UFC, MMA & Boxing Betting

Boxing has been a widely popular combat for decades, especially among those who like to bet on sport. Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) on the other hand, is a slightly newer sport and is one of the fastest growing sports in the world. Millions across the globe are discovering their love for combat sports and the market for betting on boxing and MMA is expected to continue to grow.

UFC, MMA & Boxing Betting in Canada

Canada has a rich history in boxing and a new era of mixed martial artists has also seen Canadian’s rise to the top in the UFC and other elite organisations. The likes of Samuel Vargas and Adonis Stevenson have excelled over the last decade, as Canadians follow them every step of the way as they’ve picked up WBA and WBC World Titles. Over in the Octagon, fellow Canadian’s have also had a remarkable amount of success with dozens of fighters fighting on MMA’s biggest stage. However, none more so than arguably the greatest UFC fighter of all time, George St-Pierre (GSP). 

GSP put UFC on the map in Canada and its growing popularity has seen an influx of punters to the sport as they followed his every move. GSP retired as the reigning Welterweight Champion in 2013 having held the record for most wins in title bouts and the second longest title streak in UFC history, a staggering 2,204 days. More recently, Rory MacDonald has been flying the flag for Canada in Mixed Martial Arts. After a successful career in the UFC with several fights that will live long in the memory of all UFC fans, MacDonald has continued his career fighting in Bellator, the second biggest organization behind the UFC.

Popular Betting Markets for UFC, MMA & Boxing

There are a huge number of markets available for UFC, MMA, and boxing markets for bettors to utilize. In this guide we are going to take you through some of the more popular betting types to give you the foundations to get you started. It’s always worth ensuring you understand the nature of any bet before you place it.

Number of Rounds

Number of rounds applies to UFC, boxing, and all aspects of MMA. Each combat sport may have a different number of standard rounds, so it’s always worth confirming that before you place your bet. Standard UFC bouts are usually 3 x 5-minute rounds, championship matches are usually 5 x 5-minute rounds, whilst elite boxing matches usually consist of 2 x 12-minute rounds. When betting on the number of rounds you are simply betting on when you think the match will end. It could go the entire distance, or it could be stopped via knockout, submission, disqualification or injury, it’s up to you to decide at what point you think the contest will finish.

Winning Method

Winning method markets enable you to bet on the way a bout will finish. This is usually determined by either points or knockout in boxing, or knockout, submission or points in MMA and UFC. However, some events and bookmakers may also offer odds on disqualification. One thing to be careful of when betting on combat sports is the true terminology of a ‘knockout’. It has been known that a technical knockout (when the referee steps in to prevent a fighter receiving further damage before they miss a ten count) does not count the same as an actual knockout. Bookmakers will have to include this in their terms and conditions, so keep an eye out for it.

Round and Method

Round and method betting is an extension of both markets previously mentioned. Not only are you betting on the round the fight will finish in, but also the method of victory. This applies more to UFC and other MMA organizations as there are a variety of methods in which a match can finish, in boxing you can only choose between points (going the 12 rounds) or knockout. In UFC/MMA you can also bet on submissions. A bet may look something like ‘Rory MacDonald, Round 2 via submission’.

Biggest Events in UFC, MMA & Boxing

Mixed Martial Arts is such a broad and versatile sport that there are countless numbers of organizations hosting different competitions for elite fighters from every discipline all across the world. Switching from the octagon to the ring, the world of boxing is relatively straightforward. Although there are many federations from across the world, the four main sanctioning bodies are the: WBO, WBA, WBC, and IBF. We’re going to delve a little deeper into some of the most important factors in MMA and boxing events.


As we’ve just mentioned, the four main bodies within boxing are the World Boxing Organization (WBO), World Boxing Association (WBA), World Boxing Council (WBC) and the International Boxing Federation (IBF). Each federation has their own belts and champions, so a unified champion has to possess all four in a particular weight division. There are currently 17 different weight divisions across professional boxing ranging from mini-flyweight (105lbs) up to heavyweight (200lbs+).


The UFC is by far the biggest organization in the world for mixed martial arts with an estimated worth of over C$5 billion. The UFC has spread to every corner of the earth with the biggest names in MMA showcasing their skills to fans around the world. Founded back in 1993, the last two decades have seen an extraordinary rise thanks to superstars like George St-Pierre, Anderson Silva, Connor McGregor, and Ronda Rousey. The UFC male division has nine different weight classes ranging from strawweight at 52.5kg up to heavyweight which peaks at 120.2kgs. The women’s weight divisions are split into four different categories: strawweight, flyweight, bantamweight, and featherweight.

Despite being based in Las Vegas, Nevada, US, as we’ve previously mentioned, the UFC has held events in Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, New Zealand, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, UAE, and the USA in the last year alone.


Bellator is the second biggest organization in Mixed Martial Arts behind the UFC and features a huge range of well-known fighters including our very own Rory MacDonald. Compared to the UFC, Bellator is in its infancy having been founded in 2008 in Hollywood, California. Like the UFC, Bellator has exploited the global market, taking its events from North America to Europe and Asia, so fans from across the world can see their favorite fighters live in action. The women’s division sees fighters split into two weight categories: flyweights and featherweights, whilst the men’s classes stretch from bantamweight up to heavyweight.

Tips for Betting on UFC, MMA & Boxing

As with every other sport, the end goal for betting on boxing, MMA and the UFC is maximizing profits. Getting to grips with the rules and regulations of each discipline will give you an insight and understanding into the sports, but there are many key things to look out for and analyze before you go placing any bets. In this guide, we are going to discuss the key talking points that you need to be aware of.

Fighting Style

Whether it’s boxing or mixed martial arts, different fighting styles can prove pivotal in the outcome of a bout. Whether you’re an aggressive puncher throwing quick combinations or a defensive counter-puncher, different tactics are going to have to come into play when you step inside the ring or octagon. In mixed martial arts, the range of fighting styles is much more diverse. You may have specialists in wrestling, striking, submission, and a whole other range of skill sets to analyze before a fight.

Knowing each fighter's strengths and weaknesses from each discipline can give you the edge for your betting strategy. You may have one of the best strikers around who is on a fine run of form having fought other strikers, but they come up against a specialist in Jiu-Jitsu and they’re weak against takedowns. This is one of the elements to look out for when looking to maximize profits as some bookmakers won’t fully factor this into their odds.


Although we’ve just dismissed form in some way, it cannot be dismissed all together. Confidence breeds success and never more so than in the octagon or the ring. A win crushes any doubts a fighter may have about their own ability and they will feel unstoppable. It’s always worth assessing the vein of form a fighter is on before placing stakes on a fight.

Weight Cuts

Boxing and mixed martial arts are unique in terms of no other sport sees competitors have to undergo the gruelling process of a weight cut just days before competing. Some fighters will shed weight easier than others, whilst some will deliberately choose to cut more to ensure they’re heavier for fight night. It’s worth taking the time to research fighters’ ‘normal’ weight and how they tend to react to weight cuts as the effect on the body can last for several days afterwards, impacting their performance on the big night. 

As well as weight cuts, it’s also worth looking into a fighter’s previous injury record to see if any recent knocks or pulls may flare back up. Old wounds can reopen easily, and in submission holds, any joint weakness can be harshly exposed.

Watch Fights

This may seem abundantly obvious but watch fights to gain insight. Some people get too caught up in the statistics and end up thinking it is a science. Fighting is unpredictable by nature, but by watching fights for yourself, you will begin to grasp different elements and variables from specific fighters that will give you added insight into your betting strategy.

Best Bookmakers for UFC, MMA & Boxing

To ensure you find a safe and secure site to enjoy your MMA or boxing betting from, Canada Bets suggests choosing one of the respectable betting companies outlined below. Each of these bookmakers will allow you to bet using CAD and will also offer great value welcome promotions.


Unibet are one of the world’s leading online sports bookmakers, and as such have a wealth of knowledge that enables them to provide you with the best betting experience. From intuitive apps to make mobile betting simple, to a fluid and user-friendly desktop website, wherever you choose to bet with Unibet it will always be a seamless experience. You can expect event driven offers and live and in-play markets across many of the UFC, boxing, and MMA competitions.


Betway Sports are a global bookmaker that have developed a great reputation for first-class customer service. Their friendly staff are available 24/7 via live chat, phone, or email in case you require any assistance. As well as a focus on customer service, Betway also delivers great value odds as well as offers to new and existing customers. They accept a wider range of payment methods so whether you’re looking to deposit via Visa, MasterCard, Skrill, Neteller or many other methods, Betway has got you covered.


LeoVegas offer one of the widest ranges of boxing and MMA markets of all sportsbook companies. Not only that, they offer them at great value odds so you can maximize your potential profit. There’s seamless deposit and withdrawal with a range of payment solutions for you to utilize. There’s 24/7 customer care via phone, email, and live chat to answer any of your queries, while the range of bonuses and offers available are second to none.

UFC, MMA & Boxing Betting FAQs

Is boxing and MMA safe to bet on?

Mixed Martial Arts and boxing are regulated by the strictest governing bodies in sport. As long as you are betting with well-respected and reputable bookmakers, both sports should be perfectly safe to bet on.

Can I use offers or bonuses when betting on MMA and boxing?

Bookmakers will offer a wide range of offers and promotions to both new and existing customers. All of these promotions will come with their own terms and conditions, but the vast majority of these, unless specified otherwise, will be usable on Mixed Martial Arts and boxing markets.

Can I live stream the boxing or MMA event I have bet on?

A lot of leading online bookies will offer live streaming events that you have placed a stake on. Most will advertise this when browsing the site, so keep your eyes peeled for opportunities to watch the action live.