Volleyball Betting

Volleyball is a fast and frenetic game that is popular for both recreation and competitive sport. It’s played by men, women, and children alike, and its ease of access ensures its immense popularity. The lack of complex rules means that it is easy to pick up and all you need is a net, a ball, and some space. Despite its relaxed environment, there is certainly a serious side to volleyball. Elite-level athletes compete at the highest standard across the globe all year round, and so there is money to be made when it comes to volleyball betting.

Although many people may have played volleyball with friends or family on the beach or at school, there are probably aspects of the game that you are unsure about, or don’t fully understand. This guide is on hand to answer any lingering questions you may have and provide you with some insight as to how you could benefit from adding volleyball betting to your overall strategy.

Volleyball Betting in Canada

As it can be played entirely as an indoor sport, Canadians love playing volleyball. The Canadian Volleyball Association was founded in 1953, the same year that the country joined the Federation International de Volleyball, and it currently has over 80,000 members. As well as being a popular pastime for Canadian’s to enjoy playing, there is also a sizable number of locals who like to wager bets on volleyball. 

Although it is quite a niche market, volleyball betting has proved to be popular within the country and many of the large bookmakers provide substantial markets across all the leading events. Later in this guide we will take you through the bookmakers we recommend using to ensure your stakes are safe and secure but first, let’s look at the types of bets you can place on the game.

Volleyball Bet Types

The Olympic Games has assisted in projecting volleyball further into the spotlight. That four-week period illuminates sports like volleyball to the globe and increases both participation and general viewership. Volleyball is certainly entertaining enough to keep you engaged but you can add to the excitement by wagering bets whilst you watch. We’re going to take you through some of the most popular volleyball bet types, so you have a better understanding on what you are betting on.

Match Winner

Betting doesn’t come more straight forward than match winning bets. The bettor simply needs to pick out who they think will be the overall victor within a game and should you prove to be correct, the bet pays out. A draw is not an option in volleyball so there are only two possible outcomes. This means the odds available might not be the most attractive, but a well thought out and analysed approach can certainly help to build up your winnings.

Tournament Winner

Just like match winning bets, the clue is in the name with tournament winning bets. You choose who you think will be crowned the champions for the tournament and should you choose correctly, you take home the cash. The benefit to tournament winning markets is there is usually a significant number of teams entering, so the odds are much more profitable and therefore more favourable.

Handicap Betting

Handicap betting is widely popular and used across many sports as it’s a great way of making the most one-sided games entertaining from a betting perspective. The market works by adding a handicap to one of the two opponents to even up the tie. So, if Canada were heavy favorites to beat Australia, their overall odds to win the tie may be very low and you might consider it not worth betting on. If you create a handicap where a team starts the game on -2.5, it means that Canada will have to beat the Aussies by 3 sets to 0 for your bet to be successful.

Total Points

The total points market enables you to forecast how many points you think will be scored throughout the game. When betting on total points markets it’s always worth being slightly cautious as beach volleyball is ‘best of three’ sets while indoor is ‘best of five’. So, there is likely to be significantly more points in an indoor volleyball game than there is in a beach-based game. The minimum number of points that can be scored in an indoor volleyball game is 75. This is extremely unlikely though, as it means that one team has won all three sets 25-0. As a bit of inside information, the average number of points scored in an indoor match is around 135 or 136 points, so bookmakers will often price over/under markets at 135.5 points.

Correct Score

Correct score markets are a simple, straightforward market for you to utilize which can provide fantastic value odds.  All you need to do is outline what you think the score will be for a particular game, and if that score comes in your bet pays out. Leading bookmakers will also allow you to bet on this live and in-play, so the action never stops. It’s worth bearing in mind that the closer you are to the conclusion of a game, the shorter the odds will be as the end score will become clearer and clearer as the remaining minutes fade away.

Popular Volleyball Tournaments

Despite its undoubted popularity, watching volleyball on television or following coverage isn’t as straightforward as you might imagine. There are tournaments going on across the globe throughout the calendar year, but few are easily viewable. In this guide we’re going to give you all the details about the major events to look out for that will be watchable and as well as the ones that bookmakers will offer odds on.

FIVB World Championship

The biggest indoor event is the FIVB World Championship. There is a men’s event and women’s event and it takes place every four years. There are two different stages to the event; a preliminary round that sees the 24 teams split into four pools where they play each side once. The top four after these fixtures then proceed to the second round where they are split into four groups of four. The two top sides from these groups then qualify for the quarter finals and it is then a knockout tournament from then on in. Italy dominated the men’s event throughout the 1990s, with Brazil taking three titles throughout the 2000s. In the women’s event Russia, United States, and China are the dominant sides.

World Cup

The Volleyball World Cup sees the planet's top 12 sides come together to compete for the World Cup every four years in the year preceding the Olympic Games. The tournament is held in Japan, and Japan therefore qualify for each event as hosts. The competition features two pools of six. Each team plays everyone in their pool in the first leg, followed by everyone in the opposite pool in the second leg. The winner of the tournament is decided by the team who has gained the most points regardless of which pool they have started in. The teams that finish first and second automatically qualify for the following World Cup.

Beach Volleyball World Championship

The FIVB Beach Volleyball World Championships is the crowning tournament for world champions for both men and women within the sport. The event was first held in Brazil before it was officially recognised with the inaugural tournament taking place in 1997 in Los Angeles. The tournament has 48 teams for each gender and consists of group stages followed by knockout rounds.

The Olympic Games

The Olympic Games is the most viewed volleyball spectacle on the planet. The eyes of the world fall on both beach volleyball and indoor volleyball at every Olympic Games, which are held in different cities across the world every four years. Both the men’s and women’s events feature 12 of the best teams from across the world all vying to win an Olympic gold medal. Five teams qualify via being continental champions and the remaining seven spaces are filled by teams qualifying through specially organised events. The teams are split into two pools with the top four of each pool advancing into the knockout rounds which start at the quarter finals and progress through to the final.

Volleyball Betting Tips

Volleyball is somewhat disregarded by bookmakers, so it provides the perfect platform for you to make plenty of profit. Getting to grips with all the rules is fundamentally important, however, you can build on that foundation and progress it further by paying attention to specific key details when betting on volleyball. We’re now going to take a quick look into the variables that you should look out for before placing your next volleyball bet.

World Ranking

A team's World Ranking gives a good indication of how good a side they are. The ranking would have been built up over a sustained period of time through good performances, it will be no fluke that they are ranked where they are. Of course, a team that is ranked 1st in the World is likely to beat a team ranked 30th. The bookmaker’s odds will reflect that. World Ranking is an important factor to consider when planning your strategy as you don’t want to bet on a side that is really poorly ranked, however, it isn’t the be all and end all, as we will see.


As important, if not more important than World Ranking, is form. A team could be a newly assembled side with young and hungry players who are on a remarkable rise, winning many games in a row, but their World Ranking hasn’t yet caught up with them. On the other hand they may be playing a side that has been one of the best in recent years but age is catching up with them, they have injuries and have performed badly in recent months, but because of their historical performances their world ranking remains high. This is the perfect example of why form could be more important than World Ranking. Be sure to check out both sides' recent form before you make decisions on your next round of bets.


Weather conditions can play a huge part in a lot of sports, and this certainly rings true for volleyball. Indoor volleyball can be affected by weather aspects such as humidity, but it’s really beach volleyball that can be heavily impacted by the conditions. Olympic Games are usually held during the summer months and can be hosted by countries with extremely hot and humid conditions which will favor those who have experience and are acclimatised to those conditions. On the flip side, it could be wet or windy which could provide a more level playing field for both sides.

Best Bookmakers for Volleyball Betting

Choosing the right bookmaker is of paramount importance whether you are betting on volleyball or any other sport. Safety and security is of course number one priority, but ensuring you get good value odds and quality customer service are also crucial to ensuring the best possible profit, as well as the enjoyment of your experience. Here we will take a look at some of the leading bookmakers you should consider using in your volleyball betting strategy.

888 Sport

888 offers a range of markets on the major volleyball events. They also provide rich bonus offers for you to claim and maximize your profits. Whether you are a new or existing customer, they will provide incentives and promotions to ensure you won’t want to look anywhere else as your volleyball betting partner. They also offer a range of convenient features such as flexible deposit and withdrawal limits, as well as an extremely user-friendly mobile betting experience.


Betsson offers flexible depositing with a range of currencies as well as accepting online transfers from Skrill, PayPal, Neteller, and many more. They also provide speedy payouts so you can get your hands on your winnings quickly. Betsson continually delivers a range of great value betting markets on volleyball as well as a whole host of sports promotions for you to take advantage of.


10Bet offers 100% matches on initial deposits which will certainly act as an incentive if you haven’t already got an account with them. They provide a wide-ranging set of markets on the main volleyball events and often run promotional offers hand-in-hand with them. Their customer service is highly respected, and you can contact them via phone, live chat or email, whichever one suits you.

Volleyball Betting FAQ

Can I live stream volleyball?

Some of the leading bookmakers will provide high quality live streams of games you have bet on, so keep an eye out to see if the option is available for you to watch all the action unfold. Take note that some of them will require an active bet to watch the stream though.

Is my money safe and secure?

It is so important to make sure that the company you are using is a reputable company with the correct betting licensing in place. Unfortunately, gambling can attract people that are looking to scam you out of money. If you ever have any doubts, ensure you use one of the bookmakers listed within this guide.

How long will it take for my winnings to be back in my account?

Winnings should show in your betting account directly after the event has finished. If you are then looking to withdraw the money to your bank account, most leading bookmakers will guarantee this within 72 hours. It’s always worth checking each individual company withdrawal policy and remember that bonus money often includes withdrawal conditions.