NASCAR Cup Series Betting

The NASCAR Cup Series is the leading race series for the National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (also known as NASCAR). NASCAR is one of the most popular sports series in North America and attracts some of the top drivers on the planet. The action-packed, frenetic pace of the races makes the NASCAR Cup Series extremely enjoyable to bet on and in this guide we are going to talk you through all you need to know to begin NASCAR Cup Series betting.

NASCAR Cup Series Popularity in Canada

Millions of people across North America tune in for the NASCAR races as its popularity continues to rise among Americans and Canadians. Despite the fact that all of the NASCAR Cup Series Races are held in the United States, its popularity here in Canada is still high and with most of the races held in Eastern and North Eastern states, it makes it much more accessible for Canadians to travel to. Whether they are watching in person or from the comfort of their sofa, one thing is for certain, Canadians like to place wagers on NASCAR Cup Series Events.

Canadians themselves don’t have too rich a history in the NASCAR Cup Series. Trevor Boys holds the record for the Canadian with the most NASCAR Cup Series starts with 102, while Don Biederman and Patrick Carpentier both have 42. Earl Ross remains the only Canadian to ever take a victory in a NASCAR Cup Series event, but with plenty of hot talent coming through the ranks, we are hoping for that to change.

Popular NASCAR Cup Series Bets

Race and Stage Win

Race and stage win bets are the simplest form of NASCAR Cup Series bet and are a perfect introduction into betting on the sport. The race win is simply which driver you think will win the overall race. Due to the large field of racers, it can be quite a profitable market. NASCAR races are split up into three stages and within each race you can also bet on who will come out on top of a particular stage.

Matchup Bets

Matchup bets allow you to bet on races within races. Online sportsbooks will offer you the chance to pick one of two (or up to four) drivers and wager on who will finish first in a personal head to head race. It doesn’t matter where in the field they finish, they can finish 39th and 40th, but you are betting simply on which of the two drivers will cross the line first.

Season Champion

As well as betting on each race or stage, you can also bet on the overall season champion, both before the season starts and while it is ongoing. The likelihood is, the earlier you make your call the more profitable your bet will become as driver form and team performance data is yet to be taken into account by the bookmakers.

Fastest Lap Bets

The fastest lap market allows you to place a bet on which driver you think will complete the quickest lap of the race throughout its duration. Where they finish on the field is irrelevant, it is simply based on who completed the fastest individual lap.

Additional Prop Bets

Many different sportsbooks will offer a range of additional prop bets for NASCAR Cup Series events. These can range from things such as ‘the number of caution flags shown’, ‘the driver to lead the most laps’ to the ‘number of cars finishing the race’ and much, much more, so keep your eyes peeled for exciting new bets to try your luck on.

Previous Champions of the NASCAR Cup Series

Winning the NASCAR Cup Series is the dream for many young (and not so young) drivers. Not only is it one of the most lucrative driving series in the world but it is also one of the most respected and by winning it you are etching your name in history. Three drivers share the honour of being the most decorated NASCAR Cup Series driver of all time as Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt and Richard Petty have all won the championship on seven occasions. Jeff Gordon sits behind them in fourth with four titles.

Tips for Betting on NASCAR Cup Series

Whether you are new to NASCAR betting or an experienced punter looking for some tips and strategies, you need not worry as we have got your back. Read on to discover all the major aspects of NASCAR Cup Series that you need to keep an eye out for.

1. Dig into the data

Data is key in motor racing and it certainly is in the NASCAR Cup Series. Many online websites and some sportsbooks will provide you with driver data that you can analyse and use to your advantage in your betting strategy. This data can come in various forms but one of the key things to look at is explained in our next tip.

2. Recent record at similar tracks

Different drivers prefer different types of tracks. Whether it is superspeedway, a short circuit, an intermediate or a road surface, each driver will have their own preference. Different circuits can vastly affect a driver’s performance so be sure to look into how each driver performs at specific types of racetracks and what their previous history at a particular track is.

3. It’s not just about the driver

It can be easy to give all the credit to a driver when things are going well, however, there is a team full of expert tacticians and technicians behind them that lead them to glory and, on the track, teammates can also guide a driver through a difficult period. Listen out for any key movements on the pitlane for crucial members of the team moving to other teams or retiring.

4. Pay attention for the entire race week

The lead up to the big race can be as important as the race itself. Practice and qualifying give you an early glimpse into who is on a hot streak, and who is not. However, it is not just on the track that you need to pay attention. Whether it is illness, injury or off-track problems, the news from the pit lane can reach social media quickly and all these variables can have a big impact on the end result. So, ensure you keep close tabs on social media and news outlets so you can get the latest stories as they break and place your wagers before the sportsbooks have had time to alter their odds.

5. Form is important:

As with so many sports, form is critical in NASCAR Cup Series racing so look back at which drivers are on a hot streak and which famous names are currently going through a slump. Hopefully, this will give you more of an accurate reflection on the pricings.

Best Bookmakers for NASCAR Cup Series Betting in Canada

Now we have an overview on NASCAR Cup Series betting, it is time to choose a sportsbook to place your bets with. There are countless betting sites available to you so it can be a daunting prospect, but always ensure the sportsbook you use boasts licenses from respectable authorities. We have given you a quick summary of some the top NASCAR betting sites available right now.

William Hill

William Hill has a wealth of history behind it, and it is one of the world’s leading sports betting sites and has offered motorsport and NASCAR markets for years. The experience and reputation allow them to offer extremely competitive pricing to its huge community of punters. It also offers a generous welcome bonus and event specific bonuses, so they are always worth checking out when the NASCAR Cup Series is on your betting radar.

Mr Green

Mr Green always put customers first. They offer first class support that is available 24/7 as well as a great range of promotions for you to utilize. They offer a comprehensive range of NASCAR Cup Series betting markets from their user-friendly platform. There is also the option of live betting and a cash out feature which is extremely appealing to NASCAR betting fans.


LeoVegas boasts betting licenses from some of the most respected governing bodies in the industry, so you can rest assured your hard-earned cash is safe and sound. They also offer first-class customer service as well as an abundance of innovative features such as cash out, bet builder and live streaming. Their odds are generously priced, and they offer a constant flow of fun promotions.

NASCAR Cup Series Betting FAQ

Is betting on the NASCAR Cup Series safe?

Yes. It is completely safe as long as you bet with a well-known, respectable site. If in any doubt, check over the betting sites mentioned in this article who are all perfectly safe and secure.

Can I bet on NASCAR Cup Series Races during the race?

Yes. Most leading online sports betting sites will offer a wide range of live betting markets on the NASCAR Cup Series, with some even offering live streaming so you can watch all the action unfold.

Can I use promotional bets on the NASCAR Cup Series?

Almost definitely. NASCAR Cup Series events are just like any other sporting event and it is highly likely that your betting bonus will be valid. We would always recommend checking the terms and conditions of your bet to be sure to avoid any disappointment.