PaysafeCard betting Canada

PaysafeCard is a popular method of depositing cash with online bookmakers both in Canada and across the globe. Based in Vienna, PaysafeCard is one of the market leaders in online prepaid payment methods and is currently available in 50 countries. Here we’ll be looking further into the use of PaysafeCard on Canadian betting websites in terms of how to use it, on which sites you can use it, as well as the safety and security of this payment method, with some pros and cons at the end, too.

Can you use PaysafeCard with Canadian Credit Cards?

You can purchase PaysafeCard from a physical store using your preferred payment method whether that be cash, debit, or credit card. However, due to the nature of how a PaysafeCard works you can’t ‘link’ your credit card to it as such or use it as a way to make payments from your credit card via another payment provider. This largely is in part because you don’t require any form of bank account to actually use a PaysafeCard, if you choose to, you can purchase a card in cash and then spend directly from the PaysafeCard. 

What is PaysafeCard and how does it work?

In short, a PaysafeCard typically functions like a prepaid mobile phone card would. You simply purchase a PaysafeCard from a shop and this means that your bank details are not directly shared or associated with the PaysafeCard. You then use the PaysafeCard as a payment method by entering the 16-digit PIN number which is displayed on it. 

You do also have the ability to purchase a PaysafeCard from the comfort of your own home should you wish to do so. You can do this via TopMeUp or PC Game Supply, to name some examples, and of course be careful to ensure that you are purchasing from an authorised vendor as you should with any online purchase that you make. 

PaysafeCard also offers an app which is available on both the iOS App Store and Android Google Play store, which you can use for a variety of things. This includes helping you to locate the nearest sales outlet which sells PaysafeCards should you be out and about and unsure of where your nearest location to purchase one is. 

When you purchase a PaysafeCard, you have the choice to purchase in the following amounts: 10, 30, 50, 100, 150 or 250 CAD which makes it very flexible based on the amount you require.

Here are some of the most popular Canadian retailers you can purchase a PaysafeCard from:

If you want to use a PaysafeCard as a payment method online then it’s very simple both in terms of set up and how to use it.

You simply need to follow the steps below:

  1. Purchase a PaysafeCard to the value of your choosing from one of the outlets who sell it
  2. Sign up to PaysafeCard free of charge
  3. Add the PINs of the purchased PaysafeCards to add the value into your account
  4. Simply select PaysafeCard as the payment method on your preferred bookmaker site and then enter your username and password to pay
  5. The amount will then be deducted from your PaysafeCard account and you will have money to bet with

What bookmakers support PaysafeCard?

PaysafeCard is a very popular payment method for deposits on gambling websites which is evident by just how many gambling websites accept it. Ultimately though, when it comes to placing your money in the hands of someone else or in this case an online bookmaker, it is up to you to deem which method is going to be the safest.

It is, however, very evident, that due to the nature of how a PaysafeCard works it is in fact an excellent option as a payment method for online bookmakers. It also offers the added bonus of not charging you an exchange fee should you be betting in another currency as it is a global method. 

Top online bookmakers in Canada who accept PaysafeCard as a payment method:

Are there any fees when using PaysafeCard on Canadian betting sites?

When making deposits onto an online bookmakers’ website you can rest assured that unlike with other payment methods you won’t be charged any fees for using PaysafeCard. If you use PaysafeCard on the likes of 888 Sport and William Hill then whilst there are no fees, there is a C$10 minimum limit and a maximum limit of C$1,500. 

How to use PaysafeCard at an online bookmaker

When it comes to using your PaysafeCard at an online bookmaker’s website, you have two options in terms of how you go about this, both of which we’re pleased to say are very straight forward! 

Security & Safety when using PaysafeCard

PaysafeCard is an extremely safe and secure choice of payment method and in particular this is based around the protection of you, the money in your bank accounts, and of course your personal information.

The reason for this is because you can simply walk into a physical retailer who sells PaysafeCard, for example Esso, and purchase a PaysafeCard directly with your cash which is a totally anonymous transaction. Secondary to this, you could purchase the PaysafeCard using your bank card and this is just as secure as it would be to purchase your gas with it. 

When it comes to using your PaysafeCard online then you can be sure to protect yourself from any potential risks by ensuring that you:

If in doubt, simply contact the helpful PaysafeCard service team who will help you confirm if you should be using your PaysafeCard on a certain website.

Pros and Cons of using PaysafeCard

There are many benefits to using a solution such as PaysafeCard as your chosen payment method, and particularly so when it comes to online gambling. Here we have outlined some of the many pros as well as a few disadvantages to the PaysafeCard solution.




In conclusion, PaysafeCard is a global market leading payment provider option and this is why you’ll be pleased to see it presented as a payment option on your favourite online gambling websites. It offers substantial benefits in terms of simplicity, ease of use, and security for you when parting with your money online. It also offers the ability to be able to use it an online bookmaker to place a bet, even if you don’t have a bank account as you can purchase your PaysafeCard in cash. 

There will be no nasty surprises in terms of hidden fees, simply deposit the amount of your choosing and you will be ready to place your next bet. Just remember, you cannot withdraw your winnings onto your PaysafeCard, so you will need to ensure you’ve got another option for withdrawing. Although the company has been introducing the ability to withdraw from bookmakers in some countries, so keep your eyes peeled for this in the coming years as they look to roll it out globally.

PaysafeCard Betting - FAQ

What are the PaysafeCard limits?

You can have a maximum combined PaysafeCard PIN transaction of C$400, a maximum value of PINs in your PaysafeCard of C$3,500 and the annual maximum total value of the PINs in your PaysafeCard is C$6,000.

Is it safe to use my PaysafeCard when placing my online bets?

Of course, it is in fact a very safe and secure method to use when making online bets as it keeps you and your banking information completely protected.

Can you use PaysafeCard for both deposits and withdrawals when online betting?

Due to the nature of a PaysafeCard and how it works in Canada, you can currently only use it for making your online betting deposits, but not to withdraw your hard-earned winnings onto. However, this is likely to eventually change in the future which will make the payment method more useable.