Curling Betting

Recent years have seen a meteoric rise in online sports viewing and this has opened up possibilities for passionate sports bettors. A whole new breed of sports are now available to watch with ease and this has produced opportunities for bettors to take advantage of these lesser known markets to maximize their profits. Curling is one such sport, and although it is relatively unknown, it has become more and more viewed in recent years. This increase in growth has also seen an increase in curling betting. 

Whilst there remains relatively few markets to bet on when it comes to curling, there is more than enough to entice and engage with a substantial audience. From moneyline and point spread to futures and parlays, in this guide we will provide you with all the information you need to get up to speed with curling, the popular bet types, who to bet with, and our expert advice on what to look out for when placing your curling bets.

Curling Betting in Canada

Curling Canada is the professional body that sanctions all curling events in Canada. The sport, although fairly niche, is popular across many countries where winter sports are prominent, and this is also true for Canada. Despite it not being one of the typical mainstream sports for betting, there is an expanding group of Canadian bettors who enjoy a bet on curling. The intelligent tactics, and the precision required make it almost chess-like, which too has a huge following as people watch on with intrigue. What better way to enhance the excitement than through placing a stake on a match? Especially, whilst you are watching it live!

Typical Curling Bets

As we mentioned earlier, although there aren’t the same amount of markets that you might find on football or baseball markets, there are plenty of enticing options for you to get your teeth into. As curling betting becomes more and more popular, the amount of markets will expand further with the increase in demand. Getting in early and gaining more insight into the sport could be hugely beneficial to your long-term betting strategy. 

Anyway, let’s take a look at some of the most popular bet types in curling.


Moneyline betting is usually the most popular bet in all sports and it’s certainly no different for curling. Bookmakers may not offer all betting markets on curling, but if they’re offering bets, they will definitely be offering moneyline bets. Moneyline is simple. You simply choose who you think will be the victor in a particular match, and if your prediction is correct the bet pays out. Curling doesn’t have draws, so you are left with a simple choice of one team or the other. Odds can vary depending on who is playing, but there is certainly the opportunity to make a tidy profit, and what’s more, you don’t need to know the game inside out to get involved, making it the perfect introductory market for first time curling bettors.

Point Spread / Handicap Betting

Point spread betting isn't necessarily focussed on who will win a particular match, but rather by how big a margin a team will win. A team will be given a number of points, either positive or negative as you place your bet. This basically acts as an artificial head start. For you to win your bet, your team will have to win/avoid defeat by the amount of points you have attached to them. Often point spread betting is best explained in an example, so, if you bet on Canada -3.5, Canada would have to win the game by 4 points or more for your bet to come in. Likewise, if you bet on Canada +3.5, they could lose the match but as long as they didn’t lose by more than 4 points, your bet would still be a winning bet. Point spread betting is great if there is a match that looks one sided as it acts as an evener between the teams.

Totals (Over/Under)

Totals betting, sometimes referred to as over/under, is also a simple market that can be both great fun and profitable. A bookmaker will provide a total points score, for example in Canada v United States, of 11.5. They will then offer odds on if the total score will feature more or less than 11.15 points scored. It’s up to you to back the score line that you think is more likely to come in.

Futures (e.g. Tournament Winner)

The premise of a futures bet is very much in the title. It’s a bet that allows you to predict the outcome of an event that is happening sometime in the future. The best example of this would be on a future competition such as the World Championships or the Olympics. You place your bet as the tournament starts, or even as it progresses, and as the event unfurls, you’ll find out if a series of results have come in that ensures your bet is a successful one. Futures betting often involves many possible outcomes across many different matches. For this reason, odds are usually favourable, meaning if you can call the right result then you stand to win a substantial amount of money.

Parlay Betting

Parlay betting, often referred to as an accumulator, is betting on a series of events that all have to come in for your bet to be a winner. You may be watching the World Championships and see the quarter final line-up and then fancy choosing the winner of all four matches. If you are successful then your parlay or accumulator comes in, if you incorrectly choose the winner in any one of those four matches, it loses. Due to the number of variables it’s an incredibly tough market to crack, but with the multipliers available it also pays extremely well.

Live and In-Play Betting

Live and in-play betting is the most exciting form of betting. You get to alter your strategy as you watch the game unfurl before your very eyes. Odds will continually change, and markets will open and close depending on what is going on during the match. Finding the perfect moment to place your bet and maximize your potential winnings is crucial to in-play betting. Experience pays and if there is a cash out option, it is always worth paying attention to.

Popular Curling Tournaments

As curling betting is very much in its infancy, there aren’t a huge range of tournaments which you can bet on. However, we are going to take you through the key events to keep an eye out for and add to your diary. You can use these within your betting strategy and then build upon it as you get more knowledgeable and when the number of events increase.

Winter Olympics

When people think of curling, undoubtedly, they think of the Winter Olympics. The games have helped to put the sport on the map, as it were. Held every four years the Winter Olympics are staged across the globe in the alternate ‘even’ years to the traditional Olympics. Curling was first introduced to the games in 1924 and had fluttering appearances over the decades before becoming a mainstay in 1998. There are events for men, women and a mixed doubles event which features both men and women. Canada has been incredibly successful in curling with both the men’s and women’s teams winning multiple golds and podium medals over the years.

World Curling Championships

The men’s World Curling Championships were introduced in 1959 before the women’s came 20 years later, and finally the mixed doubles were introduced in 2008. The tournament is held annually and is hosted by the World Curling Organisation. Here we see the top 13 teams in the world compete in a round robin format before the top six progress into a knockout format, with the top two automatically being given a bye to the semi-final. Canada boasts the record for most wins in both the men’s and women’s, as the teams continue to assert their dominance across the sport. 

On top of this, leading bookmakers will also offer odds on the European Championships which have been held annually since 1975.

Curling Betting Tips

You may now feel you have got to grips with the fundamentals of curling, which is great. However, the best bettors never stop advancing their knowledge on a sport, and there are many key things to look out for when betting on curling. We’re going to take you through some of the most pivotal aspects that you should keep an eye on.

Get to grips with curling before betting

One of the first places people go wrong with curling betting is they don’t fully grasp the rules. If you’re a seasoned curling fan, you probably don’t need to be told this, but many of you won’t be. Getting to grips with curling is crucial before you start betting on it. Watch a few matches and familiarize yourself with patterns of play and the rules before you start betting large stakes. As with every sport, there will be a quick learning curve and after a few matches you will get a feel for it and understand the rules and reasoning behind many of the tactical decisions.

Use the public's betting during popular tournaments like the Olympics

During the Olympics, many casual sports fans who don’t usually bet on sport, or especially on curling, will fancy their chances of becoming a big winner. This creates inflated markets as betting companies shift their odds in line with the betting pattern. If the general public are all betting on their nation, when their nation isn’t actually very good, their odds will become increasingly short and the team that might actually be more skilled become ‘underdogs’. This is the perfect opportunity to pounce and boost your returns.

Do your homework on the skippers

Every sport has a most important position and in curling it’s the role of the skipper. The skipper is the final thrower for each team and they call the tactical shots. Every skipper will have a different tactical approach and a different skill set. Paying attention to each skipper's strengths and weaknesses can be crucial in determining the outcome of a particular match.

In-Play betting with the Hammer

The final stone thrown in a curling match is commonly referred to as the hammer. It’s key to deciding the final outcome of the game and it only switches to the opposing team if they score points. The hammer essentially holds all the cards to a game of curling. In-play betting can give you the data to see who controls the hammer and the decisions that they have been making with it before betting, so you can then utilize this extra information in your betting strategy.

Best Sites for Betting on Curling

888 Sports

888 Sports provides a wide range of sports betting markets including curling. They offer extremely competitive odds on all the major events and even offer live streaming so you can watch all the action unfold before your eyes. As well as being a highly respected and fully licenced sports bookmaker, 888 Sports also deliver first-class 24/7 customer service, so should anything go wrong whilst you are betting on curling, you can reach out to a friendly, professional customer advisor.

William Hill

William Hill provides great value curling betting options as well as continually updated promotions and offers for you to exploit. They regularly offer free bets for new members, but whether you are a new or existing customer, there’s always a great bonus to make the most of. They accept a versatile range of payments including Canadian dollars and online payment options including Skrill and Neteller. There is also 24/7 customer support through phone, email, or live chat so you can pick the option that best suits you.


Betway are one of the world’s leading sports betting partners and it’s no surprise that they offer a seamless, intuitive betting experience whether on phone, tablet, or desktop. This makes finding the markets you want so much easier, and with a huge selection of sports markets including curling, you’ll save a lot of time placing the bets you want. They also offer 24/7 support and top bonus options for both new and existing customers. Their wealth of experience and knowhow of the betting market has enabled them to process faster withdrawals, so the money should be back in your account as quickly as possible.

Curling Betting FAQ

Can I use cash out on my curling bets?

It depends on the bookmaker you have placed your bet with. Some of the leading bookmakers will offer a cash out, while others won’t. We suggest that you check the terms and conditions of the particular bookmaker you are using before betting.

Can I stream the game I have bet on?

Some of the major online sports bookmakers will provide you with a streaming service so you can watch all the action. These are usually advertised clearly on the website so look out for the betting companies that currently provide this service.

Is my money safe and secure?

Make sure the company you use is fully licensed and registered with the correct authorities. Sadly, there are many people out in the world who pose as serious organizations when they are actually a scam. We fully recommend that you bet with the companies within our guide who are all well-known, licensed, and safe and secure online betting providers.