Winter Sports Betting

Many sports are associated with the sun and heat of the summer, but there is also a wide range of sports more suited to winter conditions. This helps to ensure that you can bet on sports throughout all four seasons of the year. Winter sports betting is extremely popular with bettors across the globe due to the versatility of the sports available and the action-packed nature. We will now provide you with a comprehensive overview of winter betting so read on to learn more.

Popular Winter Sports Betting Markets

There is no better way of enjoying winter sports events than placing bets on some of the most major events around. The number of people participating in winter sports betting is increasing every year and this is always amplified whenever a Winter Olympics event occurs.

Due to the wide range of winter sports available to bet on, bettors will need to assess their options and make the right choice of bets on the sports most suited to their strategy. Quick thinking is essential with so many sports to choose from and such a short season to bet through. Let us now look at some of the markets you might find when betting on winter sports.

Outright Betting

As with pretty much every sport, outright betting is hugely popular across winter sports. Whether you are betting on Ice Hockey, Downhill Skiing, Curling, or any other winter sport, you will have outright betting markets that will allow you to choose who you think will win a specific event. The odds for these markets will vary drastically depending on the sport. If you are betting on an Ice-Hockey match, there are only two potential winners, and so the odds will reflect this. If you are betting on Figure Skating, there could be 30 or more participants, so the likelihood of each skater winning the event is much lower, and therefore the odds will be longer.


In almost all winter sports, you also have the opportunity to bet on futures markets. These are essentially like outright bets, but rather than betting on an immediate game or event. You are betting on an outcome that will occur in the future. For example, you may bet Canada will win Olympic Gold in Ice Hockey in the next Winter Olympics. Or you could bet that Jamaica will pick up a medal in the Bobsleigh at the next Olympics. Futures are available across almost all Winter Sports that allow you to place bets on outright markets.


As well as the usual outright and future markets, you can also utilize parlay or accumulator markets within your winter betting strategy. Parlays allow you to bet on multiple outcomes within one bet slip. For example, you could bet on the result of six different NHL games, and for your bet to come in, you will need all six results to be accurate. Of course, this makes betting significantly more challenging to predict, but you are rewarded with multipliers that drastically increase your odds depending on how many different results you predict.

Proposition Bets

Prop bets vary from sport to sport, so you will need to check your specific sport to get an understanding of what is available. Still, these proposition bets allow you to bet on the occurrence (or non-occurrence) of a particular event.

As we touched on, prop bets can vary a lot, but an ice hockey prop bet may look like one of the following:

They can also get slightly more niche such as:

There are no real limitations to prop bets, they are left up to the particular sportsbook to decide, and you can often request a bet with a bookmaker who will give you odds on a specific occurrence.

Popular Winter Sports Tournaments

Although some of the winter sports are still relatively under the radar, there are still plenty of events that you can add to your betting calendar to make the most of your winter sports betting strategy.


The NHL is the biggest winter sports league in the world and sees the top ice-hockey sides from the United States and Canada compete in a league format from October through to May. The regular season sees each side play 56 games through this period before a play-off period, with the eventual final being played for the Stanley Cup. Given the size and scale of the NHL, all reputable sportsbooks will offer a comprehensive selection of betting markets for all NHL games.

Winter Olympics

The Winter Olympics are held every four years and see countries compete in sports held on snow or ice. The first games were held in 1924, with the only break being for World War II. The Games are held in a different city or venue on each occasion. Understandably, those countries from a colder climate are preferred. The games feature many sports that include Alpine Skiing, Biathlon, Bobsleigh, Cross-Country Skiing, Curling, Figure Skating, Ice Hockey, Snowboarding, and much more. 

Some of these sports are readily available to bet on throughout the winter calendar, while others are unique to the Winter Olympics. There will be wide-ranging markets available for the international ice hockey competition, but some events like Nordic Combined may see just outright markets. This will often depend on the sportsbook in question, so have a look around to find a betting site that matches the markets you want to bet on.

Winter X Games

The Winter X Games are held annually and sees the world's best performers in extreme winter sports. Sports at the X Games include Ice Climbing, Skiboarding, Ultracross, Snowboard X, and many more. The Winter X Games were first introduced in 2002 and are primarily held in the United States in January or February. Unlike the Winter Olympics, participants in the Winter X Games represent themselves rather than their country. The X Games aren’t quite as popular as the Olympic Winters with bettors due to the niche nature of some of the sports. However, many top sportsbooks will still provide markets across the board.

Tips for Betting on Winter Sports

As with any other type of sport, there are plenty of tips and strategies that you can implement when betting on different winter sports. So, let’s take a look at how you can improve your chances of making a profit.

Research your sport inside out

Research is crucial in any sport but never more so than in winter sports. Sportsbooks often overlook winter sports because they don’t want to put the time and effort into gathering the information needed to reflect the accurate odds. This ensures there is plenty of room for those in the know to capitalize on this and make a tidy profit. The more you can research a particular sport or individual, the better informed you will be when making your bet. Keeping up to date with the latest news from leading websites and social media profiles can assist you in gaining winter sports expertise. Pay close attention to injury or illness news which may hamper a team or individual's performance. The overall form can play a considerable part in winter sports too, so pay close attention to the latest results from your chosen sport.

Bet on what you know

The likelihood for most bettors is that there will be plenty of winter sports unknown to them. While it can be exciting learning about a new sport, we would always suggest that you only bet on sports and teams/individuals that you know. This is to reduce the risk of losses on variables that you are unaware of. Stick to markets, sports, and teams that you know to maximize your chance of making a profit.

Winter Sports Facts

Winter Sports Betting - FAQ

Where can I bet on winter sports?

Most popular betting sites will offer comprehensive winter sports coverage, such as ice hockey and the Winter Olympics. More detailed sportsbooks will offer comprehensive coverage across all winter sports, so check the markets available at your preferred sportsbook.

Are there specific offers for Winter Sports?

Many sportsbooks will lead with specific promotions for events such as the Winter Olympics. Others will run continual offers for leagues like the NHL and other European ice hockey leagues. Always keep your eyes peeled for the latest offers available.

Can I win good profit betting on Winter Sports?

Yes, of course. Odds are always competitively priced for winter sports as they are keenly contested. However, sportsbooks often don’t pay as much attention to winter sports as others, so there is sometimes undervalued markets available. There is plenty of potential for those who have done their research to exploit these.