Soccer Betting

Put simply, soccer betting is a fantastic way to add to the enjoyment of any match or tournament. There are few other sports that can offer such a wide range of markets on such a broad range of tournaments, making it one of the ultimate sports for betting. In this guide we will show you just how you can make the most of your soccer bets and we will throw in some of our expert tips and tricks along the way as well. 

Soccer is the most played and watched sport in the world with over 4 billion people across the globe actively participating and watching it. What started out as kicking rocks around centuries ago has developed into a dominant force that transcends world sport. The modern form of the game dates back to 1863 in England, where the modern sports of soccer and rugby went their different ways. Soccer has come a long way and it should come as no surprise that soccer betting surpasses all other sports betting when it comes to popularity and overall money staked. 

Why is soccer and soccer betting so popular in Canada?

Soccer is the most popular team sport played in Canada in terms of participation rate. According to FIFA’s Big Count survey back in 2006, more than 2.5 million Canadians played soccer, and that number would have gone from strength to strength over the years since. Canada boasts its own professional league - the Canadian Premier League - while the Vancouver White Caps, Toronto FC and Montreal Impact all compete in the globally recognised Major League Soccer (MLS). 

Canada qualified for the World Cup in 1986 having been crowned the CONCACAF Champions in 1985. Canada have also had several players play in top European leagues such as Tomasz Radzinski and Junior Hoilett, but current Bayern Munich star Alphonso Davies is set to propel the nation forward on the international stage.

Popular Soccer Bets

As previously mentioned, soccer is one of the most diverse sports for betting. There are a huge number of markets for you to bet on whether before a match has kicked off or in-play. In this guide we will look to take you through some of the more popular soccer bets so you can familiarize yourselves with them.

Match/Tournament Winner

Match and tournament winners are the easiest entry bets into any sport. It’s as simple as picking out which of the two teams you expect to win a particular match or tournament. Certain league and cup games can have very heavy favourites and soccer is prone to upsets, so if you can call the correct shock result there is plenty of money to be won.

First/Next Goalscorer

Either before a match or in-play (if the first goal hasn’t already been scored) you can bet on the first goal scorer within a match. After that you can also bet on the next goalscorer or even bet on no further goals being scored. These markets can provide great odds and chances to make substantial profit. Forwards will usually be placed at shorter odds than midfielders or defenders as they are more likely to score, but calling the correct first or next goalscorer is sure to land you with high profits.

Correct Score

Correct score betting is exactly what it says on the tin. Picking out the correct score is a fantastic way of making great profit. Soccer can be a cagey and nervous affair or it can be an expansive, free-flowing game that provides a bucket load of goals. Doing your research into the types of teams playing, whether they are attack-minded or more defensive can prove crucial when betting on the correct score markets.


Accumulators are hugely popular within soccer. An accumulator is when you have several different outcomes predicted all within one bet. It can be hard to predict due to the number of variables but can be extremely profitable if you predict it correctly. For example, if there were a round of MLS fixtures on and you put $1 on predicting the outcome of several of the games, if all the results matched your prediction you would win, and with each extra match you add to your accumulator, the more your overall return will multiply.

Popular Soccer Tournaments

As we have already previously touched upon, soccer is truly a global sport with professional leagues covering every corner of the world. There are leagues or cups being played near enough 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. In this guide we will point you in the direction of some of the biggest tournaments for you to keep an eye on to add to your betting calendar.

World Cup

The World Cup is the pinnacle of soccer. The tournament sees the 32 best national sides from across the globe come together to compete for the biggest prize in the sport - the Jules Rimet trophy. The World Cup is held every four years hosted by different nations from all corners of the globe. The tournament sees four groups of eight compete, with each side facing every team in their group with the top two then qualifying for the knockout stages. From the last 16, the winners progress to the quarter finals and then to the semis before the World Cup winner is decided in the final. Historically, Brazil have been the dominant force at World Cups.


The CONCACAF Gold Cup is the regionalized international tournament for those in North America, Central America, and the Caribbean. The tournament was started in 1963 and is held every other year with different hosts from the region for each tournament. The tournament features 16 teams from the area in four groups of four. Within each group, each team plays one another with the two highest finishing teams progressing to the knock-out quarter finals, before the semi-finals and then the final. Mexico currently hold the record for the most wins of the CONCACAF Gold Cup.


Major League Soccer (MLS) is one of the leading domestic leagues in Central and North America. It sees the best sides from Canada and the USA compete throughout a season for the chance to lift the MLS Cup. The season runs from February or March until October and are divided into two sides: The Eastern and Western conference. The Western Conference has 12 teams whilst the Eastern has 14 teams. Each team plays every other team in their own conference home and away, whilst they also play one game against ten of the remaining teams in the opposing conference. 

At the conclusion of the regular season the team with the highest points total is awarded the Supporters’ Shield and is granted the benefit of playing all of their playoff games at home. Fourteen teams then compete in the end of season playoffs with the overall winner being crowned the MLS Cup champions. LA Galaxy are the most decorated team in MLS history so far.

Champions League

The Champions League is Europe's premiere club tournament where all the biggest names from European soccer compete to be crowned European Champions. There are varying qualifying processes, but generally speaking it is the top 2-4 teams from nations like England, France, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, and Portugal as well as clubs from other nations. The tournament consists of 32 teams that are broken into eight groups of four, with each team playing the team in their group home and away. 

After the six group games, the top two teams progress into the knockout stages. The knockout stages see teams drawn together to play each other home and away, with the team winning on the aggregate score progressing. This follows suit all the way to the final, but the final is played over one leg at a neutral ground. Real Madrid boast over 10 Champions League wins already, making them the most decorated side in European soccer to date.

Premier League

The Premier League is the most watched club soccer league in the World. It is the top professional league in England and sees the top 20 club sides from the country compete to be crowned champions. The league format runs from August through to May and sees each team face one another twice; home and away. The bottom three teams get relegated to the Championship, while the top four teams get to compete in the following season’s Champions League. The Premier League was founded in 1992 and before that it was known as Division 1. Manchester United hold the record for most English league wins.

Soccer Betting Tips

Betting on soccer can be a fairly daunting prospect. It can seem an unpredictable and volatile game with endless outcomes. However, there are a range of ways in which you can greatly improve your chances of success and we are on hand to guide you with our soccer betting tips to help you maximize your profit.

1 - Research, research, research

As with most sports, research can be key to success when placing your bets. Knowledge is key and the more information you can take on board, the higher your chances are of making a profit. Whether it’s looking into an individual's recent form or a team’s recent results, looking at patterns can help you correctly predict an outcome. It might be that a player is on a great scoring run and has found the net in several matches in a row, so you fancy them as first goalscorer. Perhaps a team may not have conceded for multiple games, so you fancy them to win without conceding. Using the data available to you is crucial for your decision making. Of course, anomalies do happen, but as a general rule the data is there to help.

The same can be said when it comes to injuries. A player may be returning from a long-term injury and it may take him many weeks to get up to speed, so although he is previously a renowned goal scorer, it may pay to wait a few weeks for him to get up to speed before placing your bet on him.

2 - Bet on what you know

In line with what we have just said, it’s always best to bet on what you know. If you are an avid MLS fan, or you support a Premier League team and follow it closely, it pays to bet on the league and teams that you know. Betting on the unknown is dangerous. It might be a team playing away at a lesser team, however, that team has a formidable home record, or it could be the team that you are betting on are missing several key players. If you don’t know what you are betting on, you may miss key variables that affect the likelihood of your bet coming in.

3 - Check the line-ups

One of the biggest mistakes in soccer betting is punters getting impatient and placing their bets before the team line-ups are announced, especially when it comes to cup games. Some of the biggest managerial names in the modern game, such as Pep Guardiola, favour a rotational policy where they use all the players available to him to maintain squad freshness. When it comes to cup games this can mean huge numbers of changes which means the team cohesion is not what it should be, and although they may be heavy favourites with the bookmakers, it might be the perfect time for an organised and well-drilled underdog to step up and take the victory. Alternatively, it could be you have bet on a first goalscorer who hasn’t even made the bench and your bet is now redundant. It always pays to wait until the line-ups are announced before placing your bets.

4 - Have patience in your strategy

As is the case with all sports, you are not going to win every bet. Sometimes the best tactic is to be patient and stick with your betting strategy. It might be that you have bet on a frequent goalscorer for a few games in a row who has not found the back of the net, eventually they will come good and your bet will pay off. If you’ve done the research and you have a strategy, stick with it, because more often than not, eventually it will pay off.

5 - Don’t get too greedy

One of the most common mistakes in soccer betting is adding too many teams to your accumulator. You find four or five teams that you fancy to win so you add them all to your bet, and then all of a sudden you see a favourite at good odds and you decide to add it to your accumulator to boost your potential winnings. The amount of times this extra team will not win and cost you your accumulator is frighteningly high, so make sure you don’t get too greedy and keep your accumulator within the realms of a realistic chance of success.

6 - Choosing the right bookmaker

Opting for the right bookmaker is paramount to any betting strategy. In the next section we look at some of the key things to look out for when choosing who to place your next bets with.

Best Sites for Soccer Betting in Canada

Finding the right bookmaker to place your soccer bets with is crucial to your overall strategy. You want to ensure that the bookmaker is safe and secure, provides value for money, and also has coverage of all the major tournaments that you wish to bet on. Below, we’ll take a look at some of the best companies for you to look at when placing your soccer bets.

Betway Sports

Betway provides the safest and most secure environment to bet in, with all the latest security software. There is a huge range of soccer betting markets for you to utilize whilst they also offer in-play betting on most top soccer matches. Another positive aspect of Betway is their providing of easy-access and friendly customer support to provide assistance, should you ever need to reach out for help. Lastly, there is always a range of great value sign-up offers so you can maximize your early profit.

888 Sport

888 Sport boasts an impeccable security record so you can have peace of mind. They accept a wide range of deposit methods including Neteller and Skrill among many others. 888 Sport provide great value odds on top of a wide range of great value promotions including sign-up bonuses and money back offers.


LeoVegas delivers a personalized betting experience and an excellent mobile app to aid you with your betting. Customer support is fast, friendly, and effective with live-chat, email and phone options all available. They also provide great value odds on top of their exemplary sign-up bonuses, free bets and loyalty offers.

Soccer Betting FAQ

Can I bet on soccer in-play?

Yes! Most high-profile bookmakers will provide you with the opportunity to bet on soccer live and in-play, often with hundreds of markets to choose from covering every aspect of the game.

Can I use promotional offers on soccer games?

In short, yes! Most promotional offers can be utilized across soccer markets but it’s always worth checking the terms and conditions on your promotion to understand the specifics. Soccer is one of the top sports, so bookmakers often use soccer bonuses to entice you in.

Can I cash out on soccer bets?

It depends. Some bookmakers will offer cashouts on specific markets, some will offer cashouts on nearly all markets while some bookmakers won’t offer any cashouts at all. Check your bookmakers cash out policy before betting to avoid any disappointment.