Tennis Betting

Tennis betting can seem a daunting prospect if you are unsure of the rules, aren’t aware of the popular tournaments or don’t know who the best players are, but it can also be extremely rewarding and profitable with the right insight. Luckily, here at Canada Bets we’re on hand to provide you with a thorough guide to tennis betting.

Tennis Popularity in Canada

Tennis Canada, the governing body for Tennis within the country, was formed in 1890 and has overseen the rapid growth of the sport. More than 6,500,000 Canadians are picking up a tennis racket in recent years, making it one of the most popular sports in the country. There is a rich history of tennis within the country and that doesn’t look like slowing down any time soon with some huge talents on the circuit in both the men’s and women’s games. 

In the men’s games, senior pro Milos Raonic had been joined by young stars Felix Auger-Aliassime and Denis Shapovalov in comfortably breaking the World Top 20. In the women’s game, Bianca Andreescu is taking the competition by storm having soared up to the Top 3 by the age of just 19. Whilst Canada is producing such hot talents, the popularity and the growth of tennis in the country is set to soar.

Popular Tennis Bets

Each and every sport has a different range of bet types. Some cross over from sport to sport but some are entirely unique to a sport. Here we are going to delve a little deeper and look at the typical bets you might look to place when betting on tennis.

Outright Betting

Outright betting is the most straight forward bet type and perfect for the newcomer. Simply choose who will be the outright winner of a specific event, and if you call it correctly you collect your winnings. The type of outright bet you can place can vary, so you can bet on the winner of a particular match or even a tournament. The longer you wait to place your bet on a tournament the shorter the odds will become, as the overall result becomes more apparent as the rounds progress.

Winning Margin

As well as being able to bet on the winner of a match, you can also bet on how much they will win by. These markets allow you to choose between betting on a set number of games the winner will be victorious by, or it could be a range of games (i.e. 2-3 games), with shorter odds on the latter.

Individual Totals

Individual total bets allow you to choose how many points you think a specific player will pick up through the duration of the match. It might be that someone is a particular strong server and you think they will collect a lot of points on their own serve, but are less strong returning to their opponent, so you will make calculations on how many points you think they will achieve throughout the game.

Correct Score

Correct score is a popular bet in a lot of sports, and unsurprisingly tennis is no different. The tennis scoring format allows for a mixture of correct score betting so you can bet on both sets and games. With such a huge range of potential score outcomes there is certainly a substantial amount of profit to be made when betting on the correct score markets.

Live & In-Play Betting

Nothing adds to the excitement and energy of watching live sport alongside live and in-play betting. Luckily, tennis is the perfect sport for in-play betting. There are plenty of natural pauses for you to rethink your strategy and get your bets placed, and with games sometimes stretching over several hours, there could well be twists and turns that lie ahead for you to profit from. In terms of the markets available in-play, it usually consists of those previously mentioned in this article or similar bets such as who will score the next point, or who will win the next game.

Popular Tennis Tournaments 

The tennis calendar is as packed as they come. There are elite tournaments across the world all year round in every corner of the world. Quite simply there are tournaments taking place nearly 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year, so there will always be markets for you to bet on. In this guide we are going to focus on the biggest events that all the superstars will compete in, so be sure to add them to your betting diary.


Tennis has four Grand Slam tournaments, which are the four major competitions, and none come any bigger than Wimbledon. Probably the most prestigious tournament on the calendar, Wimbledon dates back as far as 1877 and is held in London, United Kingdom over two weeks, usually at the end of June and running into July. The tournament is played completely on a grass court and is the major that is most vulnerable to the elements with the temperamental nature of the UK’s weather. Although centre court now has a retractable roof, rain delays are common and can assist in providing a few surprises as players lose focus. Martina Navratilova and Roger Federer are the two top winners for the women’s and men’s competitions.

French Open

Also commonly referred to as Roland Garros, the French Open is played annually during May and June in Paris. It’s the only one of the majors to be played on a clay court and is played as the concluding event to the clay season. It was first played back in 1891 and no one has quite dominated a clay court like Rafael Nadal who has won the illustrious tournament over 10 times already.

Australian Open

The Australian Open is the first Grand Slam event of the calendar year taking place through January in Melbourne Park, Australia. The event was played on grass until 1988, but since then has been played on hardcourt. It’s the most popular in terms of attendance of the four Grand Slam events with over 800,000 visitors during the fortnight. Australia is famed for its extreme weather, so it should come as no surprise the Australian Open was the first major tournament to be played indoors. Its three primary courts offering indoor play in extreme conditions such as rain or extreme heat. Novak Djokovic has been the one to beat at the Australian Open over recent years.

US Open

The US Open is the concluding major of the calendar year, taking place over two weeks and starting on the last Monday in August. Historically the tournament had been played on both clay and grass, but since 1978 it has been held on an acrylic hard court at Flushing Meadows in New York City. Three Americans, Richard Sears, William Larned, and Bill Tilden all hold impressive records at the US Open over the years.

Tips for Betting on Tennis

Tennis provides more markets and more variables than a lot of other sports. Making the right call to maximize your profit isn’t always easy and you will have to take risks, however, there are key aspects of the game that you should pay close attention to when placing your bets, and this guide is going to talk you through each of them right now.

Playing Surface

The first three variables to look out for are closely linked but we will start with stressing the importance of playing surfaces. It’s not a coincidence that Nadal has won multiple French Opens already, it's his favourite playing, it suits his style of play, and he is entirely dominant on clay. Certain players will favor one surface over another and although a player may be a ‘bigger’ name than their opponent, it could be their opponent is a specialist on that particular surface, so it’s worth doing your research into individual players and their records on each surface.

Playing styles

Going hand-in-hand with playing surfaces is playing styles. When matching up two opponents, it’s always worth taking into consideration the playing styles of the two opponents. Although one may be seeded or ranked higher, they may be weaker against a serve and volley player, and it just so happens that they are playing a 6-foot 7 player with immense power. Some styles are the antithesis of other styles. The more you watch and follow tennis, the easier this will be to pick up. However, it is certainly worth bearing in mind for all your bets and it brings us nicely on to our next point.


Head-to-head records are also well worth keeping tabs on. As mentioned in the last paragraph, playing styles can prove difficult for certain players and nothing will display this clearer than highlighting their head-to-head records. Once a pattern has emerged it becomes psychologically challenging to overcome that hurdle, and although one player may be ranked significantly higher than another, if the lesser ranked player has the better head-to-head it can prove a pivotal mental advantage. Linking in with tip one, it’s also worth looking more in depth at head-to-head on playing surfaces as this could be a critical factor in determining the result.


With the amount of tournaments that take place across the globe every year in singles, doubles, wheelchair, men’s or women’s, it’s impossible to keep track of every result, so it pays to pay close attention to one particular section of the sport that you know best and to specialize in it. Most significant tennis bettors specialize, whether it’s the men’s only game, the women’s game, just the Grand Slam events or whatever, they have a key betting calendar and they stick to it.

Similarly, it’s always worth only betting on the markets that you know and are comfortable with. Of course, that’s not to say you shouldn’t branch out and try something new every once in a while, but for your core betting you should specialize in the markets that you are most familiar with.

Bet with multiple bookmakers

Ensure you don’t just bet with the same one or two bookmakers every time. That’s not to say you need to open accounts with ten different bookmakers but by using a handful of different bookies you will open up opportunities to both bigger markets and better odds. Limiting yourself to just one or two can be detrimental to your overall strategy and make you lose sight of potential extra profit that can be won with slightly more favorable odds.

The Best Bookmakers for Tennis Betting in Canada

Choosing the right bookmaker to place your bets with is crucial to every betting strategy. Utilizing great value odds, promotions and offers can give you an extra advantage in maximizing your profits. It’s always worth assessing several bookmakers when placing your bets to give you a feel for the value in the odds and the different markets available. We’re going to briefly introduce you to some bookmakers who provide a great range of tennis markets and odds that you should consider.


Svenbet provides a safe and secure environment for you to bet on tennis. They accept a huge range of currencies and payment methods including Skrill, Neteller, PayPal, and Bitcoin, making them extremely versatile. There’s a huge range of tennis markets at highly competitive odds, with live streaming and cash out options available to bettors. They offer quick withdrawals so you can get your hands on your winnings and also 24/7 customer service via live chat, email, and phone.


10Bet delivers a seamless betting experience via desktop, tablet, and mobile phone. They offer in-play odds for you to join in with and a whole range of fantastic promotions to both new and existing punters. They cover a huge range of tennis events throughout the year and provide streaming as well as in-play cash outs should you wish to use them. 10Bet are renowned for their customer service too and they offer 24/7 assistance via phone, email and live chat.


Unibet provides a fantastic sportsbook and casino covering hundreds of live tennis events. They are renowned for their great value odds and rewarding promotions including loyalty bonuses, sign-up offers and even the ever-popular refer-a-friend incentives. They deliver an extensive range of tennis markets and Unibet should certainly be considered for your next tennis or sports flutter.

Tennis Betting FAQ

Can I live stream a tennis match I have bet on?

Yes. Before placing your bet though, it is worth checking the streaming options with each bookmaker, but many leading online bookies will provide a streaming service for you to enjoy especially when it comes to tennis betting.

Can I use my promotional offer on tennis betting?

More than likely, yes! It is always worth checking the terms and conditions, but most bookmakers will allow you to use promotional offers on tennis markets. Some sites even have specialised tennis bonuses to take advantage of.

How long will it take for the tennis winnings to be in my account?

It all depends on the bookmaker and their banking policies. Some are quicker than others, but most respectable betting companies will aim to have the money back in your account within 72 hours.