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Finding a simple and secure payment deposit system in Canada isn’t always straightforward. There are so many different options available, it can seem daunting getting to grips with them all. Neosurf provides a safe and secure method of depositing funds that has become increasingly popular with Canadians. Neosurf comes in the form of pre-paid vouchers and in this guide we will look a little deeper into how they work and their advantages.

Can you use Neosurf for online betting in Canada?

Different sportsbooks across the globe accept different payment methods. What might be extremely common in Europe can be unavailable in Canada and vice versa. Finding a deposit method that is universally accepted across the world is uncommon, so for bettors who spend a lot of time travelling it can get confusing with which payment methods they should use where.

Neosurf is not only accepted as a deposit method for online betting in Canada but it is also becoming increasingly popular. Canadian bettors enjoy the security and ease in which it can be used and the fact that you don’t have to provide any financial information to purchase a voucher makes it even more appealing to players who prefer a level of anonymity.

What is Neosurf and how does it work?

Neosurf and its popularity has soared in Canada thanks to its safe and convenient prepaid system. This popularity has ensured that more and more online betting sites and sportsbooks have offered it as a deposit method. So, what exactly is Neosurf and how does it work?

To use a Neosurf voucher you will need to locate a retailer that sells them either online or in person. You can then purchase a prepaid voucher of your chosen value which will supply you with a 10-character Neosurf voucher code that you will need to make any transaction online.

Next, you simply need to visit your favoured sportsbook that accepts Neosurf vouchers and input your code. Your betting balance should then increase by the specified amount and you are ready to start betting. One of the great features of using Neosurf is the anonymity it provides users. You can purchase your voucher and use it to increase your betting balance account without providing the bookmaker with any of your personal financial information. 

This is only shared between you and the merchant where you bought the voucher. Many users are reluctant to share their payment information with betting companies and Neosurf provides a safe, secure and efficient way of bypassing this issue without negatively affecting how you can deposit funds.

Which bookmakers support Neosurf?

One of the biggest downfalls with using Neosurf at the moment is the limited number of sportsbooks in Canada that accept payments from this voucher-based system. For bettors who like to spread their betting across several sportsbooks this may be a problem, however, many of you also like to focus their bets with just one company, and if your chosen company accepts Neosurf then this won’t be a problem at all.

William Hill – William Hill is one of the world’s most trusted sportsbooks and they accept Neosurf payments for Canadian players. You can place your Neosurf deposits here and be betting immediately as the payment goes through instantly.

Betway – Another huge global sportsbook that accepts Neosurf in Canada is Betway. They look to make betting as accessible as possible with a versatile portfolio of payment options. Limits will vary depending on which payment method you use, so it is worth checking the payments section before attempting to deposit your funds to find out the minimum and maximum amounts.

It is highly likely that the number of Canadian sportsbooks accepting Neosurf is likely to rise in the coming years, so be sure to keep an eye out for the pink Neosurf logo at your preferred betting sites.

Are there any fees for using Neosurf on Canadian betting sites?

Before signing up to a new payment method, it is highly recommended that you understand the wider picture and process of the particular method. Some deposit and withdrawal methods come with their own costs. These costs can sometimes be hidden until it is too late and you are then committed to something that perhaps you would have stayed clear of if you had known otherwise. These fees can come in the form of individual charges per transaction or a percentage of each deposit being taken as a fee.

Thankfully, Neosurf does not have any hidden charges associated with it. It is very much a “what you see is what you get” type of payment method. Using Neosurf should not cost the bettor a cent to deposit. Neither the bookmaker you are depositing your funds with, nor the retailer who sells you the Neosurf voucher should charge any fee at all, which means you can put every dollar into your betting strategy. Remember this point because there are some online retailers that charge an admin fee, so try and stay clear of those and aim to deal directly with Neosurf, if possible.

How to use Neosurf at an online bookmaker

Some betting site deposit methods require a different process when depositing funds. Unlike some other payment methods, Neosurf requires you to visit another site first, so let’s take a look at what you will need to do to get funds in your betting account using Neosurf.

How to use NeoSurf for betting in Canada:

  1. Visit a retailer that sells Neosurf vouchers. These are available online or you can purchase them at retailers such as newsagents or petrol stations. 
  2. Purchase your Neosurf voucher
  3. Visit your favourite sportsbook that accepts Neosurf payments
  4. Log in to your account and click deposit
  5. Select Neosurf
  6. Input your ten character voucher number and your deposit should find its way instantly into your betting balance

Pros and Cons of Neosurf

Just like with every decision in life, it is important to evaluate all the options before confirming your selection. Every deposit method has its pros and cons and some will suit some bettors more than other bettors. The great thing about the variety of deposit methods available nowadays is that there is almost definitely going to be something that suits your requirements. 

Neosurf brings plenty of advantages. It is incredibly easy to manage your spending as it is a prepaid voucher. It also delivers a protective barrier between the bettor and the sportsbook in terms of the security of your personal data. Bettors widely appreciate this level of anonymity.

Neosurf is extremely safe and secure but on the flip side, it only works as a deposit method if you are using the prepaid voucher method. Neosurf e-wallets are available but you will need to deposit using the e-wallet to make use of the withdrawal service, but this is not widely available at the moment.

So, with this in mind, here are our top pros and cons for Neosurf:




Neosurf is the ideal deposit solution for a bettor who is looking to restrict the amount they bet each week or a bettor who is betting on a budget. The prepaid nature of the voucher means you will always be on top of your payments and you will have complete visibility of how much you have spent. It allows you to then make a decision on how much you want to top your voucher up with next time. Other payments can eat into your finances and you become unaware of each smaller transaction making the situation worse. 

It is also fantastic for those who are looking for a slightly more private betting experience. Many bettors do not want to share their full bank details with their chosen betting company and Neosurf provides the best solution for that. For those bettors who visit their local shop regularly, picking up a voucher for their weekly betting as they do their groceries may become a perfect situation. However, it should be made clear that Neosurf is not widely available yet. There are few Canadian sportsbooks that accept Neosurf so it won’t be for everyone, but if your betting site accepts it then it is worth considering.

NeoSurf Betting Canada FAQ

Can I use Neosurf to deposit and withdraw?

Neosurf is only available as a deposit method and there is no capacity to withdraw funds using the prepaid voucher route. If you choose to deposit funds via Neosurf vouchers then you will have to set up another payment method for your withdrawals.

Is Neosurf widely accepted in Canada sportsbooks?

Sadly, not at this stage. That is not to say that its popularity won’t increase, but at the time of writing, the number of Canadian sportsbooks accepting Neosurf is fairly limited.

Are there fees associated with using Neosurf?

No! Neosurf is completely free to use which is fantastic. Neither the retailer nor the sportsbook should charge you to deposit using Neosurf, but when using a new sportsbook, it is always worth checking the terms and conditions to avoid any unexpected disappointment.