Neteller betting

Neteller is a global payment method that was founded in Canada but is now available in multiple countries across the globe. Its popularity is clear as it is now available to use on thousands of websites, and it is also renowned as being one of the most popular methods of depositing money into gambling accounts around the world. However, it is sadly not available for use by Canadian punters at the moment. We will be looking further into the use of Neteller online as a payment method in terms of how to use it as well as the safety and security of this payment method, in the hope that one day the option will become accessible to Canadians again.

Can you use Neteller with Canadian Credit Cards?

Neteller is in effect an e-wallet solution which means that when you use it to make payments to online merchants, you don’t need to use your personal card information as you’ve already deposited the money into your Neteller account. You can however use Mastercard as an option to deposit money into your Neteller account, so in that respect your Canadian credit card can be used in conjunction with the Neteller payment method. 

What is Neteller and how does it work?

Neteller is a popular payment method which allows you to pay with confidence when you’re online. Simply put, you deposit money into a Neteller account, and you are then free to use it as a payment option on any website which accepts Neteller as a payment method. 

If you want to use Neteller to make online payments, then here are the simple steps you need to follow to get started:

  1. Go to the Neteller website and select the ‘Join for Free’ button
  2. Complete the simple registration form which includes Name, Email & Password for future login
  3. Once your account is set up you can then deposit into your Neteller account using various different payment methods including Visa Debit, Mastercard and many, many more
  4. Select which you want to use to deposit and fill in your card information and the amount then hit continue to put the funds into your account
  5. Once you have deposited funds into your account, you can then use Neteller as your preferred payment method on your favourite online merchants’ websites, of course, provided they accept Neteller as an option.

Neteller is a payment solution which also offers you the ability to make withdrawals, as well as deposits.

Here is how you can withdraw from Neteller:

  1. Login to your Neteller account
  2. Navigate to the ‘withdrawal’ section of your account
  3. Select the correct account to withdraw from (if you have multiple)
  4. Specify the amount you’d like to withdraw
  5. Select where you would like to withdraw your money to and then confirm.

What bookmakers support Neteller?

Now you know a little bit about Neteller and how it works, we thought that it would be useful to show you which of the bookmakers accept the payment method. This is just in case Neteller ever decide to open up payments from Canadian punters again in the future, because as we mentioned earlier, and we want to clarify this point throughout this article, Canadian betting websites are not currently accepting Neteller as a payment method. 

It is also always important to ensure that when you are placing bets online you are doing so with reputable companies, so be sure to be vigilant with checking who you are placing your bets with as well as which payment method you use to do it. 

Are there any fees when using Neteller on Canadian betting sites?

When Neteller was previously accepted as a payment method on Canadian betting websites, there were no fees that were directly associated with using it as a payment method for your online betting. The fees which do exist are directly linked to the deposit and withdrawal of funds in and out of your Neteller account, and so not specific to actually placing your online bets. 

How to use Neteller at an online bookmaker

Should Neteller ever make a comeback in the Canadian betting world in the future, we have outlined how you can use Neteller on a bookmaker’s website. If it does make a return and Neteller is your chosen payment method when you next come to place your online bets, then we are here to explain just how simple it is for you to make a deposit or withdrawal using this popular method.

If you are looking to make a deposit, then ensure you have the appropriate funds in your account and then follow these simple steps:

  1. Navigate to your preferred bookmakers’ website (who accept Neteller for deposits)
  2. Select the deposit option
  3. Within the banking page, choose Neteller as the deposit option
  4. Enter the amount you’d like to deposit and the requested Neteller information
  5. The money will then be deposited near enough instantaneously on most occasions

Now, if you have been lucky in your bets and had some success then you’ll be wondering if you can withdraw your funds via Neteller. Well, the good news is that Neteller can be used to make withdrawals to, subject to the bookmaker providing that option.

If they do then you need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Select the Withdraw option from your betting account
  2. Select Neteller as the payment option to withdraw to
  3. Enter your name, password, and the amount you’d like to withdraw
  4. Once submitted the funds are typically very quick to reach your account but this can vary from bookmaker to bookmaker, so it is always best to check with the bookmaker themselves if you are unsure.

Security & Safety when using Neteller

The great news is that should you choose to use Neteller as your chosen payment provider when moving your hard-earned money around online, you can rest assured that it is one of the most trusted online payment systems available. 

So, how do they keep you and your money so safe? Well, not only do they offer the latest in high tech anti-fraud systems, but they also ensure that a two-step authentication process is in place to help you access your Neteller account. 

If you are looking for more information on how best to keep yourself safe when using Neteller as an online payment provider, simply visit their website for more details. They have got a dedicated security section with lots of top tips regarding password security, as well as information on how to keep your devices and browsers up to date and how to keep your money out of harm’s way.

Pros and Cons of using Neteller

As with all online payment methods, there are of course advantages and disadvantages depending on which method you choose. Here we have highlighted for you some of the major pros and a few cons to ensure you are fully in the know before you use Neteller: 




In conclusion, Neteller is a well-established online payment method which from its inception in Canada has grown rapidly into a global business and is now present in over 200 countries worldwide. The e-wallet allows you to load funds from your bank account into an online payment wallet, which you can then use to spend online or make deposits and withdrawals to and from online betting sites. 

Previously, Neteller was accepted by Canadian betting websites but it has currently been removed as an option for all Canadian gambling sites, and this is due to various policy changes from the top level of the company. Therefore, if you are looking for another online e-wallet which can be used to place your deposits and make your withdrawals when betting online, then we would suggest looking into something like Interac as a suitable alternative. 

Neteller Betting - FAQ

Is Neteller a safe to use payment option?

Definitely, Neteller not only has high security and anti-fraud systems in place, but the fact that you are using an e-wallet means that your personal banking information is not being shared when you use Neteller as a payment option on a merchant’s website.

Do Canadian online sportsbooks accept Neteller for deposits and withdrawals?

Previously, Canadian betting sites have accepted Neteller as an option, however, this is currently not available. In the future, simply check on your preferred bookmaker’s payment partner list to see if you can use it. 

Are there any fees associated with using Neteller as a payment provider?

Yes, there may be fees for depositing and withdrawing into your Neteller account subject to who you use as your source. If you visit the Neteller website, then these are all clearly listed for you.