Table Tennis Betting

Online sportsbooks are constantly looking for new, fun events to add to their catalogue of betting markets and table tennis is one that is on the rise. While table tennis may not have the betting pedigree of football, ice hockey or soccer, it can provide you with a great opportunity to make substantial profit if you know where to look and what to bet on. As always, knowledge is key. Read on to find out more about table tennis betting and to discover our top tips and strategies.

Table Tennis in Canada

Table Tennis Canada, the official governing body for the sport in the country, has over 9,000 members and organises events throughout the country, with its headquarters in Ottawa. Many more Canadians play table tennis socially but the country has seen some elite level players with Geng Lijuan and Wenguan Johnny Huang having featured in the top 10 of the world rankings and Lingjuan winning four World Championship titles. Although table tennis betting isn’t widely popular in the country, many sportsbooks have begun offering markets which will undoubtedly see an increase in interest over the coming years.

Popular Table Tennis Bets

Although table tennis betting is still in its early stages, there are a range of fun and unique betting markets for you to enjoy. In this article we are going to look at some of the more popular markets that you should utilize in your overall strategy.

Outright Winner

The most basic of bets, but also the easiest one to get potential punters into table tennis betting. You simply choose who you think will be the successor in a match, and if your chosen player wins, you have a winning bet!


Table tennis is another sport that makes good use of the over/under markets. You can use over/under to predict the number of points that will be scored in the game and also the number of sets the game will see before a winner is decided. Assessing how competitive a game is can be crucial to being successful in the over/under market. You don’t want to bet ‘Over’ a certain number of points for a huge favourite to then go on to win effortlessly with no fight or winning sets from the opponent.

Tournament Futures

Tournament future bets can be difficult to win but they are also hugely profitable thanks to the attractive odds. Tournament futures work very similarly to outright winners, you simply have to select who you think will come out victorious in an upcoming tournament.

Live Betting

Table tennis games can ebb and flow and provide a great opportunity to make some handy profit off capitalizing on a comeback. Live and in-play betting allows you to do just that as you can place bets as the action plays out in front of you. A range of markets will be available in-play from most of the leading online sportsbooks.

Popular Table Tennis Tournaments

Table tennis is played in all four corners of the world and so there are constant tournaments being played that you can place bets on all throughout the year and at any time of the day. For the purpose of this guide, we are going to look at only the biggest tournaments and so these are the ones that you should be adding to your betting calendar.

Olympic Games

The Olympic Games – the ultimate in a table tennis player’s career. The games see players from every corner of the world come together to compete for the dream prize – an Olympic gold medal. Men and women’s table tennis has featured at the Games every year since 1988 and it has evolved into a team event since 2008. China has completely dominated the tournament by winning the majority of the 30+ Gold medals that have been available to win.

World Championships

Sitting only slightly behind the Olympic Games for table tennis players is the World Championships. They are held every other year, so they occur twice as regularly as the Olympics and feature the very best in the men’s, women’s and doubles games. Although China have seen a vast amount of success in the World Championships, it is considerably more competitive than the Olympics with European countries, Japan and USA all having tasted success in the past.

ITTF World Tour

The International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) hosts an annual table tennis World Tour and has done so since its inception in 1996. The tour is split into seven different sections: Men’s singles, Women’s singles, Men’s Doubles, Women’s Doubles, Mixed Doubles, Men’s u21 singles, and finally women’s u21 singles. The tournament offers world ranking points for each of the events held. At the conclusion of the tour the top 15 ranked men and women, the top seven doubles pairings and the top eight under 21s all qualify for the World Tour Grand Finals, along with a wild card from the host country. Excluding the first round for the double’s pairings, all the matches at the tournament are best of seven sets and are settled in a knockout format with the winner being decided in the final.

World Cup & World Team Cup

The Table Tennis World Cup was introduced in 1980 and has been held in October each year since. The tournament sees the current holder of the World Cup play the World Champion, as well as the winners of the six continental tournaments, one player from the host nation, the top eight players in the world rankings, and two wildcards also play each other in a round robin format. There are four groups of four with the top two progressing to the quarter finals. The team tournament sees eight teams start in a knockout style format.

Tips for betting on Table Tennis

Now you are more familiar with the rules, betting options, and the popular table tennis tournaments, you are almost ready to start betting. However, the most important lesson is still to come. It is time to learn about what we should be paying attention to while betting on table tennis. The following strategy and tips will give you the foundations to make a success out of table tennis betting, but remember it is up to you to put these to good use.

Ranking isn’t everything

Okay, so ranking can of course be important, but it isn’t everything. It can be more beneficial to check ranking movements than the static rankings themselves. If a player is on the rise then they may well be worth backing, while a player high up who is drifting down the rankings may be coming to the end of their career having already lost that competitive spark that is required to win.

Current form and fitness is as important

As it is with so many other sports, form is critical in table tennis. Confidence adds a new level to your game and often lesser ranked players who are on a great run of form will outperform their higher ranked opponents at tournaments. Pay close attention to both form and player injuries. Even in sports like table tennis, agility is key and an injury or slight ache can really hinder the overall performance.

The importance of the tournament you are betting on

Generally speaking, across most sports, the big events throw out the least number of surprises. This is largely because all the best players are there and they have been preparing for that exact moment. This is no different in table tennis. The lesser tournaments can see quality players take their eye off the prize which will allow an underdog to come through and claim victory. If you are looking for an outsider victory then focus on the smaller tournaments rather than the majors.

In-game factors

Playing styles have a huge impact in table tennis. Many players will struggle against a left-handed opponent for example. The history books are full of examples where a dominant player just can’t get to grips with the difference in style. It isn’t just lefties though. Table tennis has a range of different grips and swing patterns that make it difficult for some opponents to play against. Europeans and Asians tend to hold their racquets completely differently, and these grips can lead to more or less spin which can throw an opponent off. Before placing your bets, try and analyse the players’ playing style and see if they have had recent success or failures against similar style players.

Off-court issues

Unfortunately, table tennis stars aren’t all that famous and any scandals don’t really make the mainstream media. However, thanks to social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook, you can follow the sport closer than ever before and keep up to date with the players lives and any misdemeanours or status changes that may affect their performances. As an individual sport, psychology plays a huge part in table tennis and if you can get find any off-court distractions for a particular player, you may be able to use this in your table tennis betting strategy.

Match Winner is better than Set Winner

One of the biggest mistakes that table tennis betting newcomers have is that they will immediately back a player to win a match after he or she has won the first set. This behaviour then drives down the price and creates inaccurate pricing. The first set obviously can be a sign of things to come, but often this is more an introduction for both players to feel each other’s game plans out and it might not necessarily provide an insight into the rest of the match. Rather than focussing on the score of the first set, look for key aspects like how the players are dealing with one another’s serve, how many unforced errors a player makes, and what the scoring pattern is like. Don’t commit too early.

Keep a cool head

One of the most important things to remember when you are betting on any sport is that you need to keep a cool head. Don’t place bets when you are in a bad mood and also don’t go over the top from short-term success. Calm and logical is the mindset that you need when betting on table tennis, and that goes for any sport you bet on.

Best Bookmakers for Table Tennis Betting in Canada

Finding the right sportsbook for your bets can be an intimidating process, but luckily we are on hand to give you some guidance on some of the best Canadian bookmakers for table tennis betting. So, let’s take a look at them now.


Unibet provides a wealth of table tennis markets on all the major events as well as many others that are going on across the world throughout the year. They offer a generous welcome bonus to their Canadian customers and also allow you to live-stream many of the events, so not only can you bet in-play but you can also bet as it happens. Unibet also offers a great selection of data and statistics for you to utilize in your betting strategy.


LeoVegas offer a substantial number of table tennis markets on all the major international tournaments. They have a great welcome bonus for Canadian players and are also well known for their constant supply of promotions and great value odds. The site offers seamless navigation and a vibrant design, too. The banking options are versatile and the customer service is available as and when you should need them.


888sport provides a strong offering of table-tennis based betting markets on their easy-to-use online platform. They also offer an intuitive betting app that you can place your stakes on while out and about. The customer service options are helpful and available 24/7 to deal with all of your betting queries. There are also point-by-point live updates that you can follow so you can keep right up to speed throughout the match or tournament.

Table Tennis Betting FAQs

Why should I bet on table tennis?

Table tennis is still relatively unknown to sportsbooks so some of the odds are not fully reflective of the reality, and this is where you can find opportunities to make yourself a profit.

What markets are available for table tennis betting?

There is a huge range of markets that continue to grow for the sport. You will find all the popular sports betting markets such as handicap betting, over/under, futures and in-play markets, with a few more options for those who have a deeper understanding of the game.

Are there tips for table tennis betting?

Yes, in this guide we will cover all the tips and betting strategies that you need to know to be successful. Research and analysis are always key and take your time with your bets before you get more adventurous in the markets.