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For the modern day betting fan there is such a wide range of deposit options available. It is often difficult to work out which best suits your needs or to even find out more about the options available. EntroPay is a virtual credit card system that can replace the likes of Visa and MasterCard that often get declined for online betting systems. In this guide, we will take a closer look at EntroPay, how it works, the pros and cons, and where you can use it in Canada.

Can you use EntroPay for online betting in Canada?

There is no point weighing up a new deposit option if it is not available in the country that you place your bets in. Thankfully, EntroPay is available to Canadian bettors and so you can assess the pros and cons of using the system knowing full well that you are can actually use this deposit method. EntroPay came onto the market in 2003 and so many Canadian bettors may well be already familiar with how it works. However, despite boasting a long history, EntroPay still isn’t one of the most common methods of depositing funds at sportsbooks. Let’s take a closer look at how it works.

What is EntroPay and how does it work?

In our opinion, EntroPay is a vastly underrated method of depositing money. It’s fast, efficient, safe, and offers all the security you need when placing funds into your betting account. The EntroPay system acts as a virtual credit card that allows you to deposit funds as and when you need. It specializes in online betting and shopping so the system is engineered specially for this use. Founded in 2003, EntroPay has seen over $2 billion worth of transactions and over six million virtual credit cards produced.

The EntroPay system follows a prepaid voucher style format which means you can increase your balance from your Visa, MasterCard or chequing account so you always have the necessary funds to bet with. Funds are deposited instantly so there is no delay in getting access to your balance. Although withdrawing funds has a slight delay, so you would be best to anticipate a 1-2 working day wait should you be wanting to withdraw a winning bet. This is usually down to clearances from the banks rather than any delay that EntroPay enforces.

The fact that EntroPay is a prepaid method makes it really useful for monitoring and analysing your betting strategy. You can gain quick access to statements and reports that show how much you have deposited and withdrawn. It ensures that you are not incurring any interest fees for going over an agreed balance or into an overdraft and it also ensures you only bet what you can afford.

How to get started with EntroPay?

To start using EntroPay you will need to sign up for an account and provide personal details including a payment source such as a debit or credit card. Once you have set up your username and password and loaded your funds, you are ready to start depositing at betting sites. One of the biggest perks of using EntroPay is the fact that you can set up different virtual cards for different uses, so you can have one card for online shopping and another for online betting, ensuring no crossover or confusion when it comes to what you have spent.

You can usually make EntroPay payments anywhere that accepts VISA online. You simply just need to provide your virtual card number, expiry date and the three digits on the back of the card (CVV) like you would when using your usual debit or credit card.

Which bookmakers support EntroPay?

The great news for Canadian bettors is that EntroPay is widely accepted across Canadian sportsbooks. Nearly all betting sites will accept Visa and MasterCard payments and as EntroPay works in a similar way, almost all of those sites will also accept EntroPay deposits.

Below is a list of just some of the sportsbooks that will accept EntroPay deposits in Canada:

  • Bet365
  • 888 Sport
  • William Hill
  • 10 Bet
  • LeoVegas
  • Unibet

Are there any fees for using EntroPay on Canadian betting sites?

Behind safety and security, the cost of using a specific deposit method is one of the leading factors when bettors come to make a decision on how they choose to deposit funds into their account. No one wants to have to spend hard earned cash on just depositing funds into their betting account. They want to maximize their potential returns, and any charges applied reduce the amount that you can wager in your strategy. This is another huge plus point when it comes to using EntroPay. It is completely free to use for Canadian bettors. 

As it works as a prepaid virtual credit card, there is no transaction fee when topping your EntroPay card up. Plus, there will be no charge when adding funds to your betting balance using your EntroPay virtual credit card details. Combine this with the fact that EntroPay payments are made instantly, you have a tempting deposit solution for your betting.

How to use EntroPay at an online bookmaker

EntroPay is straightforward to use which all adds to its appeal. Depositing funds couldn’t be simpler, so let’s take a look into how you can quickly get funds into your sportsbook account using EntroPay.

  1. Visit EntroPay’s website and click sign up
  2. Fill in your personal details and click “Get Your Card” to be issued your virtual credit card
  3. Visit your favourite sportsbook that accepts EntroPay payments
  4. Sign in to your account and click deposit
  5. Either select EntroPay or Debit/Credit Card
  6. Fill out the relevant information from your virtual credit card
  7. The funds should be instantly deposited into your account and you are now ready to bet.

Pros and Cons of EntroPay

When weighing up your options for depositing at a sportsbook, it is always useful to gain a wider picture of the advantages and disadvantages of using each and every method. EntroPay has so many factors that make it an appealing method, with very few disadvantages. So, let’s take a quick look at a summary of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • Set up virtual cards in multiple currencies                       
  • Fast & efficient way of placing funds in your account   
  • Extremely secure
  • Prepaid so you can’t overspend
  • Increases anonymity with betting sites
  • No transaction costs
  • Instant Deposits


  • Slight delays in withdrawals


EntroPay provides a safe and secure method of depositing money into your betting account. You can swiftly get money onto your virtual credit card which then can be added to your betting balance with ease. As a prepaid voucher, it allows you to keep on top of your spending and ensures you don’t accidentally go into an overdraft or suffer any high interest on borrowings. It is widely accepted in Canadian sportsbooks and comes with no fees which makes it extremely attractive. The minimum deposit limit tends to be around $10 which also makes it accessible for pretty much all levels of bettors.

EntroPay also provides a level of anonymity you don’t get with many other sportsbook payment methods as you do not actually have to provide the betting company with any of your personal banking information, the EntroPay card acts as a barrier to your information. The EntroPay card is the perfect solution for any bettor who wants to keep on top of their betting spending or does not want to provide a betting company with their direct bank information. It's safe, secure and offers full visibility of spending, and as they are prepaid, it highlights your spending and how quickly you are turning over your weekly, monthly or annual deposits.

EntroPay Betting - FAQ

Can you use EntroPay in Canada?

Yes. EntroPay is widely used in Canada. There are many Canadian sportsbooks that accept deposits from EntroPay cards so keep your eyes peeled for the EntroPay logo when you are next placing funds into your account.

Are there fees when using EntroPay at Canadian Sportsbooks?

As EntroPay works in the same way as a debit or credit card does, it is extremely unlikely that you will incur costs when depositing funds using the system. It is always worth checking the individual sportsbooks terms and conditions but we are yet to encounter a site that charges to deposit via EntroPay.

What is an EntroPay card?

An EntroPay card is a prepaid debit or credit card that you can use when shopping online or depositing funds at a betting site. It is safe, secure, flexible, and gives you full visibility of your transactions.

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