you think will finish in the top 3, enter your stake, and whether they finish 1st, 2nd, or 3rd, your bet will pay out.

As an example, you may see something like Charles LeClerc as 12/1 to win the specific race, but he is 5/2 to finish on the podium. In this case, betting on a podium, although less profitable, is clearly a safer bet than betting on him to win the race.

Long-Term F1 Betting

As well as betting on individual races, you can place season-long bets on who the Championship winning driver will be or who he will race for. It works in almost exactly the same way that outright betting works. However, instead of looking into the individual race, you have to look further afield and find the consistency needed to become a Champion.

The odds of a Championship winner can fluctuate drastically throughout a season, so it is essential that you time your bets right. As the season progresses and drivers accumulate points, it will become more obvious who may take the crown. Those who start the season well will see their odds fall, while those who make slow starts will have increased odds. 

Before the season you often get the best value odds as the in-form teams remain somewhat unclear. That being said, there is plenty of opportunities for teams to improve their setups throughout the season. So, a team or driver who was a slow starter may begin to establish themselves in the middle and latter stages of the season. There is plenty of potential to make serious profits here if you do your research correctly.

Live Betting

The last of the three extremely popular markets for F1 betting comes in the shape of live betting. There are countless markets you can bet on in the live betting markets that ensure you stay a part of the action right until the chequered flag. Quick thinking and prompt decision-making are essential with live betting as you want to make the most of the odds available to you. Races are volatile and a safety car or bad pit stop can change the outcome of a race in a split second. Taking advantage of these moments requires instant decisions with little to no deliberation.

Listen to the commentary team and study previous strategic decisions to gain inside information. You can then use this information in your betting strategy to place in-play bets that may seem unlikely at that given moment, but a pit stop or race change may drastically increase its chances of happening. In these instances, you can make big profits if you correctly predict the key decisions.

Qualifying Bets

Many of the bets placed on Formula 1 are for race day, but the qualifying stages play a crucial part in the race weekend as well. You can bet on who will be on pole position throughout the Saturday session and this can have a huge impact on the race result, especially at circuits like Monaco. There are also opportunities for you to bet on a pole and race win double, as well as additional prop bets that all add to your betting experience and potential profit line.

Popular Formula 1 Races

The Formula 1 calendar is ever-evolving with tracks being adopted in new territories every year to expand the reach of F1’s global audience. These new tracks throw up new challenges as each country wants to host the most exciting race on the calendar. Although nothing in F1 is ever certain, the traditional season takes place between late March and late November. 

To cater to the new circuits as well as maintaining the historical races, the calendar is being stretched further and further. So, let’s take a closer look at some of the most popular Formula 1 races and you can add them to your betting calendar.

Circuit de Monaco, Monaco

Monaco is the one track that really needs no introduction. It’s the glitz and glamour of Formula 1. The one race that fans from across the globe want to attend as the powerful machines manoeuvre their way around the close-knit streets. Sadly, it has become somewhat of a procession. The streets are too narrow and straights too short to promote overtaking so taking pole in qualifying here is essential. Despite what can be fairly average races, the history and prestige of Monaco helps to set it apart from any other circuit.

Monza, Italy

Since the start of the F1 World Championship era, no track has held more Grand Prixes than Monza. The track was brought to life back in 1922 and this has seen chicanes and bends added to its design since then. Yet it still remains the fastest circuit in the calendar with an average speed of more than 164mph.

Silverstone, Great Britain

Silverstone has played host to a Formula 1 race on more than 50 occasions and it’s one of the iconic venues for motor racing fans across the world. The incredible driving ability needed to be a winner around Silverstone cannot be overstated. It’s a track that has lasted the test of time with its original shape being almost identical to its modern-day version. A few twists and turns may have been added, mostly in the name of safety, but its traditional shape remains perfectly intact.

Spa-Francorchamps, Belgium

There are few race tracks that can boast the level of excitement and drama that Spa brings to the F1 calendar. It has seen several changes to the layout over the years with the current version being almost unrecognisable from its origins. Despite that, the track still boasts the same charm, character, and drama that it has always done. It’s another track with over 50 appearances in the F1 calendar that has taken in many thrills and spills along the way. With adverse weather conditions adding to the excitement, Spa is certainly a race that is built for the betting upset and one you should not miss.

Suzuka, Japan

Suzuka was built back in 1962 as a Honda test track but became an instant favourite in 1987 when it held its first Grand Prix. Since then, it has pretty much been a mainstay in the F1 calendar. Traditionally held towards the latter stages of the season, the circuit has seen countless drivers seal their Championship at the circuit. It’s a real driver’s track that punishes mistakes harshly and it can quickly highlight the difference between great and elite drivers.

Tips for Betting on Formula 1

Betting on Formula 1 can be both entertaining and profitable if you know what you are doing. Luckily, we are on hand to school you, and highlight some of the key things you should be looking out for before placing any money on the next race. With a bit of research and using these tips wisely, you can turn Sunday afternoon entertainment into a money-making machine. So, let’s look at some of the key features of Formula 1 betting.

Understanding Circuit History

Each and every Formula 1 track is different and designed with different driver skills in mind. In short, each circuit will suit each driver differently. Looking back at previous results on a specific circuit, or ones with similar traits, can give you a great foundation of knowledge. Some racers will prefer the tight hairpins and sweeping chicanes of Monaco, while others will prefer the flat-out pace of Monza. 

It is not just the drivers that you need to take into account though. Some teams set up their cars in a way that is suited to different tracks. They may use more downforce which helps them on winding circuits but hampers them on tracks where top speed is essential. Make sure you take the time to see how both drivers and teams have fared at specific tracks in the past.

Qualifying Times

Qualifying times don’t always give you the full picture of how a race can play out. Some cars and drivers are particularly quick over one lap but they can’t convert that into the final day race pace. However, it is the first real indication you get over who will be quick during the weekend. On certain tracks, especially street circuits like Monaco, being in pole position is key as almost always the winning driver comes from the front row of the grid. Be sure to use the information from Saturday’s session to help you bet on Sunday’s race.


Strategy plays a huge part in F1. What tyres drivers start with can make a big impact on the race. Take note that you have to start the race with the same tyres you use in qualifying, so pay attention to any drivers starting on a harder tyre nearer the front of the grid. This means they can go further into the race and might be able to work pit stops in their favour.

Weather Conditions

Weather conditions can play a huge part in F1. Timing your pit stops right to move onto a different weather tyre can be the difference between finishing 1st or out of the points altogether. Pay close attention to the local weather forecast for the race. Many of the European circuits are prone to wet spells and these can really throw a spanner in the works and open up the race to all drivers. Live betting in these instances is crucial.

Formula 1 Facts

Formula 1 Betting FAQ

Can you place bets live in F1?

Yes. There are plenty of markets available for live and in-play betting from outright to top podium finishes

Should I bet on the underdogs in F1?

Underdogs very rarely win F1 races, however, if rain is forecast then there can be great value in betting on the underdogs to place in the top three positions.

Where can I bet on Formula 1?

F1 is a hugely popular sport across the world and nearly every top sportsbook site will be offering comprehensive coverage of Formula 1 betting markets.