Responsible Gambling

Thanks to technology continually advancing, we are able to wager bets from our fingertips. However, this increased accessibility to gambling has made it easier for people to lose control. That’s why we are here to inform you about responsible gambling and where you can turn to should you feel like you are ever losing control.

What Is Responsible Gambling?

Gambling, or betting, in its simplest form, is when you wager money or something of value on the outcome of a certain event with the intention to win money. For example, if you bet $5 on the Toronto Raptors to win their next basketball game at the odds of 2/1 and they win, you will win £10. The term responsible gambling refers to the initiatives in place to help bettors retain control.

The aim is to help players not find themselves in a position whereby they are addicted or have an unhealthy relationship to gambling. Gambling addiction can result in devastating consequences. These could include the loss of relationships and physical assets resulting in worst-case scenarios with bettors losing everything.

Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Gambling

Placing bets or gambling when done responsibly can be great fun and an exciting way to win money. However, it’s always wise to ensure you take precautions that help you stay on the right side of this entertainment. So, what can you do to maintain a healthy relationship with gambling? 

We’ve outlined some key tips for you below:

The above options are all pivotal in helping players to continue to gamble responsibly. They also highlight the importance of betting with a respectable betting company. Companies such as Bet365, William Hill, and 888Sport will boast gambling licenses that ensure they meet responsible gambling regulations. You should always ensure your next chosen bookmaker is correctly licensed and governed. Doing this means you can ensure your wellbeing and safety is in the best possible position. Any betting company not correctly governed is unlikely to be interested in responsible gambling and only interested in making money.

What To Do If You Are Losing Control

If you start to feel like your betting is getting out of hand, or becoming detrimental to your life, then it's time to take action. Initially, see if you can regain control by applying the aforementioned tools such as setting a deposit limit on yourself. If, however, things have got out of hand or you simply feel you need more help then there are people and places around to help you.

Canada Safety Council’s website features information and advice around gambling addiction. It covers how to identify it and also provides contact information to a wealth of support and gambling helplines you can contact. 

CAMH supplies useful information around problem gambling in terms of what it is and how to identify it in yourself or others. As well as this, it also offers links to related services that provide help and additional reading resources on the subject.

Get Help If You Need It

In summary, gambling responsibly can be a great way to make sports even more exciting. However, when it gets out of hand it can have damaging consequences. Always ensure that you bet with reputable Canadian bookmakers who are governed by legitimate gambling commissions. This, in turn, ensures responsible gambling tools are in place for you. Rest assured that we only ever recommend licensed and trustworthy online bookmakers.

Should you find yourself in a position where you feel like you’re still losing control then ensure you seek help on how to stop.