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Apple Pay has changed how the average consumer pays for things. What was once cash and debit card transactions is now available through innovative touch ID verification that makes settling transactions quicker than ever before. Being a bettor, you will want to make the most of your time, and having such a convenient and efficient payment option ensures that you can maximize the amount of time you put into your betting strategy. In this guide, we will take a further look into how you can use Apple Pay in your betting strategy.

Can you use Apple Pay for online betting in Canada?

Since its initial launch in 2014, Apple Pay has become increasingly popular across the globe, whether that is with everyday consumers shopping in town or via bettors depositing funds from their phones.  A bettor's ideal payment method is one that is simple, efficient, secure and reliable, and the best thing about Apple Pay is that it ticks all of those boxes. 

It’s available in your hand, with a two-step verification process and could not be simpler to use. This is why betting companies are increasingly adding it to their deposit method list. Betting sites across the globe have already established Apple Pay as a popular deposit method and this is now spreading across Canada. Currently, both 888 Sport and Bet365 support Apple Pay deposits, and with household names like these incorporating the payment system, it is only a matter of time before it becomes widespread in almost all online betting sites and sportsbooks.

What is Apple Pay and how does it work?

So, we know it’s a fast and secure payment method, but what exactly is Apple Pay?

Apple Pay is a mobile payment and digital wallet service offered by Apple that allows users to make payments, either in person or online, by using their iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. 

Apple Pay is simple to set up on your device. It essentially acts as a key to your bank account, with your fingerprint or face recognition acting as the PIN number and security authenticator. You will need an Apple device that supports either face recognition or fingerprint ID which comes on nearly every Apple product bought after 2016.

Apple’s take on instant access payments have revolutionized the payment industry. All you have to do is register your card to your device through the usual means of adding your card number, end date and CVV number. Then when you go to make a payment just verify the payment through the face or fingerprint recognition and you are on your way.

What bookmakers support Apple Pay?

So, Apple Pay has taken the retail and online shopping market by storm. The now widespread use is finding its way across the globe in several different markets, and the betting site is the most recent addition. Many sportsbooks across Europe accept Apple Pay deposits and this is trickling through to Canadian sportsbooks who are beginning to offer the service now as well. So, although the number of betting sites currently accepting Apple Pay is relatively low, this number is expected to rise rapidly over the coming years. 

Some of the betting sites currently accepting Apple Pay in Canada include:

888 Sport – 888 Sport supports Apple Pay payments across many different countries and that now includes Canada. There are no fees for using Apple Pay and the processing time is immediate. The minimum deposit for Apple Pay payments is $10 with a maximum limit of $3,000.

Bet365 – Processing times via Apple Pay at Bet365 are instant and their deposit limits will be set by the bank account you associate with your device, so check their terms and conditions to find out more.

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Are there any fees using Apple Pay on Canadian betting sites?

One of the greatest things about using Apple Pay is the financial freedom it gives you and the ease in which you can deposit funds into your betting account. Making payments into your betting account has never been easier, or as quick. For in-play bettors, Apple Pay deposits are a must as you can get the exact odds at the moment you want them. As well as being incredibly quick, Apple Pay is also free of charge for almost all betting sites and sportsbooks we have encountered. The service facilitates seamless and instant movement of funds between your bank account to your betting account at no extra cost, and for any bettor that is a huge positive that will be very hard to turn down.

How to use Apple Pay at an online bookmaker

One thing that every consumer values is a fast, efficient and seamless process. Apple has become one of the world’s biggest brands by taking this and combining it with stunning design. Apple Pay is engineered by the world’s leading tech organisation which means it has its users at the heart of everything they do. The very best technical minds have joined together to deliver a fast and simple solution when making payments from your mobile phone. 

This means you can leave the clumpy wallet at home, or if you’ve misplaced your purse somewhere in the house, an iPhone or Apple Watch is really all you need to make a payment in store or online. So, how can this be utilized in the real world by depositing funds into your sports betting account?

Well, to do so, you just need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Set up Apple Pay from your desired bank account to your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.
  2. Visit your favourite sportsbooks website.
  3. Check the deposit options and look out for the easily distinguishable Apple Pay symbol.
  4. Sign in or register and click the deposit section of the site, selecting Apple Pay.
  5. Choose your desired amount and then rest your finger on your iPhone’s touch ID which confirms your deposit.
  6. The funds are then pulled instantly from your bank account and into your betting account.

Security and safety with Apple Pay

Apple Pay is one of the safest and most secure methods of payment available. As we have already touched upon, this payment method is led by the security expertise of the world’s leading tech firm, and so it will come as no surprise that protection and safety is unrivalled.

Apple Pay itself uses two-factor authentication. If you were to pay via a debit or credit card, you would probably only need to enter the information on the card. This could mean that in the wrong hands you may be vulnerable to fraud, especially if you have your details saved on your browser. However, by using Apple Pay, they will ask you for verification through your phone or watch, so you get the safety and security of having to match both the password online and having the actual phone or watch to support the payment. As such, Apple Pay is only available to Apple phone or watch users and you have to have access to your device at the time of your deposit to validate the transaction.

Another great aspect of Apple Pay is that your transaction history is available for a very short period which is only a few days. This means that if someone gained access to your device, they would not have visibility of your historical transactions or any over a few days old, as they are then deleted forever.

Pros and Cons of Apple Pay

Finding the right payment method for your betting strategy is never easy. There is such a wealth of options available to bettors nowadays that you often don’t know where to start. Apple Pay has so many positives and very few negatives to speak of. The two biggest downfalls are that you are not able to use it if you are not an owner of an Apple product, and secondly, currently not that many sportsbooks accept Apple Pay. However, that is in the process of changing as many of the world's leading sportsbooks have now started accepting the deposit method.

There are countless advantages to using Apple Pay including its fast, seamless experience and instant processing times, its extremely high level of security and, of course, the familiarity aspect as so many bettors will already use Apple Pay in their everyday life.

Let’s take a close look at all the pros and cons of using Apple Pay while betting:


  • Offers the very highest level of security                          
  • Very low transaction fees                                                     
  • Long-term transaction history cannot be traced
  • Extremely fast and efficient    
  • Familiarity for millions who already use it


  • Only works on Apple products.
  • Few current betting sites accept Apple Pay


Apple Pay offers users a speedy, unified solution to making deposits with your favourite betting site or sportsbook. At the click of a button, you can transfer funds from your bank account into your betting account so you can get placing wagers instantly. It’s very safe and the vast majority of betting sites that accept the payment method charge no transaction fees.

Thanks to Apple Pay’s global success, it is already hugely popular with millions of consumers across the globe. The familiarity and trustworthiness of Apple Pay will make it a huge draw to many bettors in the coming years as it becomes more widespread.

Apple Pay Betting Canada FAQ

Are there transaction fees when using Apple Pay at sportsbooks?

No. While it is worth checking with the individual sportsbook, we are yet to encounter a sportsbook that charges for the use of Apple Pay when depositing funds.

Is Apple Pay secure for depositing on betting sites?

Yes, it couldn’t be more secure. Apple is the world's leading tech firm and its two-factor authentication makes it extremely difficult to break into or interfere with, which makes Apple Pay extremely safe.

Do Canadian betting sites accept Apple Pay?

Yes. Both 888 Sport and Bet365 accept Apple Pay for deposits with many more leading sportsbooks and online betting sites expected to follow. Look out for the Apple Pay logo to discover if your favourite sportsbook accepts it.

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