Best Canadian Bookmakers 2022


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Royal Panda

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N1 Bet

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CasinoMega Sports

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888 Sport

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Your one-stop shop for online betting in Canada

Let us do the hard work as we search the internet for all the latest betting bonuses, the best sites to bet at, and even the sites with the most useful payment methods available to Canadian players. Not everything is a one-stop-shop when it comes to online betting and some sites are going to be more useful to you than others, especially when it comes to betting on the sports that matter to you.

Read on to find out what you can expect from this site and then feel free to click through and uncover each of the sections in more detail.

Read all about online betting:

Online sports betting in Canada

The online sports betting industry continues to grow with the big players like William Hill and Betway attracting more and more betting fans every year, but there are also plenty of other smaller betting sites that offer excellent betting entertainment, too. The important point that we want to make is that not every online betting site might be the right fit for Canadian players. 

This is where we step in and give you the information to point you in the right direction, as we highlight all the top sites accepting Canadian players and Canadian dollars. You might like to place one or two bets throughout the month, or maybe you are a keen sports fan that likes to place multiple bets throughout the week. It doesn’t matter how often you like to bet, what matters from the very first moment is that you bet at the right sites.

It is our aim to provide you with all the right betting knowledge starting by highlighting the top Canadian betting sites. We will then move on to other important elements such as managing your bankroll, the different betting markets, and the all-important betting value factor. Armed with all this betting knowledge, you will instantly start to enjoy your betting and hopefully, you will pick up some more wins along the way, too.

Popular Canadian sports and markets to bet on

Canada enjoys a wide mix of sports right across the country and due to the global reach of betting sites nowadays, players can enjoy betting markets from just about every competitive league and competition in the world. However, an important rule in betting is to bet on what you know, or at least on the sports where you have access to the relative data and historical results – this is where you can gain that betting value that we will often talk about.

Ice hockey

Ice hockey is going to be an obvious attraction for Canadians and the NHL is the biggest betting market for the sport. The global scale of the sport also allows punters to bet on the leagues in Sweden, America, and the Kontinental Hockey League, which is based across Eastern Europe, plus many more. Of course, the NHL is where the big money goes and the fixture list across the Eastern and Western Conferences, which leads to the 16-team play-offs and then what culminates in the Stanley Cup final where many Canadians will be looking to put their money.

Access to betting sites has become a lot easier in the modern age and mobile betting is certainly something that you will more than likely get involved with. The beauty of mobile betting is that you can be sitting at home watching the Stanley Cup final and then place a bet at the very same time using your mobile or tablet. The term “betting convenience” is how we would best describe it, and this is all thanks to the progress of modern technology. 

So, with all this mind, you will want to make sure that the betting site you choose to bet with is a specialist in your favoured sport. You can find all the best ice hockey betting sites right here at Cabets by sticking with our recommended sites. Not only will you get a full list of ice hockey betting markets, but also a site that you can trust and confidently bet with.

Betting on Baseball, Soccer, Lacrosse 

Many other sports are followed across Canada with the likes of baseball, soccer, and lacrosse all enjoying plenty of coverage and, more importantly in your case, plenty of betting markets as well. Baseball has always been a popular sport and although there is only one Major League team in the shape of the Toronto Blue Jays, there is always demand across the MLB and the national Canadian Baseball League as well.

Soccer is a growing sport across Canada with the women’s international team making a name for themselves over recent years. Teams like Toronto FC, Montreal Impact, and the Vancouver Whitecaps are all currently playing in the MLS. Lacrosse is also a widely played sport with large numbers of followers, and so you can often find many betting markets based on the Major League Lacrosse and the National Lacrosse League.

Canadian deposit and withdrawal options

The idea of funding your betting accounts should never be a complicated issue, but many players are often left confused or simply hesitant to carry on when they can’t find a suitable payment method available. Trustworthy betting sites and convenient banking options go hand in hand, and this is why we work hard to find the best betting sites out there for you.

We will show you just how easy the process can be once you understand the ins and outs of the different payment methods available, and ultimately what your options are at each of the betting sites. For most of the sites, you just need to get set up and then you can make deposits and withdrawals at the click of a button.

What many newcomers to the betting world do not understand are the new laws in place in regard to anti-money laundering and fraudulent activities. It basically means that you will be required to hand over some form of ID and other official documents to prove who you are, and to also prove that you are the owner of the payment methods you have chosen to use.

Trust us, it is not as complicated as it may sound, and the top betting sites will help you along the way. 

Below you can find some of the popular banking options available to Canadian players: 

Is online betting legal in Canada?

Canada, just like many other countries in the world, hold their own laws in terms of betting and online betting. Furthermore, each of the Canadian territories and provinces all offer unique individual laws as well. With all that being said, the law only specifies that companies should not operate in any illegal betting operations within the borders of Canada, it says nothing about the players signing up and placing bets.

It is fair to say that the current laws are not crystal clear, and this is partly due to the speed at which online betting is growing, the laws simply cannot keep up. But the bottom line is that it is not illegal for players in Canada to place online sports bets. Betting companies within Canada do need to hold an official betting license though. However, many of the betting sites that we talk about on this website are known as ‘offshore sites’ and they openly accept Canadian players and Canadian dollars. That being said, please note that players in the Ontario province can only play at betting sites holding the iGaming Ontario license. None of the offers shown on this website are currently available for Ontario players.

With all that in mind, we will show you all the top recommended offshore sites, as well as the local Canadian sites that you need to be familiar with.

Sports betting bonuses & where to find them

The betting bonuses that you find at the online bookmakers will become a close friend to you and your betting account. Once you get an understanding on what they are and how you can best use them, you will then be able to take full advantage whenever you are next offered a bonus. The important detail about any bonus is always in the terms and conditions and although it might not sound very interesting, learning these details and doing your bonus homework will always be worthwhile in the long run.

Online sports betting is a huge industry and we are talking billions of dollars, but unfortunately, with things like this there will always be people looking to catch players out. These rogue businesses and betting sites will offer huge bonuses with larger than usual amounts, and these might look enticing, but they are rarely ever valuable to you the player. Being able to pick out the player-friendly bonuses is a useful skill and we will explain all of this to you right here at Cabets.

Useful betting tips for experienced players and newcomers alike

It doesn’t matter if you are new to sports betting and you have never claimed a bonus in your life, or perhaps you are a seasoned betting fan, but you have always ignored the bonus offers. Wherever you are on the betting experience scale, we will have some useful knowledge and guidance for you. Our experts will guide you through the do’s and don’ts when it comes to bonuses, and you will become a knowledgeable betting punter who will know when to say yes to a bonus, and when to say no.

You will come across a wide range of bonuses from new player welcome offers to monthly reload promotions for existing members, and again we will explain all of them to you in simple terms.

Free sports bets and how they work

The free sports bet is a huge enticement for players, and you won’t find a better bonus out there, because after all, who doesn’t like something for nothing? Usually, you only need to hand over your basic details and register an account to claim your free bet or bets.

Not every betting site will offer free bonuses and some sites will offer bigger and better bonuses than others. By following the guides on this site, you will soon learn about what to look for and those important terms and conditions come into play once again. Even if it’s a no deposit welcome bonus or a gesture of good will from the bookmaker, you will soon know whether or not you should claim the bonus with our help.

Additionally, a good way to think about free bonuses is that you can use them to test out a betting site. Perhaps we have recommended a site, but you still want to have a click around and see if it is the right site for you personally. If they have a free bonus on offer then sign up for an account, claim the free money and make a few bets, and then see if you enjoy the betting features and the general layout of the site.

Popular betting sites for Canadian players

You will find a growing list of online betting sites open to Canadian players and thanks to the ‘offshore’ options, you really do have an excellent selection to choose from. Many of the top betting companies have opened their doors to Canadians and their Canadian dollars, and so the likes LeoVegas, 888, and Betsafe are just some of the options for you right now.

Betting at these international bookmakers will give you access to a larger number of betting markets that not only include many of the popular Canadian sports, but also plenty of niche and unique markets that you might not have thought possible. In other words, you will have a lot of variety at sites such as Betsson and Unibet, but that is not to say that you should ignore the local sites all together.

A site like Sports Interaction can be just as useful and you may even find that they are more detailed when it comes to the betting markets for the local ice hockey and lacrosse sports. It all comes down to preference though, but you need to bet at trusted betting sites first and foremost, and this is where we can help and point you in the right direction.

Key elements to remember when betting online in Canada

Betting on sports should be a fun experience, but there are ways to make your experience more enjoyable and there are certain things to always remember. Thinking about the overall security of your personal details, playing at trusted and licensed websites, and general betting tips will all help you to become a more knowledgeable and experienced punter. 

Take the following thoughts away with you for now, but don’t worry, we will be going into these in much more detail later on.

Betting License

You only ever want to bet at online bookmakers with official betting licenses. It is not hard to work out whether a site has a license or not, you simply scroll down to the bottom of the homepage and check the details in the footer. 

Not only does a license give you reassurances about the betting site, but it also means that the site and the company behind the site are full of trustworthy people. Fair odds and payouts, knowledgeable support, and efficient banking teams all come with a licensed betting site, too – all very important factors to think about.

Safety & Security

Safety and security of your data is a huge concern for many people betting online, and this goes for anyone using money online for that matter. You need to be able to trust the site with your personal details and your banking information.

The acquirement of a betting license should be enough to suggest that a betting site has put all the right processes and features in place to secure your data. But extra care on guarding your login details and not using public computers will go a long way in keeping your data safe and secure.

Bankroll Management

Managing your bankroll is often thought to be the number one rule when betting. You need to be keeping track of how much you deposit and how much you are betting, every week or month, whatever works for you. What it all comes to is that you should only ever be betting what you can afford to lose.

All the top betting sites provide their players with various tools and features to control and manage their betting. Deposit limits, bet limits, and a time limit feature are all very useful in keeping your daily, weekly, and monthly betting under control. 

Betting can be very entertaining, but it can also be very addictive, so be sure to control your experiences to keep things on a fun and enjoyable level.

Top tips to make the most of your sports betting in Canada

A list of betting guidelines is the perfect way to keep your betting consistent and to ensure you make the most of every bet that you place. We’ve got a starter list for you below and while some of them might seem obvious, you would be surprised at how often you can forget them when you are trying to put on a quick bet, or when the betting excitement gets the better of you.

Let Cabets.ca help you out

Trust us – Online sports betting is an environment that you can quickly get lost in or start to feel overwhelmed in. You can openly trust our advice as we guide you to the best sites and the best bonuses. We do all of this so you can enjoy more of your betting.

Master the basics of online betting

The basics are important – If there is one thing that you need to learn from the moment you start online betting, it is to understand the basic betting terms. It is easy to get confused as you start scrolling through the many betting markets and the different types of bets. Learn the basic betting options and learn the bonus rules and you will feel a lot more confident.

Bet with your head, not your heart

Follow your head – Nearly every betting fan has been there when they have had a sudden urge to place a bet because they think their team is going to win, or that 10-fold accumulator with a potential return of $25,000 might just come in. The thought of winning big or thinking that your team is going to come out on top is a common mistake. Take your heart out of the bet and try not to be too greedy by attempting to pick fewer selections.

Find the best betting value

Betting value is key – The concept of betting value is one of the biggest elements to a successful betting experience. In a nutshell, it basically means that you find the bets that give you the best possible payout for the money you are putting in. Betting sites will offer varying odds for the same bet and so it only makes sense to place your money on the best odds possible. It is one of the reasons why holding accounts with multiple bookmakers can be worthwhile in the long run.

Do your own research before placing a bet

Make use of the data out there – The internet is full of information and statistical data that can help you become a more knowledgeable punter. As they say, knowledge is king, and this is certainly the case when it comes to betting. Do your homework on the teams, players, horses, whatever you are betting on. Find the stats that matter and then find the bet that holds the best value.

Enjoy yourself, and remember what’s important: Your love for sports

Enjoy yourself! – It might sound like an obvious point to make, but betting should always be about entertainment, and the moment that you stop enjoying it should be the moment that you stop, or at least take a break. Be realistic about the outcomes and remember that nothing is 100% certain in the world of sports. Anything can happen and that might mean a winning or losing bet. Try not to let the world of betting distract you from what really matters, and that is your love for sports.

FAQ - Canadian Online Sports Betting

Can I sign up to online sports betting sites from Canada?

Yes, many of the top betting sites in the world are accepting Canadian players and Canadian dollars as well. Follow our suggestions on the site and stick to the trusted sites.

Is online betting legal in Canada?

The simple answer to this question is yes, it is legal for Canadians to place bets at online betting sites. However, depending on where in Canada you live, there are certain gray areas to be aware of. Furthermore, for players in Ontario, you can only play at betting sites holding the iGaming Ontario license.

Is it safe to play at offshore betting sites?

As long as you pick a serious betting site with a valid gambling license, offshore betting sites can be considered just as safe as any of the operators run from Canada. Cabets.ca only recommends safe betting sites with a valid license.

Do I need to claim a sports betting bonus?

The bonuses that you come across are always optional and you should never be forced into claiming a bonus. Do your homework and research the bonus rules to see if it fits your betting style and if it holds value to you.

Can I place bets on ice hockey during the match?

Yes, in-play ice hockey betting markets can be found at all the top betting sites listed on our site. You will have multiple options for most of the top-level ice hockey games being played across the world.